Chapter 30.
New Year Pig Slaughter (part 2)

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Although Yue Wen Wei was glutton, the news he brought to Mrs.
Chen was correct.
This time, Yue Wen Tao brothers didn't only come back alone.
They brought back two classmates who they got along fairly well in the academy.

When old Mrs.
Chen saw those two classmates who were dressed like the sons of rich families, she panicked and hurriedly sent You Luo, who was standing at the door of the west wing: “Go to the backyard and invite your grandfather over.
Say there's guests at home.”
Then she nervously led them to the main room: “The family is having New Year pig slaughter today.
It's a mess.
Hope you two boys don't mind.”

“Old Madam is too polite.
It's us who came to disturb without sending the greeting card first.
We troubled old Madam to entertain us.” The taller and thinner scholar of the two in green attire smiled and gave old Mrs.
Chen a scholar's salute.
His smile was very gentle.

Who had ever called old Mrs.
Chen old Madam before? Now that she heard a student who looked like a talented scholar call her like that, she instantly felt agitated in her heart.
It was as if she truly became what she was addressed, a old Madam dressed brocade and jade.
She grinned so wide that only her teeth could be seen: “You gentlemen from the county town are all golden nobles.
Since you came here, you are honored guests of our Yue Family.
This countryside is full of muddy waters.
Can't slight you at all!”

On the other side, Yue Da Fu heard that there were guests.
Initially, he was still a little puzzled.
How could there be guests in such cold weather? Still, he went back to the main room.
Seeing that it was his grandsons who brought back classmates from county towns, he was also a little frightened and delighted: “You two boys are Wen Tao's classmates? Don't freeze yourself on coming here all the way on such cold day!”

Maybe due to peasant family's natural awe for scholars, Yue Da Fu felt restrained sitting on the kang despite being old enough to be their grandfather.

The tall and thin scholar was called Zhou Jun Peng.
Hearing Da Fu Yue's question, he stood up and bowed his hands in a scholar's salute.
He merrily spoke, “Old Master is too polite, Ruo Shan and I had heard Wen Tao mentioned that there is a custom of new year pig slaughter in the village.
We followed over out of curiosity.
If we caused trouble to the family, we apologize to you in advance.”

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The chubby scholar named Liu Ruo Shan.
His small eyes spun around with a purr.
He was a little impatient and pushed Wen Li on the side: “Didn't you say pigs get killed? Take me to see it!”

Yue Da Fu and old Mrs.
Chen Shi didn't find him rude.
Instead, they thought that the young master from the town had never seen pig slaughter and it was a moment of novelty.
So they hurriedly laughed and asked Yue Wen Tao to take the two to the backyard to see the pig slaughter.

When Yue You Ting dressed up and came over, only old Mrs.
Chen was left in the main room.
Old Mrs.
Chen was grinningly counting the gifts brought by Zhou Jun Peng and Liu Ruo Shan: “Sure enough, the sons of the county are different! “

Yue You Ting didn't see anyone, so she timidly asked old Mrs.
Chen: “Grandmother, where's elder brothers?”
There was some anxiety in her eyes.
Could it be that they have already left?

Old Mrs.
Chen didn't notice her small thought.
She waved her hand casually: “Went to the backyard to watch the pig slaughtering.”

It's good that they didn't go! Yue You Ting breathed a sigh of relief.
She originally wanted to follow over.
But looking at her clean and beautiful new clothes and then thinking how the backyard was full of dirty water after killing pigs, she pushed down the urge to see the guests when consider how embarrassing it was to dirty the clothes.
She made a random excuse and went back to the east wing.


In the backyard, the fourth pig had now been killed.
Yue Family and Butcher Huang agreed to kill all six pigs in one day today.
Then Butcher Huang's stall will be rented to sell meat tomorrow.
The money earned will naturally belong to Yue Family.
While Butcher Huang can get some pig's head and pig's feet as well as the money that he deserves.

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Zhou Jun Peng and Liu Ruo Shan both lived in the county town since they were young.
How could they possibly seen this scene before? The sight of the bearded butcher stabbing the wailing pig directly with a sharp butcher knife.
Then the wailing and struggling pig slowly moved to the rhythm of pig blood filling the wooden basin.
Slowly, its breath was gone.

Although the two found it a little scary, novelty won.
Liu Ruo Shan even took a few steps closer with the intend to observe carefully.
Yue Da Fu was afraid that the bloody scene of pig slaughter would frighten the gentlemen from the county.
So he raised his hand and beckoned the two to go back to the front yard: “Gentleman Zhou, Gentleman Liu, why don't we go back to the front yard? This pig slaughter make everywhere dirty and stinky.
It will be bad if the two of you got slighted.”

Liu Ruo Shan wanted to watch for a while.
But Zhou Jun Peng agreed.
So he pouted and turned back with everyone.

Seeing that Liu Ruo Shan seemed a little unhappy, Yue Wen Li suggested, “Ruo Shan, how about I take you to ice skating on the Cuifeng River later after havig the pig slaughter meal?”
The frozen Cuifeng River was the winter day's playground for children in Cuifeng Village.
It was a good place to play.
They could sit on the board and sliding down from a height.
The thrill of the wind and speed could be experienced.
It was a small joy in winter.

As soon as Liu Ruo Shan heard of something fun, Liu Ruo Shan immediately cheered up again: “Ice skating? How to play?”
In this era, there were no skates.
And there was also a lack of such places in the county.
So in Liu Ruo Shan's eyes, it was something new.

Seeing that he was playful mood, Yue Wen Li friendly hooked his shoulders and merrily replied, “Don't worry.
Once we're done with the pig slaughter meal, we'll have all the fun we can.
Anyway you will rest with us today.
So it's not like we're short of that time, right?”

Only then did Liu Ruo Shan nodded in satisfaction and followed Yue Wen Tao and the others back to the main room.
They drank some hot tea to warm up.

The conversation between the two was completely overheard by Mrs.
Chen who sneaked out of the kitchen under the pretext of going to the toilet hut.
She hurriedly went to old Mrs.
Chen, who had returned to the kitchen supervision, to report the latest news: “Mother! I just heard Wen Li say that the two gentelmen are going to spend the night at our house!”

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She recalled how the two scholars looked from a distance.
Although they were only fifteen or sixteen years old, they looked very bright just by their outfit alone.
There must be some foundation in the family.
Deep down, in her heart, she would treat the two as her prospective son-in-law.
Completely filled with love.

Old Mrs.
Chen saw lazy Mrs.
Chen, who had disappeared for a long time, finally come back and was about to say a few words.
But the news of two gentlemen staying over night made her dizzy.
She spoke: “We are country peasant family.
The two gentlemen look the delicate and expensive.
Will this treat them disrespectfully?”

“My mother! You are muddled from all the busyness! Is this the time to worry about disrespecting the two gentlemen? The two gentlemen are willing to stay at our house for one more night! Our You Ting is almost fifteen!”
Chen was really annoyed that the normally smart old Mrs.
Chen being muddled at the critical moment.
She spoke in a hushed voice: “Mother! Our You Ting's look aren't worse than the daughter of the county.
If she can marry into a rich family in the town, then you can also enjoy luxury at old age!”

After listening to Mrs.
Chen's words, old Mrs.
Chen instantly came to a realization.
She reached out and patted her forehead: “It's really the busier, the more chaotic.
The more chaotic, the more busy.
To actually forget about this!”
Although old Mrs.
Chen didn't favor Yue You Ting much, she was a child born by her own niece.
She also looked a bit like old Mrs.
Chen when she was young.
So compared to other girls in Yue Family, Yue You Ting was already considered doted.

After thinking about Yue You Ting, she recalled her only daughter, Yue Chang Hong and her thirteen-year-old daughter.
Old Mrs.
Chen hurriedly went to the west wing to look for Yue Chang Lu: “Hurry up and set up a ox cart to pick up your eldest sister.
Tell her to remember to bring Liu’er here.”
Yue Chang Hong’s only daughter, Ge Liu’er was thirteen years old.
It was time to start paying attention to prospective in-law.
When sending Yue Chang Lu out, she didn't forget to add a sentence: “Tell your eldest sister to tidy up Liu Er before coming here!”

Yue Chang Lu was cuddling with Wan Niang when he was called out of the blue by old Mrs.
Chen to pick someone up.
Although he didn't get it, he still rushed to set the ox cart.
Thankfully, Yue Chang Hong's family didn't live far away.
It was an hour to and back to pick up the mother and daughter.

On the other side, Mrs.
Chen did not expect that as soon as old Mrs.
Chen heard that the two gentlemen were going to stay at home for one night, she immediately thought of bringing her daughter and granddaughter over.
Quietly, she vented: “Every day, she only remember her married out daughter.
Really can't tell who's closer!”

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You Zhu, who was pulled over to replace Yue You Ting's position and continued to burn the fire, saw her lips move but could not hear what she was saying.
So she asked, “What are you talking about, Eldest Aunt?”

You Zhu's sudden voice startled Mrs.
Chen: “Oh! You dead girl!”
She glared at You Zhu fiercely, “Why are you hiding and eavesdropping!”
After that, she wanted to start teach her a lesson.

“Eldest Auntie, what are you doing?” Returning with a basket of wet cabbage, You Jin saw that Mrs.
Chen was about to hit and hurriedly stopped in front of You Zhu: “I heard Grandfather say just now, there is a distinguished guest at home today.
We can't slight them at all.
No one has served tea at this time!”

As soon as she heard that tea was needed in the main room, Mrs.
Chen felt that the opportunity had come.
She didn't bother with You Jin who gone against her.
She quickly put down the big wooden spoon in her hand and wiped her greasy hands on the dirty hemp apron.
After wiping, she hurried back to the east wing.

Seeing Third Elder Sister only say that there was no tea in the main room and Eldest Aunt went out in a hurry, You Zhu found a little incredulous: “Third Elder Sister, when did Eldest Aunt become so diligent?”
This was the first in her life seeing Eldest Aunt rushing to work.
She really couldn't believe it.

On the other hand, You Jin showed a clear smile.
She naturally knew why Mrs.
Chen was so anxious.
One had to know that the gentlemen from the county town was a sweet treat in her eyes.
How could she miss this opportunity? After glancing at You Zhu's blank face, You Jin smiled and answered, “You are still young.
Some things will be understood once you grow up.”

“Oh!” Although You Jin gave such a perfunctory answer, You Zhu didn't get to the bottom of it.
Sitting in front of the stove, she burned fire.
This was considered to be taking it easy.

After a while, Yue You Ting, who was dressed up beautifully, was dragged to the kitchen by Mrs.
Then she fidgetily went to the main room with the tea prepared by Mrs.

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