Chapter 15.
Autumn harvest (part 2)

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You Jin was far away and her back was facing them.
So she didn't notice the movement at the old locust tree's side.
However, once You Yin walked to the field and a sobbing sound could be heard.
She hurriedly looked back: “Why did you run over again.
Didn't I tell you rest?”

You Yin didn't expect to be heard by Third Elder Sister.
She quickly put down her sleeves that was wiping her tears and whispered, “I've had enough rest.
I came to help Third Sister to harvest rice together.”

But how could You Jin believe it when looking at her pale and withered face? Tuning her head, she glanced at Yue Chang Lu, who was walking into the field from the direction of the old locust tree.
You Jin knew what was going on: “Was it Father who drove you to the field?” Yue Chang Lu wasn't human! You Yin was only nine years old.
How much can she harvest when she enter the field? Even his daughter was his seed, right? Was it necessary to kill his own daughter like this?

You Jin stood up with a “whoosh”, dropped the sickle in her hand and strode to the old locust tree.
Yue Da Fu and the others harvested the grain from the ground on the other side of the old locust tree.
You Jin and her younger sisters were on this side.

Walking to the edge of the old locust tree, she stopped at a distance of more than ten meters from Yue Da Fu before shouting: “Grandfather! It's too sunny.
You Yin is getting dizzy and has no straw hat.
Can you let her rest for a while?” You Jin shouted loudly on purpose.
Everyone who was working in the nearby fields heard it.
There were a few nosy people glanced over to watch the drama.

The three younger sisters in the distance heard Third Elder Sister shouting that Fourth Elder Sister was dizzy, so they all ran over with baskets and flocked around You Yin: “Fourth Elder Sister, are you alright?”

Yue Chang Lu had just sorted out his second daughter and saw that his father's face was better.
He didn't expect that his eldest daughter would have the courage to quickly attract disdain and made him lose face in front of his father.
He broke into a fierce scolding: “The whole field have people working.
Why is it just you guys so delicate? How had it been and you already want a break?”

With an audience, You Jin wasn't afraid of Yue Chang Lu taking actions.
After all, Yue Family had a habit.
That is, they love face.
So she responded loudly: “My younger sister didn't eat breakfast today.
Grandmother said that there are no more straw hats at home.
The sun is very poisonous.
You Yin is still young, so it's normal to not be able to stand it!”

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“I say, Uncle Da Fu, how much work can little girls do? Let her rest for a while.
If the sun damaged her, you adults will have to worry about it,no?”
Next to Yue Family's field was the Yue Clan's field.
That family's daughter-in-law listened to You Jin's words and spoke, “This Autumn Tiger isn't something trivial.
Even with straw hats on, we all have a headache.
You Yin is only eight or nine-year-old, how can she bear it?”

After being told that by a later generation's daughter-in-law, the people in the nearby fields also intentionally or unintentionally glanced at Yue Da Fu father and son who were wearing straw hats.
Yue Da Fu's shriveled mouth opened and closed twice.
Taking in other people's watching eyes, he couldn't help feeling that his throat was dry and hoarse.
He stuck out his tongue and licked his slightly chapped lips before finally replying: “Then let her rest a moment.”

“Ai! Thank you, Grandfather!” You Jin smilingly yelled out her thanks to Yue Da Fu.
Then she gratefully glanced at this aunt who had just spoken for her before returning to the field and pulled You Yin out again: “Have a good rest.
Don't come out to bask in the sun.”

You Yin was pressed down to sit on the locust tree's root by her.
As if a needle had grown out of the ground to pierce her, she twisted around uncomfortably.
Her face displayed a slight anxiety and panic on her face: “But Third Elder Sister, if Father……”

You Jin pressed her down hard and told her sit on the tree roots with peace of mind.
She whispered: “Grandfather and Father both are face-loving people.
With so many people listening to it just now, Grandfather won't let Father come over even if Father want to come over and tell you off.” You Jin grasped the temperament of Yue Family very well.

She gave each of the three younger sisters a few sips of water and instructed: “If you feel that the sun is too harsh, you can find a cool place to rest for a while.
Just don't get sunburned, understand?”

You Zhu, You Ling, and You Luo nodded in unison: “En! Third Elder Sister, we understand!”
Then they held hands and headed to the already harvested area.

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After hearing what Third Sister said, You Yin sat down with a slight eased mind.
When You Jin saw that she was no longer making a fuss, she instructed her to sit here and watch the three younger sisters, who were picking up rice ears not far away.
Only then she held the sickle and went back to cutting the rice.


Over at Yue Clan's field, the elder paternal cousin brother ​​of Yue Chang Lu, Yue Chang He sent a blaming gaze at his wife, Mrs.
Zhou, who liked standing up and said in a hushed voice, “Why are you trying to provoke them? Don't you know what kind of people this family is?”

Yue Da Fu liked to act as head taller in front of the villagers.
However, they all lived in the same village and lived close.
In addition, his father, who passed away early, had some disputes with Yue Da Fu.
It was no secret in the village how the girls in Yue Family were treated at home.
His woman still rushed to help speak for them .Wasn't this offending Yue Da Fu?

“I just don't like the way they look at the girls as cumbersome and money-wasting things! If there are no girls, where would someone find someone to birth children and take care of housework?” She retorted: “Look at those girls.
All of them are in rags.
Just a few years old baby and are made to work in the fields without any straw hats.
Then look at the males in Yue Family.
All of them wear fine cotton clothes like the city people and act like masters.
They are all the seeds of your Yue Family and their hearts are too biased!”

Though her words were spoken harshly, her movements weren't delayed.
The sickle in her hand was fast.
As she talked, another piece of rice were cut.

Seeing that his woman became more and more energetic and her voice was getting louder and louder, Yue Chang He hurriedly grasped her: “Come on, enough.
Just told you off a bit and you start singing like you're in an opera?”
He stood beside his woman and whispered: “I know you have a good heart, but that Yue Family's old aunt isn't a vegetarian, so don't offend the other party for a few girls.”

Zhou rolled her eyes at him angrily.
Still, she pouted and agreed, “I'll save it.”

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A small ruckus started without warning and quickly turned the page like this.
The sun was rising higher and higher.
The burning sun ray shone on the people to the point they feel pained.
After the long enduring wait until the noon, You Bao staggeringly set off from the village with two pots in hand.

During the harvest season every year, farmers mostly consume some filling food in the fields in order to save time and then continue to work after a short rest.
By the time You Bao delivered the food, You Jin's clothes were soaked with sweat and the water in the gourd had been empty.
Her throat, which was so dry and hoarse that it was about to smoke, was slightly sore.

Placing the earthen pot under the old locust tree, You Bao shouted to the field: “Grandfather, Father, it's time to eat!”
Then she turned around and shouted to her few sisters: “Third Elder Sister, Zhu Zhu, it's time to eat!”

You Yin, who was resting at the roots of the tree, helped You Bao quickly take out the food in the pot.
Harvesting was a very exhausting and high-intensity labor.
Generally, people grit their teeth and add some meat to the meal to give the family's strong force some strength-replenish during the harvest rush.
Naturally, Old Mrs.
Chen would give Yue Da Fu nourishment.

Everyone in Yue Family sat in a circle under the old locust tree.
The two temporary laborer accepted the two bowls of watery coarse grain congee handed over by You Yin and smilingly gave their thanks.
You Bao untied the burden on her back.
Inside it was the today's noon's flour pancake.

It can be said that old Mrs.
Chen's display of biased was to its max in these kind of small matter: Before You Bao headed out, old Mrs.
Chen pointed at You Bao with the fire stove stick in her hand and fiercely lectured her: “These two pancakes are for your grandfather and your father.
Each of you get half a piece of pancake.
If I found out that you dare to divide it randomly, wait and see!”

You Bao recalled the fire stick that Grandmother was waving like so vividly like a tiger and naturally dared not to violate it: First she handed the two pancake made with a lot of white flour and filled with meat to Yue Da Fu and Yue Chang Lu.
Then she gave the two temporary laborer each a black coarse meal pancakes.
Finally half a pancake for each of the five sisters who came out to work.

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The two day laborers took the black flour pancakes, looked at each other, and said nothing.
They just ate the pancake with half-watery coarse grain congee.
The few kids were used to this kind of treatment and had no comment.
They started to eat the pancakes.
You Jin held the black flour pancakes and broke it in half.
She handed the half to You Bao: “You Bao, you can eat some too.”

You Bao obediently shook her head and refused: “Third Elder Sister, you eat.
I came out after eating at home.” Third Elder Sister worked hard in the field.
It was fine for her to be hungry.
If Third Elder Sister go hungry, she won't have the strength to work.
Maybe that will make Father angry again and he may beat Third Elder Sister again.

You Jin shoved the pancake directly into You Bao's empty hand and smilingly took a bite of the rough black-floured pancake: “How could I not know you? Hurry up and eat it!”
On most days, she protected her younger sisters at home.
All of them were starved one meal and fed one meal.
Since she wasn't protecting them today, would old Mrs.
Chen have food for You Bao? That was simply impossible!

You Bao was indeed hungry.
She looked at Third Elder Sister with red eyes and then nodded vigorously: “En!” You Jin helplessly shook her head in mirth.
Her younger sisters were all good, but they all had one problem: easy tear duct flow.
They can cry at every turn.
But she can understand.
After all, they were still children!

After everyone finished their lunch, You Jin smilingly discussed with Yue Da Fu: “Grandfather, why don't you let You Yin help You Bao take the pots and chopsticks back and bring some water back on the way? It's a hot day.
Everyone can't work without drinking water.”
You Bao was weak.
It was too tiring to carry so many things.
And it happened that You Yin was also afraid of hindering Yue Chang Lu's eyes.
It was better to let her go home once.
She can take a small break.

After Yue Da Fu finished eating, he sat under the old locust tree and smoked a few puffs of his tobacco pipe.
Hearing what You Jin said, he narrowed his eyes and stared at bewildered You Yin who was standing her.
Then he spat out a long mouthful of white smoke: “Go early and return early.”

“Ah! Got it!” You Jin beamed brightly and nodded obediently.
Then she divided the pots and other objects brought by You Bao into two parts.
The two sisters carried the two pots one after another and headed back with the gourd.

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