“I’ll go with you! You can get lost out of ignorance.”

Filia took over, slipping on slippers and a shawl over her shirt.
It was pretty cold now because autumn was approaching.

“Bathroom on the ground floor.
It is always open from early in the morning, and you must leave no later than the first hour of the night – it must be cleaned.”

It must be difficult to clean it every day.”

“You are the first noble lady to say so.”

Filia laughed at what she asked me every time she spoke.
Only nine o’clock, but the hallway between the bedrooms was very quiet.

“Why do they go to bed early here? Is it always so quiet?”

“The female dormitory teacher is very strict.
She doesn’t like it when we leave after eight.”

“Can I go to the bathroom?”

“Yes, we can go there, but we must speak quietly when we walk down the corridor.”

Pam! There was a loud banging on the marble floor in the hallway.


Hearing a sharp, hoarse female voice, Filia covered her mouth with her hands, without saying a word.

“The teacher’s room is also on the first floor.
We must be silent from now on.”

I was surprised when I walked carefully, like a cunning cat, and finally got to the cherished bathroom.
The floor, fountain, and large marble bathroom were filled with warm water.

“Wow, better than I imagined.”

I took off my dirty clothes.
For a moment, embarrassment flashed across Filia’s face.
Her reaction was so noticeable that I felt uncomfortable.

“What are you doing? We are among the girls.”

“No, this is the first time I’ve seen an aristocrat who undresses, not caring what others see …”

‘So the aristocrats say it is not good to see their bodies naked.
I should be more careful next time.’

“By the way, Kayla, you’re really in shape.
Do you train every day? What are you doing? Equestrian fencing?”

‘Until I came here, I was climbing or climbing trees near our estate.
Recently I have been doing body shaping exercises.
To get the basic stamina of a knight, I have to be in good shape, but right now my body’s stamina is not enough.’

I washed my body lightly and got into a bath of hot water.

“Filia, would you like to come in?”

Filia shook her head as she stood by the bath.
For some reason, this continuing outward glance seemed to be freer.

“Because you do it? It seems to have something to do with the stories of public bathrooms and nobles that we talked about earlier.”

I wanted to ask about it, but Filia changed the subject.

“So, Kayla, I heard a rumor …”

Filia looked at me, completely immersed in hot water, and asked carefully.

“Is it true that you are engaged to sixth grader Ritaus?”

‘I heard that Ritaus was quite popular at Kratie Academy.
Is Filia interested in Ritaus?’

“We were engaged, but the engagement has been canceled.
Now nothing connects us.”

‘I don’t want to hide it.
Besides, I have no feelings for Ritaus.’

“Oh, seriously? How did it happen? Lord Ritaus took great care of Franz.
It was nice to look at him.
Really loving … no, isn’t that a great friendship? How adorable they would look.”

I was a little curious as to why she liked it, but the temperature of my hot bath made me think of something more bitter.

“But why did you break up? Oh, you don’t need to speak if you find it difficult to answer.”

“For family reasons.
I made this decision and broke off the engagement.”

I said it as if nothing had happened.
Thus, the girl’s curiosity quickly faded away.

Sir Ritaus is beautiful, and you are so beautiful that you would look good together.
Oh, forgive me, please!”

I didn’t answer, but I laughed.

‘I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that I look good next to Ritaus.
Do we look good together? There is supposed to be another couple: it’s my brother Franz and his fiancée Marianne Demiroff.
Marianne also knows that I attend Kratie Academy.’

“Do you know about Lady Demiroff, in third grade?”

I asked carefully about Marianne.

“Demiroff … You mean Marianne Demiroff? We are not friends.
What about her?”

I realized she seemed to have given all the names of the aristocrats in full.

“Do you know her?”

“Yes, I know her.”

“We have a joint class, but we’ve never spoken.
At first glance, she was beautiful.”

‘Marianne is beautiful.
The beautiful Astel, who was seen at the station, is also beautiful, but he is different from Marianne.
If Astel is as beautiful as a fairy, then Marianne looks like a ripe, desired rose.’

“Marianne is also popular with male students.
I don’t know how many love letters she gets a week.”

“She’s pretty famous.”

“But she always refuses fans, as if she cuts them with a knife.
She says that she has a fiancé who is a student of the Academy.”

It was last year when they got engaged.
Future son-in-law to the Demiroffs took over the management of society.

“The groom is my brother.
Franz Vesta.”


Filia was more amazed than when I said I had broken up with Ritaus.

“It’s amazing.
I really didn’t know! They weren’t seen together at all.”

‘Are they pretending not to know each other, even being in the same Academy?’

“Wow, I can’t imagine.
These two people together …”

I seemed to know what Filia was trying to say.

“You don’t think it’s going to work out?”

“WHAT? No, no, it’s just a little surprising.”

‘Filia doesn’t seem to be telling the truth because I’m Franz’s sister.’

“I know.
They don’t fit.”

“No, not really, that’s their business.
I don’t think it’s the job of others to judge them because of this.”

Filia was shy and outgoing, but surprisingly confident.
She had an awkward side, but it revealed what she was thinking.

“Which family first proposed the engagement?”

“I remember that the Demiroff family was the first to propose.”

If you think about it, the Vestas and Demiroffs had no contact initially.
So I remember Franz and Marianne’s engagement made my parents nervous.

The Demiroff family must have liked Franz a lot.”

“… That’s the way it was.”

To be honest, I thought this engagement was pretty bad for Marianne.
She looked very mature and beautiful, while my little brother was the complete opposite.
I wasn’t saying Franz was ugly.
I also remembered Franz not being that popular with women. 

Instead, he was famous among men.
Maybe it’s because this was a world set in the 19+ BL manhwa.
Initially, Franz was not popular with women, was not interested in the opposite sex and, moreover, did not know anything about love.
Franz’s role was to bring this purity of love to the whole world.
So that’s how I honestly thought of Franz.
And his engagement to Marianne was likely to end, even if Aster didn’t step in.
They were just an engaged couple, and they didn’t care about each other.
Franz, in turn, didn’t care about women at all. 

This was the worst thing that one could get hold of as a groom.
And in the distant future, Franz may run away with some young man, because he loved men.
Then only Marianne would suffer.
In the original story, Franz and Marianne were as dry as me and Ritaus.
There were no scenes of affection, and it was spirituality, and most of all Franz was uncomfortable with the coldness and seriousness of Marianne.
Better to leave now.
Marianne must meet a more empathetic person.
Then it would be nice if they parted, as Ritaus and I did.


Kratie Boarding Academy had to schedule our courses, except for the required courses such as literature, mathematics, foreign languages, ​​and history.

After completing course scheduling, I remembered my past life as a college student.
I was online at that time and waited all night for the registration server to open.

In this case, I had to write the subjects and fill out a paper application form and submit it directly to the school’s office.

“Kayla Vesta, third grade student in the knight class.
The core subjects need to be taught in your own class.
You know? About the humanities?”


“You only requested difficult classes.”

The office staff looked at me and said this with a puzzled face.
The liberal arts I applied to were management and accounting.
Only high-level classes.

“That’s right…”

Dormitory students were required to study four compulsory subjects, and from humanitarian classes, men and women could attend the same class.

Kratie Boarding Academy was coeducational and there was no regulation of status.
It seemed progressive at first, but it was actually very conservative.
First, there were classes that only male students could attend and subjects that only female students could take.

Five subjects – cricket, boxing, sociology, hunting, and survival – could only be requested by men unconditionally.

On the other hand, only women could inquire about cooking, sewing, cleaning, caring for children and how to become a wise wife.
These subjects also required at least two of them be completed before graduation.

Moreover, only after 100 years have female students been able to enter classes.
This was the result of fighting the nobles who had problems with their succession because they had no children.

By the current rules, there weren’t many classes that included women.
If I went to the common room, it would be full of men.
It must have been some of these people who bothered Franz.

I remembered the original story.
Among them was a class supporting the Duke.

Before going to my class, I headed to the first floor, following the directions from the staff to get to the academy office.
The answer came as soon as I knocked twice on the door of the entrance.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Kayla Vesta, a student of the third grade, I arrived yesterday.”

“Oh, come in.”

When I entered the room, a middle-aged woman in a good mood greeted me with a smile.

“Kayla Vesta? I am assigned to Class E.
You can come with me.”

‘Then it was you.
The person that Filia and I were worried about when we talked in the hallway yesterday.’

It was not a training system like the one I was used to because the director was in charge of everything and they had rules to maintain control.

“You just need to take the main subjects in Class E.
And do not run along the corridor, you need to behave like a lady.”

“Yes, I’ll take that into account.” I smiled.

“Ah, you also have a beautiful smile.”

‘I think my business smile is very good.
It’s easy to deal with it.’

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