Farming Happiness: Husband, Come and Plough the Fields

Author : 四叶莲

Chapter 4: 不做软包子

Not a soft bun

Sun Xing’s shop, which happens to be one of the properties of the Qin Counselor, approaches Li Haitang with glowing eyes to tell her of a bright future and promises that their future son will inherit the family fortune, he will divorce his wife and stay with her forever.


“Take a word of advice from your eldest aunt, that Sun Xing is an unreliable man, and if you marry there, you won’t have a good life with a calculating mother-in-law like Sun’s widow.”


Liu had a grudge against Sun’s widow, which she still harbors.
When Liu saw the pumpkins at the widow’s house, she picked them because they were outside the wall.
When the widow found out about this, she stood on a small clay bale in the village and scolded her for an hour, which was a great battle.


Li Haitang nodded her head, so far, Liu has said such a human speech, the Sun widow is indeed powerful, but Sun Xing, she sneered in her heart, despised the poor and curried favor with the rich and relied on women to get to the top.
Inside his heart was all black.
He really is not a good thing! If one day he becomes rich and powerful (achieve meteoric success in one’s career), he will be the Chen Shimei (a notorious character in traditional Chinese opera, now a derisive title for a man who deserts his wife after successfully climbing the social ladder) who will abandon her wife who goes through the hardships of poverty with her husband!


A flash of lightning streaked across the night sky, followed by a rumble of thunder, so loud that the house trembled.


In the middle of the night, the old lady of the Li family was awakened by the sound of thunder and went to the toilet.
She found that the light in Li Haitang’s room was still on, and stood outside the house and rapped hard on the window, “What are you doing in the middle of the night? Hurry up and put out the oil lamp, don’t you know that it costs money!?”


“Mother, I’ll turn off the light right away.”


Liu shivered and cowered as she neatly collected the melon seeds and their skins from the table.
This ‘snack’ had been taken from the Qin family’s underlings last time and had not been handed over, so if her mother-in-law found out, she would be in trouble.


The Li family had long lived separately, but the eldest family had to support their parents, so Liu had no say or influence in the matter, and the old lady still made all the decisions.


As the saying goes, ‘a spell of autumn rain, and a spell of cold’.
The next day, just after dawn, Li Haitang had already washed up.
She pushed open the window and felt a rush of coolness in her face.


The original body had a relatively small range of activities, so she knew that her village, Li Jia, was located in a small town on the frontier of Da Qi, and it was very difficult to make a trip out of the village in winter when the snow closed the mountains.


Now, just after the ninth month of the lunar calendar, the leaves of the trees were yellow, and after an autumn rain, a thick layer had fallen on the courtyard.


Li Haitang stepped on a small stool and stood at the air vent behind the inner house to look out.
In the distance was a stretch of deep, rolling hills with clouds and mist in the mountains.


As far as she could remember, there were wild animals in the mountains behind Li’s village, so the villagers only dared to move around.Now is the most productive time of the year, with wild fruits, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts all ripe in the mountains, and villagers carrying large pockets into the mountains can be seen vaguely.


“Little bitch, what are you doing? That air vent, I’m afraid it only lets you out by one head.
if you’re not afraid of getting stuck, then escape!”


Old Mrs.
Li was sweeping in the front yard and didn’t hear any movement in the house, so she entered the door and took a look.
Her granddaughter was looking outward, extraordinarily quiet, and she didn’t know what she was thinking.


Qin was very fond of Li Haitang

Before they even got married, they gave the family 100 taels of silver.
With this money, they could renovate their house and build a few stone houses, which would be warm in winter and cool in summer, and they would not have to worry about the roof being collapsed by heavy snow in winter.


Spending a lot of money on stones, if Li Haitang died, the Li family would have no way to explain to Mr.
Qin, and they might even have to file a complaint with the court, and the whole family would have to carry away leftovers while dining out (would be in trouble). 


“Grandma, why are you calling me little hoof (bitch)?”


Li Haitang is not a person whom anyone can vent his temper upon or a punching bag.
She didn’t say a word when she was told to shut up.
Old Mrs.
Li wanted to take the silver from her sale.
The family is enjoying the blessing and she is not treated with courtesy, she is beaten and scolded, how ridiculous! 


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