“Then you must be in the middle of a swordsmanship class right now.”

Lithaus asked, taking off the gloves he was wearing.


I nodded, and Lithaus threw his gloves to my direction.


Lithaus’ gloves flew over the table.


“Do you understand what I’m saying? This is how knights ask each other to duel.”


What is it with this guy? Unlike the character I knew, he is very cocky.


The Lithaus I read in the original story was a very sweet and a caring character, but was that part of him just limited to Franz?


“Let’s have a couplet.
If you manage to make me feel threatened even once during the time limit, I’ll admit defeat.”


This miserable bastard.


What? You will break off the engagement?


I clenched my fists and glared at Lithaus.


“Okay, I accept.”


What the heck, I’ll give him the match he wants.
Then a second, even a third one! No, I’ll just push him to the edge and make him cry.



My body lacks discipline right now.


But on the other hand.
I really want to break the bridge of his nose.


Lithaus was guided by his servant as he went first to the training hall, while I went to my room and changed into my training clothes.


I removed my makeup, tied up my black hair and left the room.


By the time I entered the training grounds, thinking of a way to win the match somehow, Lithaus was already ready.




At that moment, I saw Lithaus’ eyes widen when he saw me.


He just stared blankly at me until I came closer towards him.


“What are you staring at?”


“Oh……excuse me.”


After finding his pace quickly, Lithaus was given a practice rapier by the assistant trainer.


“I just thought you look like Franz.”




In the midst of all this, he’s still thinking about Franz.
I have to admit, he really loves him.


Certainly, Franz and I had a pretty similar face.


From our dark hair to our blue eyes and delicate features.


Since we’re siblings, there’s nothing new about it, but Lithaus is basically Franz’s fan.


While we wear our protective gear, Lithaus spoke up once more.


“The young lady looks better without any makeup.”


As he put on the protective gloves, he paused for a moment.


Can I say something rude back to him?


No, let’s stop.


He must have meant it as a compliment, and I don’t really feel like pointing out his slip of tongue.


“I’m glad you’re not being talkative.”


Open your mouth again and I’ll break it.

(T/N: xD tbh tho, he deserves a smack)





The decision will be made by a knight from our family.


The knight brought an hourglass smaller than his palm from the storage room.


Judging from its’ size, the sand will fall for about 15 to 20 minutes.


“The time limit is 15 minutes.
Once Lady Kayla hits Lord Lithaus, she wins.
On the other hand, if she doesn’t manage to make a single hit, it will be a victory for Lord Lithaus.”


No matter how long it’s been since I possessed Kayla’s body, it’s only been recently since I have held a sword, and even though I don’t know the basics of swordsmanship, I honestly thought I would be okay.


But it turns out I was being full of it.


“It’s lousy.”


Chaeng! With the sound, the practice rapier I was holding flew in one shot.

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