n this handkerchief looked much simpler, looking nothing special at first glance.
But upon closer inspection, one would find that this handkerchief somehow exuded the innocence and cuteness of a child.

Although the three pandas only had black eyes, somehow Yang Shao felt the warmth and tranquility of a family of three from their beady black eyes.
The feeling he felt wasn’t easy to describe, but it felt like a culmination of the peaceful place they lived, where no disasters struck, and no sufferings felt.
Only delicious food and beautiful scenery to be had.

Yang Shao flipped through all the other handkerchiefs, finding that each gave him a different feeling, but all of them were surprising in their own way.
He got up from the sofa and thanked her solemnly, “I like these embroidered handkerchiefs very much.
I’m not sure if it’s possible for me to meet the embroiderer myself, but I would really like to thank her personally.”

“You sure like to joke.
I’m the one who embroidered these handkerchiefs.” Hua Jin smiled as she looked at this pineapple guy in front of her.
‘I’m really sorry if I don’t fit the old embroiderer image you’ve imagined.’

“You’re that extraordinary embroiderer?!” Yang Shao looked at Hua Jin in shock and the conversation instantly changed into something else, “You don’t even look 20 years old, and yet your embroidery skills are already so excellent! Truly outstanding!”

For beautiful women, even praising her ten times wasn’t enough.
One should never criticize one either, not even half a sentence.

Hua Jin: “…”

‘Not even 20 years old?’

‘Isn’t he exaggerating too much? Nevertheless, I like it.’

“The handkerchiefs are made of Shu brocade, and the embroidery threads are made of pure mulberry silk…”

“Master!” Yang Shao said excitedly, “My grandma will definitely like these! Sorry for taking so much of your time!” After speaking, he picked up the wooden box and ran out hurriedly.

Hua Jin simply stared at his back as he was running, “H-Hey!”

Yang Shao turned to see Hua Jin come out to ‘see him off’ and shouted back to Hua Jin, “Master Embroiderer, please don’t bother seeing me off! I won’t disturb your sweet moment with your friend any longer!”

Hua Jin was dumbfounded as she watched the pineapple guy running away.
He hasn’t even paid the bill yet, so why was he running?!

“Hua Hua, did that person just… rob us?” Tan Yuan couldn’t react in time as well.
“He was even wearing designer clothing, so how can he even do such a thing?!”

  Hua Jin turned to look at Tan Yuan, her friend of more than six years already.
Did they still need to tell each other what happened?

 After Yang Shao got the embroidery, he couldn’t restrain his own excitement.
He had an inexplicable feeling that these handkerchiefs would definitely be liked by his grandma.

After driving home, Yang Shao simply slammed that car door without even bothering to lock it as he rushed into the house carrying the wooden box.
His grandmother’s health hasn’t been too good for the past two years and she’s only grown more and more fond of talking about the past with the younger generation.
Yang Shao was worried that if she kept on longing to relive the past, that her body would get affected, so he has always tried his best to make her happy in the present.

“Grandma!” Yang Shao ran into her room and saw the old lady sitting on the sofa watching an anti-war drama.
He put the wooden box on her lap and said, “Quickly take a look at what I brought you!”

“Don’t run too fast or you might trip and fall.” The old lady wasn’t in any hurry to open the box.
Instead, she reached out and patted her grandson’s forehead dry with a handkerchief.
“You’re even sweating! Quickly, go to your room and change your clothes so you won’t catch a cold.”

“Grandma, I’m fine.
Look at the gift I brought you first.” Yang Shao wiped his face haphazardly before asking the helper to bring the old lady’s glasses.
“My gift this time will definitely not leave you disappointed!”

“Disappointed of what?” Yang Shao’s father, Yang Xue walked in from the outside followed by Pei Yan behind him.

 “Brother Pei’s here too? Take a seat.” Yang Shao greeted Pei Yan and asked him to sit down.

“Auntie.” Pei Yan walked over to the old lady and had a few words with her that made the old lady smile, making her entirely forget about the gift box.
In the end, it was only after Yang Shao’s reminder that the old lady remembered the item.

“Grandma isn’t lacking anything, so just keep your money to spend on yourselves and don’t waste it on me.” The old lady then opened the wooden box with a smile.
When she saw the exquisitely embroidered handkerchief on the top of the pile, her smile brightened.
“This embroidered handkerchief is very good.
Great craftsmanship.” As she said that, she continued to flip them over until the very last one.
When she saw it, her hands suddenly stopped, as if she couldn’t believe her eyes.”

“This is…” She took out the handkerchief with trembling hands and gently stroked the pandas on it.
It looks the same.”

“Grandma…” Yang Shao saw that his grandma’s mood had suddenly shifted.
Worried that her body might not be able to endure such an abrupt change, he immediately started to gently stroke her back before saying, “If these aren’t to your liking, I’ll take them away.”

The old lady stroked the handkerchief again and again, her voice gradually grew with nostalgia, “The handkerchief my mother made me looked like this as well.
I never expected that seventy or eighty years passed by like a blink of an eye.”

Pei Yan looked at the handkerchief being gently caressed by the old lady and turned to look at Yang Shao.

‘Is this one of the panda handkerchiefs that Yang Shao commissioned Hua Jin to make?’

He bent over to pick up one of the other handkerchiefs the old lady had put aside.
Pei Yan suddenly felt that the rolling fat panda embroidered on the handkerchief was staring at him with its pair of black eyes.

‘This fatty’s eyes are very dark, like the pupils of Hua Jin’s, that flowery peacock.’


The author has something to say: [Yang Shao]: In front of beautiful women, I’m always ready to strut my stuff.
But this beauty seems to be into other beauties as well?

[Tan Yuan]: I’m not.
I don’t.
Don’t speak nonsense!

[Hua Jin]: Excuse me, please advise me on the best way to collect debts while still remaining elegant and powerful.
Urgent request.
I’m online right now!

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