Chapter 7:  看热闹

Watch the excitement (or fun)

Li Haitang pretended to be angry and said, “Eldest Aunt, let’s hurry, I want to know whether Sun Xing’s wife will look round or flat!”


In her mind, she had a little calculation, the original body and Sun Xing had a private meeting.
She remembered that in the backyard of the Sun family’s house, there was a path leading up to the mountain, so if she ran away, she would be caught before she could leave the village.
Her two legs could not run as fast as a four-legged donkey cart and wagon.


The best thing to do was to go and hide in the mountains first, find a relatively safe place, and then take advantage under the cover of the dim light of night to slip away.


Of course, this is only an initial plan, and the primary precondition to escape is to have silver or money. 


“Surely not as good looking as you, maybe a big corn cake face, pig-nosed one, or else could she marry their family?”


Liu grunted,she is really looking down on the Sun widow.
At this point, Li Haitang could understand, the daughters of good families are not willing to choose a widow’s family to get married, mainly because the widows are generally widowed for decades, her character is more or less twisted, and she likes to spite her daughters-in-law.


“I think like that too.”


Li Haitang nodded, she had a general understanding of the Li family, although Liu was not good, she was better than the rest of the Li family, at least she didn’t have a bad intention, so it was easy for her to set up a conversation with her. 


As they walked, Liu rambled on about her niece Li Haitang getting married.
She is already an adult.
It’s time to learn about human relations and other things.
She talked about the trivialities of the village and sighed,”Your mother is not interested in, or out of touch with, mundane affairs; above worldly material attractions (不食人间烟火), you don’t follow her.”


The Qin family’s population is simple and the Qin Counselor is half a foot in the coffin board, his parents are no longer alive, so Li Haitang married over, the main purpose is to please the Qin counselor, get more money, just in case to guard against the unexpected.


Li Haitang did not answer, the original body’s mother, although she had never met her, in her impression is a gentle, educated, knowledgeable, and reasonable woman, now for the deceased, she can not ignore her good conscience, to agree or conform with Liu.


Li’s village was not very big in total, and after walking for half a quarter of an hour, the crowd began to grow.The boss’ family had the family’s property, so they sent someone to distribute wedding cakes (Xi bing: double happiness cakes, pastries offered by a man to his fiancée’s family at the time of their engagement) in front of the Sun widow’s house.
The children were given a snack and ran around in front of them, making the atmosphere very happy.


The two of them are late.The bride had already been sent to the bridal chamber, and there were 喜 characters on the door of the Sun widow’s house while the women were busy serving food in the courtyard and Sun Xing is in high spirit was proposing a toast from table to table.


“Gou Wa Zi (which means dog child) you go take a look for your aunt if the bride is good looking or not.”


Liu caught a small child with a runny nose, grabbed a handful of melon seeds from her pocket and coaxed the kid, “Tell auntie if you see it, this is for you to eat.”


A handful of melon seeds, Liu is all reluctant to pull out, her mouth is so painful that the corners of her mouth tremble, looking at the handed out melon seeds, quite reluctant.


Who would have thought that the dog child would look at the melon seeds, look disgusted, make a wry face, turn his head and run away! A handful of melon seeds and you want to buy him to run an errand? He is not stupid, you know.
Besides, today at Sun’s family house, the melon seeds are all you can eat, and they are all big and full, much better than those given by Liu.


“This ungrateful little bastard!”


Liu was defeated and immediately cursed, but after some thought, curiosity prevailed and she fumbled around for half a day before pulling a copper coin out of her pocket and finding the slightly older boy and asking him to take a look at the new room.


The daughter of the head of the rice shop, why not marry a man from the town? She had to go to the middle of nowhere, probably because she liked the looks of the Sun widow’s son.


Liu stood on tiptoe, anxiously waiting and when she saw Xiao Zhuzi running back, she hurriedly asked: “Xiao Zhuzi, you’ve seen the bride, haven’t you? What does she look like?”


Liu’s face was full of gossip and her eyes were shining brightly.

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