First Meeting

Finally, the day I will be brought to Kratier Academy, or the day of my transfer, has come.


Mother held my hand and didn’t let me go for a long time.


“If anything happens, send a messenger right away.
I’ve saved a lot of money, so if you ever run out of money, just contact me.”


“Don’t worry, mother.
I’m not a child anymore.”


“I don’t understand why she can’t take an escort when the school accepts children of aristocrats.
There are many demons around Kratier.”


Students have to enter alone into the academy.


Neither servants nor maids, let alone escorts, are allowed to accompany them.


“I can’t sleep at night because I’m worried about my daughter.”


Mother wiped her tears with a handkerchief, showing how very worried she is about sending me to a strange place.


“Honey, calm down.
Kratier is the second safest place after the Imperial Palace thanks to a barrier made by wizards.”


My father, who is going to see me off to the Burke station, couldn’t get into the carriage to appease my mother.


Franz sniffled as his nose turned red.


“Sister, if it’s hard, I can go back to school.
I’m used to using [Shitsuro] now, so I’m confident that I won’t be treated badly like before.”


Even though she said she wanted to be a knight, Franz, deep inside, thought his sister is sacrificing herself for him.


“Do your best.
Don’t trouble our parents.”


My palm tapped Franz’s cheek.


“I get it.
Don’t worry about me.”


Some thought I was taking Franz’s chance, others thought that I was sacrificing myself for him.


Both are wrong.


Basically, it’s all about my survival.


It wouldn’t be a bad thing for Franz either.


On the other hand, if he lives doing what he wants to do, then he can live without going through rough things, is there anything better than that?



Father and I rode the carriage and went to Burke station.


I could see Franz waving and mother next to him when I look outside the window.


I can see Franz’s frowning face as if he’s about to cry.


Mother wrapped her arms around Franz’s shoulders and Franz buried his face into hers.


It was a strange feeling for me to watch.




An innocent child in my memory had to even look around him even when crying.


I was his only blood relative, yet I couldn’t treat him properly even once.


I couldn’t ask anything about what happened at school.


My mouth felt bitter.

(T/N: The MC feels guilty, embarrassed because of the unpleasant memory.)




It took about two hours to get to Burke station from the Vesta mansion.


The road was well-paved with blocks, so I arrived to my destination without having motion sickness.


“Did you put your certificate of transfer in a safe place? What about your train tickets?”


After getting out of the carriage, my father, looking concerned, followed me all the way to the station and meddled here and there.


“It’s all in this bag.
It’s okay, father.”


My father sighed as I held up my small bag and gave him a smile.


“I’m still not sure if this is a good idea.”


My father’s gaze followed the coachman and the servant carrying my luggage.


The baggage was being loaded onto a freight train with a faster departure time.


“I’ll be back, father.”


I turned my foot behind towards my father who was seeing me off.

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