It was because I tried holding the sword with one hand to avoid being ridiculed by Lithaus. 

“What’s with that posture? You don’t even know the basics.”


Lithaus is aiming at my handle again, so I grabbed the handle with both hands to prevent him from doing so.


Right hand up, left hand down, and last little finger relaxed.


Even though my body changed, I habitually moved based on the fundamentals of kendo posture.


But Lithaus’ rapier bent and struck mine after gaining momentum.


The force of the recoil was so strong that the sword easily fell out of my hand.


This happened over and over again.


“You know what? I am trying to be as considerate as possible to the young lady so that the blade doesn’t touch her body.”

(T/N: Lithaus is speaking in 3rd person out of politeness.)


You don’t have to tell me, I already know!


“Do you know how elegant Franz is when using the sword? The young lady can’t surpass a person with such talent just as she pleases!”


It’s really humiliating.


If it wasn’t for the swordsmanship method!

(T/N: Kayla’s complaining because the swordsmanship style is not what she’s used to i.e., it’s not the same style as kendo.)


If I could just do it my way, I would have ended the bastard in an instant.


As I grind my teeth, Lithaus’ attack came towards me again.


Once again, with the sound of the blade, my sword was about to slip out of my hand.


I hurriedly grabbed the handle and corrected my disheveled posture, but Lithaus did not miss this time.


The tip of Lithaus’ sword is going straight to my face.


The moment I panicked because I couldn’t avoid it, Lithaus’ sword stopped right in front of me.


“The sand is almost done falling in the hourglass.
If this is a real battle, the young lady would have died several times.”


As Lithaus said, if it had been a real battle, I would have been mutilated already.


I couldn’t refute him.


“In swordsmanship, the basics are important, but the most important thing is practice.
Do you have the confidence in dealing enemies attacking from all sides? The life of a knight is not as simple as the lady thinks.”


Actual battles, enemies attacking.


Ah, for a moment there I felt like I had been hit on the head by Lithaus’ words.


“Practice battles are more important than learning the basics……”


Lithaus made me realize what I had forgotten.


I turned my head towards the hourglass.


There was about 3 minutes of sand falling left.


“Wait, I want to change my weapon!”




I threw the rapier away and snatched a sword from the belt of a knight who was watching the referee.


“L-lady Kayla?”


“Lend me this.”


I pulled out the sword from the scabbard and threw it to the knight, now I only have the scabbard in my hands.

(T/N: scabbard and sword sheath is the same)


The light sword sheath is made out of hard leather.


“I’ll use this for the rest of the time.”


“Are you kidding me? This can’t even hurt a child.”


Ignoring Lithaus, who sighed disapprovingly, I just went straight to attack.


The sword sheath is light.
That’s true.


It’s hollow, there’s no sense of hitting with this, and you can’t hurt anyone.


But in this match, none of that matters.


I only have to win once against Lithaus.


Without hesitation, I dug into the gaps between Lithaus and I.


Lithaus, who was caught off guard, raised his sword and tried to block me, but my eyes, which are finally free from following swordsmanship rules, followed Lithaus’ movements.


My eyes, which had been obsessed learning the basic sword method and couldn’t see anything, are finally seeing things clearly.


Finally, I managed to strike with a sword sheath and won.


“If this was an actual battle, and what I had in my hand was a real sword, the Lord would have fallen with his throat cut off as well.”


I was able to aim at Lithaus’ neck in one go in the most comfortable position, with a comfortable stride, and a comfortable sword technique.


The hourglass is still dripping sand.


“Even so, I’m still having trouble with the basics in swordsmanship, but thank you for giving me the answer.
Lord Lithaus.”


In the end, after the match, my engagement with Lithaus has been annulled as if it never happened.


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