Helena felt choked with tension.
She came to the Duke of Bronant with all preparations, but when she got to the mansion, her heart was pounding like crazy.

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The colossal duke’s mansion was making her dazed.
The duke’s mansion, which appeared after a long carriage ride along the road lined with dense trees and manicured lawns, seemed more appropriate to say that it was a castle.


Just in time for her appointment, she knocked on the door, and a uniformed servant appeared and guided her.


Helena came here as a tailor from a clothing workshop that makes and sells clothes.
So she went straight to the duke’s living room, not the drawing room.


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After passing through a soft carpeted hallway dotted with solemn tapestries, she climbed a spiral marble staircase to reveal a hallway lined with portraits.


Portraits of the successive Dukes of Bronant looked down on her.
In the eyes of the nobles, who were always full of dignity and cold, Helena felt the courage she had lost even more waning.


Unknowingly, she looked back.
The footsteps of Jerome and Will, who were together, could not be heard because of the soft carpet.
but they were following closely.
When she saw them, she felt a little relieved.


After going through the long hallway for a long time and turning around the corner, she felt as if she had finally reached the living room.


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The expressionless-faced servant led Helena into the first room on the right.
It was a large room with huge windows that reached the ceiling and filled the walls one after another, overlooking the garden view.


The room with a large fireplace on one side had a slightly faded carpet, reflecting the long years of the Duke of Bronant.
In the room, there was a long sofa that looked comfortable and furniture and accessories that made you feel the taste of the owner.


Unlike the daunting hallway, the room was bright and warm.
Thanks to the window that almost filled one side, sunlight poured into the room without filtration.


Across the fireplace, out of direct sunlight, hung a cute portrait of a young boy with two large puppies, smiling brightly.
Thanks to the painting, the atmosphere of this noble and old-fashioned room felt a lot softer.


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“The duke’s study is inside this place.”


Helena, who had been looking around the room without realizing it, was suddenly awakened by the servant’s low, cold voice.


“Is the Duke writing a letter?”

“Please wait.”


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Helena was so tense that she sat on the chair given to her by the duke’s servant, with only her hips on her hips.


Behind her stood Jerome and Will.
Jerome was accustomed to this and had the same face as usual, but Will was as nervous as Helena.


How much time has passed? The massive door, embossed in ebony and fitted with ornate bronze handles, opened silently and the Duke of Bronant appeared.


Helena stood up from her seat and looked at the duke.
Then she blinked in surprise.


‘The Duke, are you really this handsome?’ Duke Bronant always owned his estate, but he rarely stayed in and only came to live.
So, for Helena, this was the first meeting with the Duke.

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