He expounded, “I think it’s okay, I’m not against it.”

Pei Yan opened his car’s door and turned to look at him, “I’m worried that she won’t like you back.”

“I’m filthy rich, so what won’t she like?” Then Yang Shao touched his chin, “It shouldn’t be so.”

“Perhaps… she dislikes that you’re ugly?” After Pei Yan said this sentence, he got into the car and closed his door.
He didn’t even wait for Yang Shao to reply.

Yang Shao: “…”

No wonder rumor has it that this cousin of his from his mother’s side was different from the ones from his father’s side.
It was said that he lived far away and was very callous with his words.
But Yang Shao thickened his skin and got in from the opposite side, “Brother Pei, I’ll treat you tonight, so let’s go!”

Pei Yan glanced at him, “Eat what?”

“Whatever you want.”

Hua Jin, who was described as having ‘impeccable character’ and had just accepted the red envelopes Yang Shao had sent her, was humming a song happily.
When she turned to see Tan Yuan still lying on the table in a daze, she said, “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to some luxurious western meal tonight.” 

“That runaway customer settled the balance?” When Tan Yuan raised her head and saw Hua Jin’s bright smile, she immediately knew that she made a lot of money this time.
“I don’t want to eat western food! I heard there’s a nice seafood restaurant that just opened in Chengdong District, so let’s go there.”

Many of their customers would often mistake Hua Jin as being an elegant and intellectual person who wasn’t in it for the money, but if they really thought about it carefully, has she ever given any of them a discount?

“So I see you’re really keen on disallowing me to save some money.” Hua Jin searched the location of the seafood restaurant on her mobile phone while she was packing her back.
“Let’s go right now.”

‘I really hope that there will be more customers who are less demanding and more generous in the future! Even if it’s my dream to bring this traditional art of craftsmanship into the future, I still have to eat.’

When Hua Jin and Tan Yuan arrived at the seafood restaurant, it was packed full of people because of the dinner rush, so the two had to wait for nearly an hour before a table finally freed up.

The restaurant’s business was booming.
What’s more was because the people inside weren’t really talking loudly, the environment inside could be considered good.

When their order finally came, Hua Jin and Tan Yuan looked at each other.

“Take the pictures.”

“It’s better if you take the pictures though.
I’ll just use them later.” Hua Jin smiled innocently.

“How lazy can you get?!” Tan Yuan eventually took out her mobile phone to take a few pictures of the food.
“Well, since you have embroidered so many things recently, take a couple of days off or your neck and waist might give way.”

You don’t have to worry.” Hua Jin opened the lobster claw and poured the sauce on the meat.
“You’ve also been stuck manning the store recently and haven’t had the time to go out for a date, so for the next few days, I’ll be the one manning the fort.
Take the time to go out with your boyfriend and have some fun.”

“But there’s nothing fun to do.” Tan Yuan casually ate her fish filet as she complained in a light tone.

“What happened? Did you two get into a fight?” Hua Jin was a little surprised.
Tan Yuan and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for almost 5 years already.
Since their college days until now, they’ve been getting along, up to the point that the two even got engaged.
When she heard Tan Yuan complain, she heard a bit of resentment.

“We didn’t fight.” Tan Yuan shook her head.
“We have nothing to fight about anyways.”

‘Is having nothing to fight about something bad?’ Seeing that Tan Yuan did seem to want to walk about it yet, Hua Jin only said, “Don’t coop everything up in your heart.
I’m always here if you want to air your grievances, like a trash can.”

“I knew it! In this world, besides my parents, you love me the most, right?” Tan Yuan forced a smile.

“Yes yes yes~ I love you the most in this world, otherwise, how can I stand being with you for over five years already.” Hua Jin raised her glass in a toast, “Come! Take a shot for our never-ending love!”

Being obviously teased by Hua Jin, Tan Yuan’s mood lightened.
She picked up her glass and clinked it with Hua Jin’s.

Yang Shao had just coincidentally walked out from a private room when he overheard their conversation, specifically right after they confessed their love.
He froze for a moment, not moving or greeting them.
Even when the two had finished toasting, he pretended to not have heard or seen them and tried to just be passing by, “Embroiderer Hua, what a coincidence.
I never expected to meet you here.”

“Hello.” Hua Jin’s gaze passed over Yang Shao and incidentally landed on Pei Yan who was behind him.
“Mr Pei, we meet again.”

Pei Yan saw the mountain of lobsters shells in front of her, and then took a quick glance at her waist.
‘Where did all that meat go?!’ He only “hmm-ed” a reply before saying nothing further.

“My name is Yang Shao, Embroiderer Hua.
You can just call me Xiao Yang in the future.” Yang Shao glanced at Hua Jin and Tan Yuan with a strange look, “We’ll stop disturbing the two of you having a meal, so we’ll be leaving first.”

When they walked out of the restaurant, Yang Shao sighed.
He had hoped to water his seedlings with his love, only for them to die before sprouting.

“What? Found out that the other party was really not into your face? Is that why you’re disappointed?” Pei Yan straightened his rolled up sleeves, but didn’t bother with his loose tie. 

“Perhaps it wasn’t my face that the embroiderer disliked…” Yang Shao said in a serious tone before he continued, “…It was my gender.”

Pei Yan glanced at Yang Shao strangely, thinking that something may have been wrong with his brain.
He opened the car door, “Get in already.”

Yang Shao sat quietly in the car, but after a while, he could no longer hold himself back, “Brother Pei, you’ve spent time alone with Embroiderer Hua.
What do you think of her…?”

Pei Yan was expressionless, “I’m driving.
Don’t talk to me.”

Yang Shao held himself back for a while again, but again couldn’t hold himself back in the end.
“Tell me! She’s such a beautiful girl, but she isn’t interested in men?!”


The Author has something to say: [Tan Yuan & Hua Jin]: We’re not what you’re thinking! Stop talking nonsense! 

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