~Trigger Warning: Blood + a bit of gore~

I will be able to buy some time until everyone on the platform escapes safely.

Once the people finish evacuating to safety, I have to run away at the right moment. 


I climbed onto the back of the blood demon’s shoulder in one smooth motion.


Even though I’m a skilled climber, it was still hard for me to believe that I easily climbed onto the body of this massive monster.


Maybe with my current strength, I can easily subdue ordinary men.


It was amazing.
It felt as though every muscle of my body has its own will and determination and was telling me how I should act next.


I wonder why Franz didn’t use this to his advantage.


At that moment, the blood demon noticed me on its shoulder, and with a wild roar, started shaking its body to try and throw me off.


“Grrrg, kuuaaaaaaa!”


As the demon shakes its body, I tightened my grip on the fur that covered its neck just before I fell off.


If my reflexes had slowed down a little, I would have fallen onto the ground.


‘Where’s its weakness? Where should I strike to kill it? I guess I’ll just slice it all over the place.’


As I raised my arm that was holding Schuette, a scream that sounded like a shriek came from behind me.


“Lady, don’t stab it!”


That was the security guard just now.


But it was too late.


I had already stabbed him on the shoulder.


The blood demon shrieked.




Bright red blood, like the color of human blood, was spurting out and staining my clothes and shoes.


“The blood of a blood demon is acidic! Don’t stab it with something sharp!”


You should’ve told me sooner!


Parts of my leather shoes and skirt were already melting.


My outfit, which had been exposed down to my petticoat, is nothing more than rags now. 


‘My precious clothes!’


Though I’m fortunate the blood didn’t get to my skin.


Blood gushed from the blood demon’s wounded area, and the pain made him go on a rampage.


Drops of hydrochloric acid blood spattered everywhere.


Everything the blood had touched melted away in an instant.


I clutched the blood demon’s mane and wondered what to do.


If I stand idly by, it looks like the blood demon will crawl into the evacuation area, where the people are currently hiding.


‘I can’t cut it… what should I do?’


I looked at Schuette in my hand.
A powerful sword with sharp blades on both sides.


Ah, I wish this thing is a wooden sword instead.


Just as I thought about hitting the demon with the lower part of the handle as if I’m peeling garlic, the sword began to emit a blue light.

(T/N: usually some people would hit cloves of garlic until they’re a bit squashed so it’s easier to peel off the skin)




As I was holding it with my hand, Schuette slowly changed its form into a shape that was very familiar to me.


The texture of a long, heavy smooth wood.

[Schuette] is in a form of a gently curved wood sword.


“Mom, what just happened? Is that sister a wizard?”


Not far away, I could hear voices of the people had evacuated.


They all seemed to have keenly observed Schuette’s transformation.


“I didn’t know it had this feature.”


Until now, I had only been focused on [Shitsuro] that Franz needed to possess, so I wasn’t aware the [Schuette] has a feature of changing its form.


The sword still emits a blue light, Schuette’s appearance is just the same as the wooden sword I was used to.


If it was a wooden sword from the beginning, I would have been confident all this time.
When I first learned kendo, I preferred the wooden sword over the shinai.

(T/N: shinai = bamboo sword, used in kendo)


The slightly curved shaped upwards, the weight, the feel of gripping the handle, everything felt comfortable.


I grabbed the mane of the blood demon and climbed from its shoulders to its head as if I’m climbing a rock wall.


And the monster swung with all its might.


With a loud crack, the impact vibrated through my shoulders.


With a tingling and numbing feeling, the impact of the blow was so great that is felt painful, as if my arm is being scratched off.


Even with the existence of Schuette, this body of Kayla, that lacks training and discipline, is not very strong.


I’m training my strength and physical fitness, but I started very late that I can’t expect my body to drastically change in a short period of time.


I once again lifted Schuette and struck the demon’s head.


The blood demon began to glow as it writhes in pain.


Clenching his mane tightly, I hit the blood demon on the head nonstop.


I beat the monster in such a merciless way that I begin to think if I’m being too much.

(T/N: Damn, she still has the time to feel bad for the monster lmaoo, crazyxD)


Eventually, the demon’s body tilted to one side……




Its heavy body collapsed onto the stone floor of the platform.


At the same time, thunderous shouts and applause erupted from the crowd.


“The girl single-handedly defeated the demon!”



This has been a tough one! But all in all, I really enjoyed reading through this chapter and I hope that you do too!


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