I got into the knight’s squad of Kratie and got to the Academy on a steam train.

Ritaus did not return to Aster, leaving him, perhaps, to the Duke, Aster’s grandfather, or the main family member Count Ayjar.

There was a train station at Kratie Academy, so I was able to enter the academy as soon as I got off the train.

‘Wow, that’s convenient.’

The rapture lasted only a moment and the disciples descended as soon as the train stopped.

“Well done, Lian!”

“Were you hurt today, Ares?”

The charges took knightly swords and guns and handed them towels and, soon, the eyes of the charges focused on me and on them.

“Damn it… some of my clothes were burned because of the blood, and the soles were destroyed.
I can’t even straighten my hair.”

“She is from the Vesta family, the daughter of the General of the Order of the Guardian …”

“Franz Vesta retired?”

“His older sister took his place.”

A small whisper, a vague murmur, and, as a result, there were already a mixture of stories about Franz, after which the rumor spread.

“I heard that she asked for a knight class.
But wasn’t it Franz, the sophomore, who used Schuette?”

“No, it just so happened that she shot down the Blood Demon using Schuette at Berg Station that time.”

“I suppose she will become the head of the Vesta family if she wields Schuette, so that’s why she came to Kratie.”

I have already become a famous person at Kratie Academy due to the incident with the Blood Demon at Berg Station.

I was given a dorm on the third floor.
While a brunette escort was leading me, I noticed my luggage was already taken to my dorm.
There was also another girl who was to be my neighbor.

After the brunette left, I looked around the dorm where I was to stay.
The room was not very spacious.
There was only one bunk bed, two cream tables, a nicely decorated chest of drawers, and a large wardrobe attached to the wall.
Perhaps the chest of drawers were for general use, and the cabinet was evenly numbered by the number of drawers, so they could be divided.
I ended up taking the top bunk because my roommate, a dark-haired girl, had already occupied the bottom bunk.
I started unpacking my suitcases to change.
I was about to take off my clothes and wash them in the bathroom, but a girl shuddered.

“Kayla Vesta?”

“What? Oh ….”

I greeted her, lifting the skirt of my dress, as my teacher taught me.
He said that wherever I went, I should always greet people …

‘What’s this?’

The girl with whom I was to share a dorm with, had brown hair and brown eyes, and she was already dressed in a nightgown.

“Filia, I’m your new roommate, so if you can, you can tell me the location of the dining room and bathroom, and the class we have to go to tomorrow.”

“Very nice.
Kayla, the eldest daughter of the Vesta family.
It it right?”

“My apologies,” she said.
She shuddered and raised her hand slightly.

“Filia Kaurits.
I’m not a noblewoman, let’s leave it that way, Kayla Vesta.”

She said she was sixteen years old and a year younger than me.

“I can’t leave it like that.
What grade are you in?”

“Third grade ….”

“This is also my grade.
Let’s be friends!”

‘I would be in fourth grade based on my age, but I entered third grade because I was recently transferred here.
From now on, I have three years left until the next, and last, seventh grade.
I certainly wouldn’t have had the strength to hold out for four years.’

After all, Kratie Academy had a good system.
If your grades were good during the semester, and you got a high score on the test, you could go to the senior class.
(TS/N: Eligibility for the promotion exam seems to be reference-based).

“You are the first to speak to me.”

Filia blushed.

“Even if the reception was the same, without any restrictions on status, I cannot ignore class society.”

‘It is said that at Kratie Academy you do not have to follow your status as soon as you come here because every person is equal.
All were the same disciples, all were equal.’

“Only outside.
If I leave the Academy, I will return to my status.”

‘In my previous life, my world was an egalitarian society without status.
Of course, there was a large social gap, but there was no legal status.
That is why I really liked Kratie’s desire to maintain equality.’

“Commoner is not just a title, it is no different from a nobleman.
Let’s leave it as it is, Filia.”

Holding out her hand to me, Filia smiled timidly and grabbed my hand.

“I was surprised to see that a noblewoman appeared in my room.
I was nervous.”

“Why are you nervous?”

“Hmm… I think it’s because I’m a little shy.”

‘I think there is something else?’

I didn’t pry any further.
Filia helped me sort out my luggage while I talked.

“The dining room serves delicious food here.
I do not know the opinions of others, but I like it.”

“Wow, I’m looking forward to it.”

I put the clothes from my suitcase into a drawer.
Then Filia looked at me thoughtfully and doubtfully.

“No, Kayla might not like it, because she lived in a large estate eating the dishes of a professional chef.”

‘Unfortunately this is the case.’

“I don’t care, any food will be delicious.”

“Yes? Okay.
There is actually a dessert shop outside the Academy.
Let’s go together later.
I will lead you.”

“Yes, ok.”

Filia was shy, but said what was on her mind.
Unlike the first impression of her being an introvert, she was a very talkative girl.

“Bathrooms are shared.
This makes the nobles feel dissatisfied.”

“Public bathrooms.
I will try to swim faster.”

“Has Kayla already used the public bathroom?”


As soon as Filia reacted to an internal dialogue that I did not know, I fell silent.

‘How can I respond to the fact that I used one in my previous life?’

I decided to be honest with Filia, whose eyes were shining in anticipation for an answer.

“I’ve been using it for a long time.”

Kayla is very unusual.
Aristocratic students dislike most public baths.”


“They don’t like to show themselves.
Are you okay with that?”

“I do not care.”

I hung up all the green clothes and uniforms in my closet and took a change of shirt, towels, and toiletries.
It was very difficult to put these things in the bamboo basket.

“Which direction should I go to the bathroom?”

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