ing regrets. 

“Grandpa, how long ago was that?” The man who was busy sweeping the floor said helplessly.
“There’s so many beautiful foldable umbrellas on the market now, so who would go out to specifically buy an oil-paper umbrella that just takes up space every day?”

Hearing what his grandson had said, the old man didn’t get angry, but simply smiled cheerfully, “It definitely is inconvenient for everyday use, but if a young man and woman takes a photo with them, it would definitely be beautiful.”

Hua Jin smiled and nodded in agreement, “You are right.”

 “Technology is advancing and people’s living standards are rising, so it’s inevitable that traditional crafts like ours will gradually decline,” the old man said.
“But this is actually a good thing because it means everything is going great.”

“Nevertheless, traditional crafts must be passed on.” Hua Jin took her umbrella before saying this to the old man.
“As you said, they may no longer be necessary for daily life, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enter into the realm of ‘handicrafts to be appreciated’.
As long as someone still likes them, they’ll never go away.”

Hearing Hua Jin’s remarks, the old man laughed even more merrily as he turned to take out a box from a room.
“You two, take a look at these.
Do you guys like these two umbrellas?”

If the umbrellas they’ve just seen were already excellent artwork, then these two from the box could be called masterpieces.
The two were both red umbrellas, one featuring dragons and the other phoenixes.
The pictures were so lifelike that Hua Jin almost lost her mind.

She bought them without any hesitation and even bought a few more, asking the store to send them to a few of her friends. 

It took more than 90 steps to process a quality oil-paper umbrella, and it took between a half month to a month to complete a single one, so they weren’t cheap.
Seeing Hua Jin buying so many umbrellas at once, the two shop assistants were overjoyed. 

But when the two had left, the man emotionally said, “Pity!”

“What’s so pitiful?” The girl looked at him puzzled.

 “That man just now was very good-looking, but when they were going to pay the bill, he pretended not to see and just waited for his girlfriend to pay it.” The man shook his head.
“If I had such a beautiful girlfriend, I’d definitely be reluctant for her to spend any of her money.”

“You are thinking too much, since it’s impossible for you to have such a beautiful girlfriend in your life anyways.” The girl continued to lazily wipe the dust off the furniture, “Not to mention that the man was also so handsome, it could be that the beautiful woman just adopts pretty boys.”

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Man: “……”

 “Mr Pei, can I ask you a question?” Hua Jin looked at the photos Pei Yan took of her on his phone with open disgust, “You… you’ve never dated before, right?”

“What does that have anything to do with you?” Pei Yan’s face was clearly not pleased.

“Because men who’ve had girlfriends before would never have taken pictures this ugly.” Hua Jin continued, “I am 1.68 meters tall, but the way you took these photos makes it look like I’m 1.45 meters tall.
Are you even worthy of your expensive phone?!”

“Well I’m sorry.” Pei Yan remained expressionless.
“If you don’t want to continue taking pictures, let’s go back to the hotel already.”

“Come, I’ll take a few pictures for you so you can experience what an official photoshoot is like.” Hua Jin took out her own mobile phone.
“Open your umbrella.”

“Wait.” Pei Yan inadvertently saw a peek of Hua Jin’s phone screen before his expression became serious.
“You’re sharing your location with others?”

“Cough.” Hua Jin embarrassedly turned off the location sharing before saying, “It is getting a little late now, right? A little late.”

 Pei Yan continued to look at her expressionlessly.

 After being stared at by such gorgeous eyes, Hua Jin turned her head away before confessing the truth, “Uh… as a woman going out alone, it’s safer to occasionally share her position with friends.”

Pei Yan was silent for a moment before impatiently saying, “Hurry up then.”


“The photo.”

 A young man in a white shirt and a gorgeous red umbrella, and the rain pouring sofly in an alleyway.
It was as beautiful as a painting.

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Hua Jin raised her phone and pressed the shutter.

Afterwards, she put down her phone and looked at Pei Yan with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye, “Thank you.”

Pei Yan stared at her for a moment before closing the umbrella.
“Can we go back now?”

Hua Jin smiled and nodded.

When going up the steps, Pei Yan turned to look at the woman holding his arm using her sleeve.
“You guys who are in the traditional handicrafts industry, is it true that it is hard to make a profit?”

“We’re still doing fine since Shu embroidery can be integrated into all aspects of life, like clothes, shoes, socks, bags, and even in jewelry.” Hua Jin continued, “It’s just that the truly top embroiderers become fewer and fewer, and it gets harder and harder to find young people who are willing to learn this craft with a passion.
If traditional crafts like ours want to continue and improve, we cannot have a shortage of heirs.”

“Isn’t it boring to just sit there and embroider every day?”

“How could that be?” Hua Jin’s smile grew gentle.
“It’s a great achievement to turn gorgeous silk into beautiful patterns.”

“To me, Shu embroidery is…” She lowered her eyelids to conceal her emotions, “It’s my salvation.” 

“Are you praising yourself as an heir who’ll carry on your traditional craftsmanship?” Pei Yan asked.

“Oh no.” Hua Jin raised her head with a big grin on her face, “Have I been found out?”

Pei Yan just sneered as he turned to look ahead.
She really is a flowery peacock who likes to brag about herself.


The Author Has Something To Say: [Hua Jin’s Gentle Reminder]: Whether you are a man or a woman, you must stay vigilant when you go out alone.
Frequently use your chat software to send your location to your friends and family, and at the same time, be mindful of your privacy to minimize overexposure of your personal identity on public platforms.

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