Dungeon Busters: Chapter 1: the Bewitching Kunoichi Appeared! (C)

There would be lots of people who would enter the dungeon in order to bring home lots of money.
I can’t believe that I would encounter a light novel-like development.
If this dungeon really makes lots of money, it would definitely be regulated by the country and depending on how much money can one get in here there’s a chance that this would create a crisis on employment.
There’s no way that the country would approve of such a thing.

[Money appears and people would try to enter the dungeon.
If you think about it the isn’t the dungeon system flawed? Also, the police and the SDF will probably suppress it]

[the dungeon system operates dungeon autonomously, so it might also offer non-monetary rewards.
Also having an army to go in and destroy it would not work because you can’t bring weapons into the dungeon]

[Wait you can’t bring weapon into the dungeon?]

[Yes, this is the heard of the dungeon, the cards]

Akane pulled out a kunai from her waist and show it to me the suddenly it turned into a card just like a sleight of hand.

[This isn’t magic, this is a part of the dungeon system.
Dungeons doesn’t allow weapons to be brought from the outside.
As soon as the dungeon detected that a weapon was brought in it would be turned into a card and in order for you to turn it back into a weapon you need to return to a safe zone which is in the entrance of the first level]

[Since we can’t bring in weapon into the dungeon, then how do we fight?]

[there’s two ways.
You either fight using the weapon that you get inside the dungeon or have servants like me fight.
The only weapon you can bring inside the dungeon that’s why you might end up fighting bare handed]

[I see, then what is this servant?]

[When you subdue a monster inside the dungeon there’s a chance that it would turn into a card.
This is what we call a servant.
A servant can only be summoned inside the dungeon and made them fight to your behalf.
You can also gain one if you are bel to save a spirit from otherworldly merchant who travels around the dungeon]

[I see, so it’s either I’ll be a warrior or a summoner.
Anyway, why are you here? Considering I haven’t even fought yet.]

[Master is the first one to touch the dungeon system, you should have gotten some benefits as a reward.
Try saying ]


Name: Kazuhiko Ezoe

Title: Contractor no.

Rank: F

Number of cards held: 0/∞

Skill: Card Gacha







[As expected of the first contractor the card limit you have is infinite and skill slot is 6]

[What do you mean by limit? Do you mean the max number of cards I can have? And the fact that I have 6 skill slot is quite surprising]

[Frist this status is only visible inside the dungeon.
However, it is also visible to other as well so please be careful.
Next the limit, it pertains to the amount of card you can hold.
Normally a person is limited to only 20 to 30 cards but since you are rewarded master it seems that you have infinite upper limit.
Also, the skill slot is usually limited to 2 to 3.
Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with your Card Gacha Skill]

[ah that’s fine.
I can somehow imagine how it works.
By the way the actual number of cards is zero.
It doesn’t seem to see you]

[I’m sure it’s because I’m currently being manifested and also because of my Legendary rarity.
You can also try to get a monster card now.
So, what would you do master? Do you want to go in?]

[No, we need to prepare.
I’ll hear about it at my place I’m going back]

I tried to return to the stair but Akane didn’t budge from her spot.
When I turned around, she sighed and said apologetically:

[As I told you earlier, I can’t leave the dungeon.
If I go outside, I would only turn back into a card that’s why if you want to speak with me you have to be inside the dungeon]

[I see, is there any penalty if I manifest you again?]

[None in particular…]

[then, I’m sorry but can you return to the card? I want to organize the situation and far on paper and above all I’ve been holding it since a while ago.]

[Yes, then please call me Akane from now on.
I might get confuse if you call me with another name, I might get confused]

[Akane… understood.
By the way I’m not master, just call me with either my first name or my last name.
getting called master is confusing]

[Apologies, Kazuhiko-sama…]

I was about to tell her to stop with the but she disappeared and turn into a card.
This time it didn’t float so I picked it up and put it on my breast pocket.

It was while I was smoking that I noticed an incorrigible thing.
I checked my smart and saw that it was past 10:00.
My senses told me that 20 minutes should have already passed starting from the search till Akane’s story.
In fact, my watch is showing 10:30

[What the… is my watch broken?]

I then involuntarily covered my mouth after realizing a certain possibility.

[…is time running there differently?]

I immediately test my hypothesis: I prepared to quartz watches, one I put in my arm and the second strapped in a string.
My first step was to drop the one on the string inside the tunnel and once I put it inside the second hand begin spinning at a rapid rate.
The second step is I dropped the watch in a deeper place and then I pulled it out after a minute.
What I found out is that the time is off by almost 2 hours/ from this experiment I was able to determine that the time inside the dungeon moves faster compared to the outside.

[I need to confirm this with Akane, just to be sure]

I started to go back down stairs again while preparing myself for some sore muscle.

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