– Will such a wonderful knight appear for me one day?


Astaire thought that his cursed life resembled that of a princess trapped in a tower.

So, he once thought that Lithaus, his sixth cousin, was the knight who would come to his rescue.



– I will become Lithaus’ bride.
I’m going to wear a wedding dress that matches my hair colour, and my bouquet will be made of larkspur flowers that have the same colour as my eyes.



As the seven-year-old Astaire chattered, the adults around her would smile indulgently, but the eleven-year-old Lithaus stated in a cold manner.



– You can’t marry me.


It was the first time that the blunt, but caring Lithaus had rejected him.


Why? Why can’t I marry you?



You’re a boy.



There was a moment of silence.
Astaire had never thought of himself as a boy.


I’m a girl!

⁃       No, you’re a boy.
We used to take baths together.

–   So what!

⁃       Women don’t have peppers in their bodies.

(T/N: ‘peppers’ mean male genitals)


As Astaire heard those words, he collapsed on the spot.
The Count Aizar and his wife began to severely scold Lithaus.


He’s just a kid who doesn’t know anything yet.
Couldn’t you respond in a gentle way?


Upon seeing that, Astaire was even more convinced.


That he is not a woman.


Even the spirit that always whispered in his ear never said that those words were false.


He’s a boy.


He firmly believed that he was a girl, but now he realized that he’s a boy.


He’s supposed to marry Lithaus when he grows up, but now he realize that he’s a boy.


Even if I grow up, I won’t be able to marry Lithaus.


Because I’m a boy……


It was from that time.

Astaire’s insatiable obsession with Lithaus began.

At first, he hated all the women in the world who have the likelihood to marry Lithaus.

So, if there was a girl relative who wanted to be friendly with him, Astaire would interfere between them.

Then Astaire harassed the maids who attended to Lithaus.


At first, he only did small, mischievous(?) things like tripping them with a light spell, causing them to knock over a stack of plates, or cutting the clothesline and dirtying wet laundry – all were seemingly harmless pranks.


Gradually, however, the intensity of the pranks became severe.


Water from the boiling teapot gushed over the maid’s face, causing her to suffer severe burns, another maid who was sewing was forced to stab herself in the eye, and another different maid, who was climbing a high ladder to dust a piece of art hanging on a high wall, was pushed off the ladder.


The latter maid injured her back and nearly became paralyzed on her lower half for the rest of her life.


Only then did the Count and Countess Aizar realized the severity of the situation.


The had come to understand exactly what kind of mischiefs a child with ‘the power of the Spirit King’ could commit when their heart is twisted.


So, they decided to replace all the maids who served Lithaus’ with men.


When the around Lithaus women disappeared, Astaire seemed to have ceazed his evil deeds, and the Count and Countess Aizar were relieved by that.


But that was a big mistake.


The Count and Countess Aizar never imagined that this time, the targets would be the men around Lithaus.


Astaire’s maternal grandfather, Duke Lische, was busy managing the estates and was unable to take care of Astaire.


So he entrusted Astaire to Lithaus, the eldest son of his relative, Count Aizar, on days when he’s too busy managing his territory.


Lithaus faithfully complied with the orders of the Duke Lische and the Count Aizar.


Because Astaire is unpredictable.
Lithaus didn’t know what Astaire might do if he didn’t get what he wanted, so he obediently followed what he was told.


He reads books to him, played hide-and-seek, and even acted out plays with Astaire, just as Astaire wanted.


If Astaire wanted to dance together, they would dance, if he wanted a hug, he hugged him, and if he wanted a kiss, he willingly kissed Astaire on the lips.

(T/N: oh boy……)


He did them all with no emotions.


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