Fantasy Force the Arrogant Heroine to Warm the Bed

The Supreme Villain - Demon Lord Yu Tian!

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The Immortal Realm has a very vast territory, and some people can even set foot in all places in their whole life while traveling.

Here, all kinds of immortal forces emerge from time to time, and there are countless strong ones.

In the Immortal Realm, the immortal spirits are everywhere, and it is filled with all kinds of immortal birds and beasts crossing all over the countless mountains and rivers.

At this moment, within the Yu Family, the most powerful and hegemonic force in Immortal Realm, a very luxurious palace was floating in the air, surrounded by a lot of immortal spirits, and there are even various immortal beasts galloping in the sky.

Among these immortal beasts, some of them have even crossed the existence of immortality and they have extremely terrifying powers.

The palace is surrounded by immortal air, and the scenery is very beautiful, just like a fantasy land that can only be imagined and can not be created.

In the center of this magnificent palace, there is a room that is decorated luxuriously, and from the location of this room, one can see that the owner of this room is a person with high status.

And in the very center of this room, there is a luxurious immortal bed that seems to be made of perfect immortal jade.

There are bursts of strong immortal energy exuding from it, and practicing on this bed will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

If this item is auctioned in the Immortal Realm, it will definitely attract countless people to scramble for it.

Such a large piece of immortal jade bed full of spiritual energy can be said to be blessed by nature, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a rare treasure.

On this luxurious immortal jade bed, a young figure is lying on it. His white clothes are better than snow, not stained with dust.

He has a clear and flawless face, long eyebrows like willows, and a body like a jade tree, exuding the air of nobility and elegance.

At this time, the figure lying on the bed of the immortal jade moved slightly and slowly opened his eyes.

There was a trace of confusion in the dark and deep eyes.

”Where is this…? ”

Noah, who woke up suddenly, looked around but found that he didn seem to recognize where he was.

He sat up slowly, and before he could sit still, a lot of memories suddenly appeared in his mind.

These memories do not belong to him, but from the memory of the body, he possesses.

It was as if his head was about to burst, but soon, the pain finally dissipated, and Noah finally analyzed the memories that had emerged.

”This is… Immortal Realm?! I am now the young master of the most powerful Yu Family in the Immortal Realm… Yu Tian?! ”

He was from a modern world and this kind of thing, he had only witnessed in the Chinese fantasy novels, he used to read.

Although Noah wasn from China, he liked to read these kinds of novels whose world background is extensive and the Immortal Realm can be said to be a high-level realm in itself.

He never thought that he would travel to the Immortal Realm which was only described in Chinese fantasy novels.

Moreover, his background is as high as the sky, and his life experience is unparalleled. He is the young master of the Yu family, Yu Tian.

It can be said that he is almost one of the most noble existences in the Immortal Realm, and no force dares to provoke him. In this Immortal Realm, if he wants anything, he can get it with only his thoughts.

With such a powerful background, why did the original Yu Tian die?

Through memory, Noah who is now Yu Tian discovered that his predecessor not only had a very noble status but also had a terrifying cultivation talent.

Just because he has a very terrifying physique – The Supreme Immortal Physique, his cultivation is like smooth-flowing water, and he has far surpassed the so-called geniuses.

People with this kind of physique can be said to be unique in all ages, and the last time someone with this kind of physique was a hundred thousand years ago.

And that person is the existence who has cultivated up to the Great Emperor Realm, and it can be said that he was the strongest in the entire Immortal Realm at that time.

This strong man in the Great Emperor Realm is none other than the founder of the Yu Family.

When Yu Tian was just born, heaven and earth changed colors, and golden light was blessed from the heavens. Under the endless golden light, Yu Tian was born, surrounded by immortal energy.

Even the patriarch of the Yu family at that time was terrified by the terrifying aura emanating from the body of the little baby.

Later, after deduction, it was discovered that Yu Tian had perfectly inherited the Supreme Immortal Physique of his ancestors.

When they learned about this, the entire Yu family was overjoyed, because it meant that Yu Tians future achievements might not be weaker than those of his ancestors. He might become an existence in the Great Emperor Realm in the near future.

It is also because of this that from the moment Yu Tian was born, he was destined to be the young master of the Yu family and the next ruler of the Yu family in the future.

Having possessed the Supreme Immortal Physique since he was a child, he cultivated very quickly, and before the age of seven, he had been polished by all kinds of heavenly treasures, and supreme immortal medicines.

Yu Tian can be said to have taken all the advantages of being born in the most powerful force in the Immortal Realm.

He is just eighteen years old this year, and he is already at the peak of the Transcendent Realm.

Among his peers of the same age as his, the heavenly geniuses and godly geniuses, at best have just reached the Divine Palace Realm, and Yu Tian has surpassed them by a whole big realm.

The Supreme Immortal Physique is indeed so terrifying, but the predecessor has not been satisfied with his own strength at the peak of the Transcendent Realm and wanted to break through the Transcendent Realm and enter the Great Transcendent Realm.

However, because he was too hasty, he broke through very quickly all the time, which led to his unstable mentality and gave birth to heart demons.

The birth of heart demons in the process of cultivation is an extremely terrifying thing for practitioners. If they are not careful, they may become insane and can even die if the treatment is not given soon.

This was also the reason why the original Yu Tian died.

Knowing that the heart demon was already born, he actually tried to break through forcibly. As a result, the heart demon rebelled, and his soul was finally shattered.

When the soul of the original Yu Tian was shattered, Noahs soul entered his body with the help of the system, and successfully merged with the soul fragments of Yu Yian.

It was precisely because of the successful fusion that the soul fragments from the previous body, that the system was able to perfectly fit Noahs soul into this body, and the Yu family did not see any abnormalities.

If it weren for the shielding of the system, and the complete fusion of the soul and body, the strong people around Yu Tian would easily know about the possession.

Then the final result may be that his soul is forcibly drawn out, and then his soul will really be scattered.

Thinking that the system fused his own soul with the soul fragments of his predecessor to solve this worry, Yu Tian secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

”Its okay. Alright! The system is still powerful. Otherwise… I would die before I could breathe an air of the Immortal Realm ”

Just when Yu Tian felt lucky, a mechanical synthesized voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

[Ding! Please rest assured, host. The villain system will definitely help the host eliminate all worries.]

A voice suddenly appeared in his mind. If it were other people in the Immortal Realm, I am afraid that they would be very scared.

What kind of existence is it that can speak in the sea of consciousness without any trace of the flow of energy?

However, as a person who can possess the body of a person from the immortal world which can only be described in the books, Yu Tian was a little surprised, but not much.

He has read many of these kinds of isekai (transmigration) genre manga, comics, and novels.

Although it feels strange to hear a voice suddenly in my head, anyway, this is my own system, the foundation for me to live and work in this world in the future.

”…Wait?! The villain system?! ”

Only then did Yu Tian recall the name of the system mentioned by the system just now, the villain system.


After analyzing the memories I got just after waking up, I also feel like Im indeed a villain character.

After all, as a person who has read many things of such genre, they were all protagonist characters, but now he has become a villain?

And, in the end, even the villain had the system – the villain system, as a cheat in this new world where the villain already has high powers?!

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