Chapter 6 The Boy that Scatters His Wealth

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There were a lot of stories about morality being abandoned for money, which made this particular story all the more touching.

In the long Weibo post, the blogger had posted photos of the various things the man had bought for his wife, including a picture of the dragon and phoenix quilt.

Some netizens grew suspicious when they saw the photos of the quilt.

Skeptical Netizen: The story was beautiful, but there’s definitely something left out.
Normies may not know, but this kind of embroidery cannot be done in two or three days! I have a relative that was interested in embroidery and was knowledgeable on the topic.
They said that the dragon and phoenix quilt was very elegant and life-like, which means the one who did it was not an average embroiderer.
Such a master would not have been willing to work overtime for a single quilt.
If they were, the price would have been so astronomical that this family would not have been able to afford it at all!

 Passerby Netizen A: The person above who was suspicious of the story, please read the whole post carefully before commenting.
The blogger specifically mentioned that it was a shop owner themselves that made the dragon and phoenix quilt for the couple.
They even charged only a little bit of money.

Passerby Netizen B: To be honest, I’ve always thought that the traditional depictions of dragons and phoenixes were ugly and outdated.
But the dragon and phoenix quilt posted by the blogger wasn’t any of those at all! It was so gorgeous that it changed my mind!

Passerby Netizen C: Maybe… this is the charm of traditional art?

 This Weibo post made different people feel different things.
Some were touched by the love story, some were humbled by the show of responsibility, and there were even some who fell in love with Chinese traditional culture and art.
Modern life was too fast-paced and the pressures they faced on the daily meant many people could only go about their day seriously and stoically.
It was only when they were on the Internet that they could destress and unwind. 

There, they could be moved by the love story of others, but they themselves would not dare admit their true feelings.

Society had all kinds of people: the poor and the rich.

 At a certain luxurious dinner party, everyone was dressed in exquisite clothing, trying to look for a suitable partner for themselves.
Nowadays, it isn’t easy to do business.
Though old companies were publicly recognized and had a larger market share, there were a lot of new companies popping out everywhere, introducing innovative ways to do business.
Every year, both these parties would try their best to garner the most attention from the consumer base to ensure their sales numbers.

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 The rich didn’t have it easy either. 

Lu Jia came here with a friend who had originally started a waste disposal business in his early years.
In time, he branched out into real estate as well and made serious money, and ended up making a corporation and becoming a ‘big boss’.
Some time ago, this same person had also lost big when his investment didn’t take off.

“Bother, it isn’t that I don’t want to help you, it’s just that the scale of this project is just too big of a risk for me, especially since you can’t even give me an assurance of a return of investment.” The person who called him brother was a fellow investor in the market.
When he had approached him for a possible partnership, he not only declined, but started to complain as well, “My assets are too little, so how could I even have the strength to invest in something like this?!”

 Hearing the other party’s flat rejection, Lu Jia drank the champagne he had on hand before forcing a smile, “I also know everyone’s having their own difficulties.”

Seeing his ‘bro’ Lu Jia like this, this peer of his felt a little bit unhappy, so he pulled him aside and whispered, “I’ll tell you a bit of good news, though I can’t guarantee it’s authenticity.
I heard that the famous boy that scatters his wealth will also be attending this banquet.
If you get him to invest, who knows just how much money he would throw at you?!”

 “The boy who scatters his wealth?” Lu Jia smiled bitterly, “Just where did this boy get all his money?”

In this lavish banquet, everyone was out to exploit everyone else. 

Seeing his skepticism, the other party quickly replied, “He’s the one that inherited a lot of it from his family, Pei Yan.”

As a ‘new money’ businessman, Lu Jia wasn’t all that knowledgeable with ‘old money’ circles, but even a relative-pleb like him has heard of this ‘Pei Yan’.
A person who lived a pretty comfy life after he’d inherited an enormous fortune that could last him a couple of lifetimes from his deceased elders.

Was he known as ‘The Boy who Scatters His Wealth’ because he was just that rich?

Just as they were discussing him, the other party had pointed out a person, “Speak of the devil, here comes ‘Scatter-Wealth-Pei’.”

 Lu Jia looked over curiously.
He saw a few men in black suits surrounding a young man with a fair complexion.
The young man walked with a somewhat lazy posture, but because of his outstanding features and great proportions, and the fact that he was surrounded with bodyguards, he definitely stood out like a sore thumb.

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“If you can somehow get on his good side tonight, your project will definitely be fine.”

Hearing this, Lu Jia took a few steps forward.

“Mr Pei, this is my little girl.
She’s researched red wine a lot, would you mind if I introduce her to yo-”

“Nope.” Pei Yan interrupted.
“Not interested in red wine.”

The man looked a little embarrassed.
He turned to look at his daughter before leaving towards the crowd.

“Mr Pei.” Soon, a famous director walked up to Pei Yan offering him a glass of wine.
“I didn’t expect my luck today would be so good to be able to meet with you like this.” Pei Yan looked at him without saying a word.

“These are the male and female leads of my new play.
They’ve been a fan of yours for a long time, so I brought them with me today to toast you.” The director saw that Pei Yan had still not responded, so he just smilingly let the two actors come to toast Pei Yan.

“I’ve seen this actor before.” Pei Yan took the wine to take a sip.
“The demon dog you portrayed was very interesting.”

 The director and the actress didn’t dare to comment as they could only stare at the actor smilingly.
The ‘demon dog’ was his debut role 10 years ago.
If anyone else had mentioned this fact to him, he’d be livid, as not only were the costumes bad, even his makeup was ugly! Everyone in the industry knew of this sore spot of his. 

“It’s truly my honor to have Mr Pei remember something of mine~” The actor truly was good at what he did, as he not only didn’t get angry, he had even smiled dazzlingly as he toasted to Mr Pei. 

A smile had finally appeared on Pei Yan’s face.
He nodded to the director, before saying, “You’ve chosen well with this actor.
If you’re still lacking capital, contact my assistant.”

“Thank you, Mr Pei! Thank you, Mr Pei!” The director thanked him repeatedly, before turning his head to see the actress still gawking at their new ‘financeur’.
He hurriedly took her hand and excused themselves, “We’ll stop taking anymore of your time, so please enjoy the rest of your evening~”

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“Good!” Pei Yan nodded slightly as he loosened his tie as he walked towards an unoccupied section.

Many who’ve failed to squeeze in their own proposals could only enviously gaze at the director for having gotten an investment from Scatter-Wealth-Pei so quickly.

“Director, why did you let Mr Pei go immediately after he promised to invest in us? Is Mr Pei so fickle that he’d change his mind so quickly?” After getting out of her daze, the actress asked the director.
“I’ve never realized how amazing you are, director.
So many people didn’t even have the courage to come up and speak to Mr Pei.”

“That guy doesn’t have a good temper and is genuinely disinterested in the hubbub of the rich’s social circle.
His behavior is dictated by his mood, which is like the weather we have in June, changes on the fly without any warning, so do yourself a favor and get out of his way if you don’t want any trouble.” After mentioning this to the two, the director patted the actor on the shoulder, “This was a rare instance.
Remember, in the future, you should always be mindful of what you should and shouldn’t say in front of the media.”

 The actor nodded.

In the grand scheme of things, one must be flexible when it comes to things you say you hate.
Sometimes, what you said you hated the most becomes the thing you love the most.

Lu Jia finally believed his friend’s words, because the evidence was right in front of him: everywhere Pei Yan was, there would always be people that wanted to talk to him for a chance to be blessed by his wealth.

After the banquet was over, Lu Jia walked out of the venue a bit dispirited as, even though he had put in a lot of effort during the event, he ended up getting nothing in return.

The night wind was blowing as he walked to where he was parked.
Before he got to his car, he heard a loud ‘BANG’ which sounded like it came from Parking Area B.
He hesitated for a moment before he quickly walked over to check things out.
When he got there, he saw a sanitation worker in an orange vest down on the ground, with a dumpster overturned beside him. 

Lu Jia didn’t want to meddle, but when he was just starting out, he too picked up garbage for a living.
He had experienced fainting from hunger on the side of the road and it was his fellow garbagemen that helped him up and fed him a full meal.

“How are you?” he asked as he put up the overturned dumpster.
Lu Jia was worried about the worker having any broken bones so he didn’t dare to move him easily.
“Do you need me to call an ambulance?”

“No, no need.” The sanitation worker, who was clearly already in his fifties, waved his hands in dissuasion.
“I’m fine, I just accidentally fell.” Once he got a good look at Lu Jia and saw him wearing a nice suit, he was aghast as he said, “The dumpster and me are very dirty! Please don’t soil your clothes further!” 

“What’s the use of wearing good clothes?” Lu Jia simply rolled up his sleeves, and bent over to help the sanitation worker up.
He even helped sweep up all the rubbish on the ground.
“It’s late, so you better be more careful as you go back.”

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“Thank you! Thank you!” The worker thanked him repeatedly, before taking out a tissue packet from his pocket.
He had, at the very least, wanted to let Lu Jia wipe his hands clean.

“It’s okay.” As he listened to the sanitation worker’s continuous thanks, Lu Jia’s mood drastically improved.
So what if his company goes bankrupt? Back then, he’d even survived just by picking up trash.
Now that he had a house and car, he definitely wasn’t afraid of being unable to survive!

“Yo~” A fiery red sports car stopped right in front of him, before its windows rolled down to reveal a familiar face.
“You’ve been circling around me all night, so you want me to invest in something, right?”

Lu Jia looked at the man in disbelief, “Mr-Mr Pei?!”

 Pei Yan raised an eyebrow.
The other party seemed to be too shocked to speak right now so he gave him his business card.
“Call this number tomorrow.
Someone will talk to you about our cooperation.”

Even after the fiery red sports car had left spraying him with exhaust fumes, Lu Jia was still standing there dumbstruck.

Back during the banquet, he had tried to squeeze his way into talking to Mr Pei, but ultimately failed.
So he had noticed his efforts?

If their talks of cooperation pushed through tomorrow, then did that mean his company didn’t have to go bankrupt?!

In order for her to finish all the custom koi embroidery orders that came in these past couple of days, Hua Jin had to delay closing the store for more than an hour.
Tan Yuan had originally wanted to accompany her, but since she was also worried about Aunt Gao and Uncle Tan being alone at home, she decided to go out first.

Hua Jin made sure to check the power supply was turned off before she locked the door of the store.
Nearby, she heard someone cursing.

 “Pei Yan really is a scumbag! My brother had a car accident and was hospitalized, and yet he waltzed right in like a rich man without doing anything! I really don’t know why he even bothered to come, or did he just want to gawk?!”

Hua Jin saw that the source of the sound was a man in a leather jacket, leaning under a street lamp.
He was talking to someone on his mobile phone, his face warped in anger and dejection.

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