With the burst, the attention of the crowd on the platform went to one place.


The magic train that ran along the rail in order to teleport, broke apart.




The magic train was barely hanging on the rail in the air, at the same time, a huge monster was standing next to the magic train.


It was a bipedal, blood demon monster, with a bulging, muscular skin that was bright red, as if it was soaked in blood.




The gigantic blood demon began to roar.


“It's a blood demon! A blood demon has attacked the magic train!”


Because the train station is a densely populated area, it has always been a place where the magic barrier was activated.


I was puzzled by the sudden situation and hurriedly ran with the people.


Why is there suddenly a monster? Were there any major incident around this time?


I tried to remember the original story, but I only remembered for all that Franz suffered and nothing came to mind.


Come to think of it, every time a monster appeared in the surroundings, I remember Kratier would send a group of knight cadets.


Franz would often go to the sites of the incidents after he became a knight.


“Please evacuate to the inside of the station, it's an emergency!”


The bells began to ring in unison with the guard's urgent voice.


The guards were ringing all the nearby emergency bells.


“Grrrr, graaar!”


The red demon once again struck the magic train with its huge front legs.


The magic train hanging from the rail ended up crashing to the ground.


“How did the monster get here!!!”


“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Save me!”


The sound of the piercing screams along with the loud roar broke through my ears.



People began to flee, and the blood demon began to beat them one by one with his fists.




Blood spurted on the ground with a dull sound.

People died horribly one by one due to the indiscriminate attacks of the blood demon.


I also hurriedly ran into the interior of the station to escape.


But I saw the girl in the black hood I had seen earlier collapse on the ground, unable to escape.


The maids and escorts serving the girl were crushed by the monster, so blood splattered everywhere.


'Why won't she escape? Does she have weak her legs?'


It was then that the blood demon began to notice the girl.




You idiot, run away!


The girl couldn't even run away, she just tightened her hood deeply and crouched down.




Finally, my meddling began again.


I ran to the girl.


When I grabbed the wrist of the girl, who was sitting on the floor, the surprised girl looked at me.


Her purple eyes trembled.
I didn't know if it was from fear or anger.


“Can you run?”


The girl shook her head.


Suddenly, a feeling of humiliation crossed the face of the girl who was grinding her teeth.


“I can't.”


I kissed the back of my right hand.




The girl's eyes widened as a long, sturdy sword wrapped in blue light rose from my right hand.


Holding Shuette, I put my hands on the girl's back and under her knees, carried her and started running.


 'Ah, she's quite…


The girl was quite heavy, unlike her slender appearance.


Maybe it's because she has denser bones?


Even the touch on her arms felt tight, unlike other girls.


It was a good thing I activated Shuette just in case.


Shuette can be used as a weapon, but it also has an immediate muscle strengthening effect, so it was best to leave it activated at this time.


I held the girl like a princess and ran towards the place where people were taking shelter.


When I reached the inside of the station, I carefully lowered the girl from my arms.


I looked at the girl from all sides to check if she was hurt, but each time, I felt the girl shrug her shoulders.


The girl's face, for some reason, was very flushed.


I was the one holding her, but why is she like this?


“You couldn't walk before.
Where did you get hurt?”


Strangely, the girl turned away from me, unlike the last time we exchanged glances.


As if she didn't want to be discovered.


What was wrong with her? But, I couldn't keep wasting my time.


“Grrrr, grrr…”


The blood demon's gaze began to move towards the crowd where the girl was.


It' s movement was slow, but every time it took a step forward, all the ground that touched its front paw would sink.


After I confirmed that the girl was safe, I ran towards the demon while holding Shuette.


“Hey, miss! Where are you going? It's dangerous!”


Someone shouted at me from behind, but I couldn't look back.


Even the guards were everywhere, so no one could stop the blood demon.


It doesn't matter that I'm an ordinary human, now I have Shuette in my hand.


I'm trying to fight with [Shuette's] strength, not mine.


I could buy some time until everyone on the platform escapes safely.


If people evacuate to safety, I should flee at the right time.


Immediately, I jumped onto the blood demon's body and climbed up to its shoulder.


No matter how good this item was, it was hard to believe that I could easily climb onto the body of this huge monster.


N/T: Shuette is the item.


Perhaps with my current strength, I can easily defeat ordinary men.


It was awesome.
I felt as if every muscle in my body had the determination to tell me how to move from now on.


Why didn't Franz use this very cool thing?


At that moment, the blood demon, who noticed that I was on its shoulder, trembled and roared to get off me.


“Grrrr, graaaar!”


As my body trembled, I grabbed the mane covering the blood demon's neck just before I fell.


If my reflexes had been a little slower, I would have fallen to the ground.


'What's its weakness? Where should I aim to kill it? I'll try to stab here first.'


While I was lifting Shuette up in a the air, I heard a shout coming from behind me.


“Don't stab him, miss! Don't do it!”


It was a guard.


But it was already too late.


My sword had already stabbed it in the shoulder.


The blood demon screamed.




Blood gushed out as bright red as the color of it' s skin, it ended up soaking my clothes and shoes.


“A demon's blood is hydrochloric acid! Don't stab it with a sharp object!”


You should have told me a little earlier!


Some of my leather shoes and my skirt were already melting.


Even my petticoat was exposed, and my travel coat was now nothing but a rag.


'It was my favorite outfit!'


Still, I was lucky it didn't touch my skin.


Blood gushed from the demon's wounds, and it began to rage even more from the pain.


To top it off, drops of hydrochloric acid splashed all over the place.


Everything that touched the blood demon's blood melted in an instant.


I grabbed the blood demon's mane and wondered how I could deal with it.


If I kept looking like this, the blood demon might sneak inside the station where people were being evacuated….


'I can't stab it…
Should I hit him?'


I looked at Shuette in my hand. 


A long, sturdy sword with both edges very sharp.


Ah, it would have been nice if it was a wooden sword.


The moment I thought I should hit him with the sword handle like I was grinding garlic, Shuette began to emit a blue light.




Shuette slowly changed its form in my hand and transformed into a form I was more familiar with.


A long, heavy, smooth wooden texture.
[Shuette] now had the shape of a gently curved wooden sword.


“Mom, what was that, is that older sister a magician?”


Not far away, I heard the voices of the people who had evacuated.


Everyone seemed to have clearly witnessed Shuette's transformation process.


“It also had this function.”


Until now, I was only worried about Franz having [Shitsuro] , so I didn't know that [Shuette] had the ability to change its form. 


Although it still had a blue glow, Shuette's appearance was the same as that of a wooden sword that I was more familiar with.


If I used a wooden sword, I would always be confident. 


When I first learned kendo, I preferred a wooden sword to a bamboo sword.


The slightly curved shape, the weight, the feel I got when I held the handle, everything was comfortable.


I grabbed the demon's mane and climbed from its shoulder to its head as if I were climbing a rock.


And I hit it with all my might.


At the same time, with the sound of the impact, the blow shook my shoulders.


I was shaking, so much that my shoulders were bumping against it.


Although I had Shuette, Kayla's body wasn't as strong, probably because her body was normally untrained.


I'm training late to build up my physical strength and muscular endurance, but there's no way I can improve my body in a short period of time.


I lifted Shuette once again and hit the demon's head.


As if in pain, the blood demon began to writhe madly.


I squeezed its mane and struck the blood demon's head nonstop.


I did it mercilessly, to the point where I thought about whether it was too much or not.


In the end, the blood demon's body, unable to resist any longer, leaned to one side and….




Its heavy body collapsed onto the stone floor in the center of the platform.


At the same time, thunderous shouts and applause erupted from the crowd.


“The girl defeated the demon all by herself!”





N/T: 언니/eonni/Elder sister, is a word used by a woman to refer to or call another older her. 

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