Of course, I took Franz’s letters to Lithaus.


Not only that, but I also blocked the messenger bird with the help of the butler and cut off all means of communication that Franz and Lithaus could take through an express telegram that can be sent by using magic.


Lithaus must’ve snapped.

(T/N: “snapped” as in lost his cool or self-control.)


It because of the fact that he visited without contacting us beforehand.


“I get it.
I’ll get ready and meet him.
Alto, father and mother are not here, right?”


“That right, the Marquis has already joined the Order of the Knights, while the Marchioness has gone to the salon.”

(T/N: Order of the Knights and Order of the Guardians are interchangeable)


“Okay, so I guess I’m the only one Lithas can meet?”


Luckily the timing was right, Franz left for a camping trip to the eastern woods with six escort knights.


Speaking of camping, he went to watch migratory birds, so he won’t be back for a while.


“Isn’t it a good day?”


I have a good feeling.


Today is the day where I dump Lithaus in front of his face.


I chose the best dress, made it as glamorous and as tight as I could, and went to see Lithaus in the guest room.


Once he saw me, Lithaus bent down and politely kissed the back of my hand.


I wanted to clench my fist at the touch of Lithaus’ lips, which slightly touched the back of my hand.


“It’s been a while, sir Lithaus.
Let’s have some tea.”


I smilied as brightly as I could, and with a raucous motion, I poured the tea Remy had brought. 


The light red colour was very pretty.


“Please, have some tea.
It contains dried raspberries, so it smells really good.
The chef picked a bunch of raspberries the other day, but what did he say again about finding a snake while he was picking? Speaking of which, mothe hates snakes so much that she’s frightened just by looking at raspberries.


I said anything that came out of my mouth.


After all, when he’s with me, that bastard barely talks.


I don’t like talking to myself, but I hated silence even more.


The bastard probably thinks I’m an empty-headed woman who just talks about substanceless rubbish.


“You want to end our engagement?”


As usual, he broke the silence and got down to business.


Hoo, then I’ll go straight to the point as well.


I don’t have to pretend being a chatty person anymore.


“I don’t want break our engagement, it’s already been called off, sir Lithaus.”


He’s staring at me with a fierce gaze.


I guess it’s because his kind, friendly expression is only reserved for Franz.


This is the first time seeing him with such a cold expression. 


In fact, all this time, the kind of face he usually shows me is a soulless business smile.


“Marriage is a matter between families.
It’s not for your ladyship to decide alone.
Fortunately, my father did not see the letter.
I’ll pretend I didn’t see it, please understand and withdraw your decision.”


He indifferently started getting up without drinking his tea.


My original temperament that had been suppressed by Lithaus, who completely disregarded me, came back.


I also can’t act like the Kayla Vesta in the original story.


“Then I will send another letter directly to Count Aizar.
This time, I will send it with the seal of the Vesta family.”


“Without the consent of Marquis Vesta?”


He had no doubt that my father would naturally oppose the breakup.


“My father allowed it.
He said he would leave the matter to me entirely.”


That statement is a lie.


My father said he respects my wishes, but he didn’t say he would leave the annulment process to me.


Of course, I sent the notice of the breakup first.


“It’s very one-sided, and I was very speechless at the rudeness shown by the young lady.”


I tightly gripped on my skirt, trying to hold back the rising irritation.


“It’s true I’m being rude, but I could say the same thing about your attitude.
Aren’t you supposed to ask the other person why they’re doing this in the first place?”


Even though we are betrothed for the sake of strengthening the two families’ relations, the conflict is still between a man and a woman.


Surprisingly, Lithaus couldn’t answer my question.


He looked stunned.


That’s right, he wouldn’t even bother what I think as to why I wanted to break up.


He’s just on a mission to prevent the situation from turning into a mess and maintain our relationship for our arranged engagement.


This mission includes his incidental interest of wanting to be close to Franz.

(T/N: I think the word “incidental” means secondary or other relative reason.
So, Lithaus has another goal or objective for coming to the Vesta’s house and convince Kayla to withdraw the “brerakup notice”.)


“………What is the reason?”


Now he asks why.
That was fast.


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