[Laylas POV]

I was sitting all alone in the prison again, slowly accepting that my fate was to forever remain here and die. Although I had been given two slices of bread, I had barely eaten them and I was still munching on the last slice which I had been eating for two hours now. Starving to death was a road I was willing to take rather than spending the rest of my life here.

A guard approached the prison and I looked towards his direction. He unlocked the gate and gestured for me to come out.

”What happened? ” I asked, quizzically.

”The Alpha wants to see you, ” he responded.

”See me? ” I asked aloud, with my eyes nearly popping out of their sockets in surprise.

”Yes, ” he replied.

I grudgingly stood up to my feet, wondering what would make the Alpha, whose name I had recently found out was Xavier, send for me. It couldn be for any reason other than bad news; that I was sure of. I had learned to not expect anything from him.

The guard led the way, and I walked behind him, fiddling with my fingers with several thoughts running through my head. What if he wanted to scold me because of what I had said two days ago? I knew I should have kept quiet instead of speaking up. Perhaps, he wanted to cut off the mans hands in my presence to show me how little he thought of my opinion and tell me that the only thing I had succeeded in doing was inviting more punishment to myself.

The guard stopped and pointed his finger towards a certain direction, and I saw him standing right in the garden, looking flawless as ever with his hands crossed together at his back. He was putting on a royal purple attire and had a dozen rings worn around his finger.

I blinked my eyes rapidly as he turned around and his eyes met mine, and that was when I realised that I had been smiling sheepishly.

”Get it together, Layla, ” I muttered to myself, getting rid of the smile on my face, but that didn stop the butterflies that were fluttering in my stomach.

He stepped out of the garden and signalled to the guard to leave us alone. He had well-defined cheekbones, nicely trimmed beards and his straight pointed nose perfected his look. It was as though the goddess had taken her time to specially create the man walking towards me.

I slapped my face with my own hand, trying to get him out of my head. I should hate him, not fawn over him like a stupid teenager who had a crush on someone way out of her league.

”Walk with me, ” he said, jolting me out of my thoughts.

”W – – walk with you? ” I inquired in a stutter, trying to make sure I had heard him right.

”You heard me, ” he said, then started walking ahead of me with long strides.

I stood like that for a while, till I realised he actually meant what he had said and quickly hurried up to meet him, till I was just one foot behind him.

”Where are we going? ” I asked, as we approached the gate of his magnificent mansion.

He didn give me any response, and just motioned for the guards at the gate to open it up, so that he could step out.

”How can you leave without any guard? ” one of them inquired.

”Are you challenging me? ” he retorted.

”Im sorry, Alpha King Xavier, ” he said, and bowed in a polite manner before opening up the gate.

He stepped out, and I followed him closely behind. The sun was high up in the sky, and being that I was barefooted with enough bruises on my feet, it was really hard for me to walk and keep up with his pace.

”Are you a snail or something? Can you walk any faster? ” he asked in a loud authoritative voice, when he was about ten feet away from where I stood.

The ground felt too hot, and it badly hurt me, but I ignored the pain from the blisters on my feet and the injuries that had been inflicted on me when everyone had been stoning me for what had happened to the Alpha, because the pain got heightened as my skin was exposed to the hot sunlight.

I ran to meet him, not minding how hurt I was and soon, I was behind him again. ”I am sorry, Im barefooted and… ”

”I don care about that. If you don stay right behind me, something worse than being barefooted will befall you, ” he said.

I was going to say something, when a smarting sharp pain shot through me immediately as I stepped on something. ”Ow! Ouch! Ow! ” I yelped in pain, as tears began to flow freely from my eyes while I stopped walking.

He turned around instantly. ”Are you okay? ” he inquired, and I actually heard concern in his voice.

I shook my head in the negative. ”No, not at all, ” I said, as tears flowed from my eyes.

He crouched a little and took a look at my foot which was the part that hurt me. ”You stepped on a nail, ” he stated.

”What? ” I asked.

”Hold still, ” he said.

Taking me by surprise, he dug the nail out of my foot with his hands and that made me press onto his shoulders with both hands as I screamed out loud, filled with immense pain and sorrow.

He threw the nail aside and helped me stand on my own. ”How do you feel now? ” he asked.

”It still hurts, but I am much better. Thanks, ” I said.

He clicked his tongue as he ran his eyes over me. ”Tch. These injuries are three days old, and the bleeding in your foot is also not stopping. Are you sure you
e a werewolf? How come you haven healed? ” he asked, expressing his dissatisfaction with a look of distaste on his face.

I looked at my toes. ”I can heal as fast as you do. I am an Omega, weaker than most others because I was formed out of adultery, ” I responded.

He scoffed. ”Thats why your family hates you and abandoned you, ” he said in realisation.

”Yes, ” I affirmed.

”Stay right here. Ill be right back, ” he said to me.

”Okay, ” I said.

When he left, I was finally able to look up, ignoring the tinge of embarrassment I felt greatly. He soon came back, and in his hands, was a pair of slippers.

”Put them on, ” he said, but not before handing over a band aid to me.

”Thank you very much, ” I said, with a warm heart as I bent to place the band aid carefully on my foot which had gotten injured due to the nail that had pierced it, after which I slipped my feet into the slippers he had gotten for me.

”Lets go back to the Palace, ” he said to me and turned around.

I couldn help but smile, feeling a tingling sensation in my stomach. ”Why do you act like a bad person when you
e not? ” I asked.

”You think Im not a bad person? ” he retorted.

”I know you
e not, ” I responded.

He stopped right in his tracks, making me come to an abrupt halt myself.

”Don delude yourself, little wolf. I only brought you out to show you how your fellow Omegas are currently doing. They are being beaten, abused and are made to suffer while they labour hard for all other werewolves, both the old and the young, not even excluding the women. Why? It is all because of one familys sins. However, you decided to get injured and I can have you slowing me down with your limping, ” he explained.

The warmth I had felt in my heart disappeared, and my stomach tightened as I listened to what he had to say.

He turned around to give me a death stare. ”Even if you had seen them suffering, you still wouldn have told me where your family is, right? ”

”They never considered me family, not even once. I was just their slave, and do you really think that I would have been hiding their whereabouts if I truly knew about it after they tortured me my whole life and abandoned me in the forest so that I could pay for what they did? ” I asked, saddened by what he was saying to me..

He scoffed. ”I thought as much. You don pledge your loyalty to me, you pledge it to them. I can tell when someone is lying, you know. Also, I already knew you wouldn say anything. I just wanted you to see those Omegas for yourself and be reminded of your place, ” he said.

”What? ”

”You heard me. Did you forget already what you did two days ago? The next time you will speak without being spoken to, I will ensure you aren given neither food nor water for one week, ” he said to me.

”Would you really do that to me? You couldn even let me be in pain after I mistakenly stepped on a nail, are you sure you can watch me starve for a whole week? ” I inquired.

”You might have gotten infected if I didn get rid of that nail, and I don want to waste the Packs money on treating you, neither do I want you to die when I am not done with tormenting you just yet, ” he said, then turned around and began to leave.

”Contrary to what you believe, I don like going for days without having a bath, I don like my feet being chewed on by rats while I sleep, I don like eating cold bland meals once a day, I don like being treated like an outcast, I don like the fact that people are suffering for what they know nothing about, I don like the fact that I am enslaved to you and I can do anything to prove my innocence. If I knew where my family was, I would have informed you a long time ago! ” I yelled at him as he walked through the gate of the palace, being way behind him as I limped due to my injured foot.

I finally got inside the palace, where I saw him having a conversation with a guard, after which he walked away without bothering to spare me even a glance.

I was grabbed by two guards and I struggled as they threw me into a cage meant for a dog, then locked it.

”What? Whats this? ” I asked.

”The Alpha said you should spend the night outside in the cold. Maybe that would teach you some manners, ” one of them said.

”No, please. Im sorry. I won talk back at him again, tell him I said so, ” I said, banging the gate wildly.

They left me there, bringing tears to my eyes as I kept on begging them, all to no avail. I couldn even sit well, lie down or stand. I just stayed in a crooked position, crying and waiting for it all to be over.

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