“I have no intention of getting married.
I don’t want to think about anything but succeed the family line.”


Strangely, in front of Lithaus, I didn’t want to make this excuse that I want to pick a good man who will marry into our family and live with us, just like I had said in front of my father. 


It sounds like a lame excuse.


It didn’t seem like Lithaus would believe me.


“I have issues with my graduation in Kratier and joining the knighthood, so we can take our time and marry anyway.”


This bastard, ignoring my words again.


“By the way, what do you mean by succeed the family line? Isn’t Franz the next successor of the Vesta house?”


He cut me off, as if Franz’s well-being is more important to him.


This bastard’s too obvious.


“Franz hates fighting.
He doesn’t fit in among his peers nor among people from the same social class.”

(T/N: All in all, this means Franz does not follow the typical path of an aristocrat, especially basing on his high social position, i.e., he wanted to do research and observe birds instead of becoming a knight.)


“I know that.”


“Do you think Franz, who’s already been getting bullied at Kratier Academy, will fare well among the knights?”


“I’ll help you from now on.
I’ll protect Franz so that no one can hurt him.”


Honestly, I feel like I’m talking to a wall now.


Before I knew it, a sigh leaked out.


“Franz has something else he wants to do.
I want him to do what he really wants and live freely.”


“I know that too.
But observing and studying birds, insects and plants, those are things he can do as a hobby.”


Oh, my blood pressure!


Words aren’t getting through to him.


But Lithaus didn’t stop testing my patience.


“It’s also for the sake of the Vesta family that Franz is training to become a knight and be the head of the household.
The Aizar and the Vesta must join forces and become one family in the future.




Lithaus is now telling me what he casually said to my father to convince him.


“Do you think it’s an asset for a head of the Vesta who did not become a knight?”


My last words strengthened my resolve.


“That’s one more reason why we need to break up.”


It’s a pity that my father isn’t here right now.


Father, it’s true that the Aizar family is targeting our family!

(T/N: it means that the Aizar is targeting the Vesta through marriage in order to strengthen their own family power.)


“I’ll be honest.
I don’t want to marry you, Lord Lithaus.”


Lithaus asked with a face like he didn’t understand what I just said.


“You hate me?”


Yes, I hate… oops, I almost answered.


But I’m not a child, I can’t be childish.


“No, I don’t hate you.”


“Well then…”


“But I don’t like you.
I have no particular interest, no, I don’t care, nor think about Lord Lithaus at all.
I don’t want to know what you’re thinking or what you like.”


As if he was shocked by my words, Lithaus’ brows slightly furrowed.


He couldn’t speak as if it was the first time he had been rejected by a woman.


In truth, Lithaus is quite popular among social circles.


Because of his handsome face and demeanor, there are many women who secretly admired him.


“So you don’t have to worry about my family’s future anymore.
I will definitely be ordained as a knight at Kratier Academy.”




Lithaus laughed astoundingly at my words.
I could feel the same energy in his eyes.


“Do you know that Franz’s swordsmanship skills are quite proficient?”


I know that.
But I didn’t give an answer.


“Now you’re taking away Franz’s chance.”


I really want to ask back if the opportunity he’s talking about is an opportunity at all, but I didn’t want to talk to this man anymore.


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