ble to run away, simply buried her face into her hood and shivered.




Eventually, my instinct kicked in.


I sprinted towards the girl.


I grabbed the wrist of the girl who was slumped onto the floor, and the girl looked up at me in surprise.


Her purple eyes are trembling.
I’m not sure if it’s out of fear or anger.


“Can you run?”


The girl shook her head.


Suddenly, a glimpse of humiliation flashed across the girl’s face as she grind her teeth.


“I can’t.”


I kissed the back of my hand.




A clunky long sword wrapped in blue light rose from my right hand, and the eyes of the girl beside me widened.


As I hold Schuette, put my hands under the girl’s back and knees, hugged her and started running.


‘What is this, this is… pretty unfair!’


Despite her slender appearance, she weighed quite a bit.


Does she have big, strong bones?


Unlike other girls, the reduction in her arms felt tight and full.

(T/N: this lines, in other words, is saying that the girl’s arms don’t have any loose or sagging skin)


Well, just in case, I’m glad I summoned Schuette.


I can use Schuette as a weapon, but it also has an instant strength-boosting effect, so it’s better to keep it summoned for occasions like this.


I picked the girl up in a princess-style and ran to where people are taking refuge.


When we reached the station building, I carefully put the girl down from my arms.


As I check around her body if she got any injury, the girl would wince and squirm every time.


For some reason, the girl’s face was flushed.


I’m the one who ran and carried her with my arms, so what’s wrong?


“You couldn’t walk earlier.
Where are you hurt?”


Strangely, the girl quietly avoided me, unlike the time when we exchanged glances earlier.


As if she didn’t want to be caught.


Why is she acting weirdly? There was no time to lose, however.


“Grrrr, grrrr……”


The blood demon’s gaze began to turn to the crowd where the girl was.


The movement was slow, but keung! With each step, each part of the ground where the monster steps its feet on has sunken.


Seeing that the girl was safe, I grabbed Schuette and ran towards the blood demon.


“Hey, young miss! Where are you going? It’s dangerous!”


Someone shouted at me from behind, but I couldn’t look back.


Even the guards are just on the sidelines, and no one could stop the blood demon.


Even if I’m just an ordinary person, I still have Schuette in my hands.


I am going to fight using [Schuette]’s power, not my own strength.


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