Meng Xi stared at her wristwatch for the umpteenth time that afternoon. She waited and watched as people strolled in and out of the civil affairs bureau. She had arrived at the bureau since morning waiting for her fiance to join her so they could register their marriage that day but, for some reason, he was nowhere to be found.

She searched her purse and pulled out her phone, she impatiently dialed a number and lifted the phone to her ear only for her to hear the awful familiar words of the network provider telling her the call could not be connected and she was advised to leave a voicemail after a stupid beep sound.

”Huo Lingtian! Where are you?! I am telling you, if you make me wait another hour in this place, it is messed up between us and it is over! ” She threatened and drew in a frustrated breath before continuing.

”Huo Lingtian, did we not agree to register our marriage today? Even if you were busy, you should have at least let me know! Look, I don want to fight you for this so just hurry over if you get this message ”

Meng Xi just did not get satisfied with the messages yet, she pressed her lips together and knitted her delicate brows feeling slightly demoralized.

”Tian, you know how much this is important to me, right? You already promised, are you going back on your words? ” Meng Xi lowered her voice and spoke a bit softer with a hint of pleading that dispelled her natural arrogance.

She sent the voicemail, looked at the entrance of the civil affairs bureau again, and yet, another couple stepped out of the office holding their red marriage certificates with smiles blooming on their faces.

She hissed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

Meng Xi knew in her heart that she was not getting married that day because she was really willing to, she was just twenty years a day ago and naturally, she would have loved to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry for another few years rather than marriage.

However, in order to claim the inheritance that her late mother left for her from her selfish and greedy father, she was pushed to take this drastic step. All of the companies her father was heading belonged to her late mother and in her mothers will, she clearly stated that Meng Xi could take over everything that belonged to her when she come of age but, her father refused to let go.

Meng Xi knew of her fathers greedy syndrome since she was a child. First, the man had married her mother who deeply loved him not out of love but because he eyed the wealth of the Jiang family princess.

Her mother, Jiang Li was the princess and only daughter of the prestigious Jiang family, she was so blinded by love that she broke up with her family to marry an ordinary man without social status called Meng Yefan.

Jiang Li was initially happy for the first few years of her marriage but after she had her first child, Meng Xi, she could no longer conceive. Meng Yefan also took charge of her company on behalf of her and soon, he drifted away from her.

Meng Xis mother became depressed afterward and a few years later when she was ten, her mother died. Meng Yefan probably mourned for a few days, he thought he would finally be in charge of his wifes company and own her wealth since she was gone but, his bubbles broke when Jiang Lis lawyer exposed her will.

In the will, it was clearly stated that everything that Jiang Li owned wi

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