As time went on, Astaire became more and more emotionally dependent on Lithaus.

Without parents, siblings nor friends, Lithaus was the only existence for him to rely on.
But even that time ended when Lithaus entered Kratier Academy at the age of fourteen.
–   Why don’t you come to my house to play?
–   I’ve enrolled into the Academy.
I won’t be able to come over to your place as often as before.
The sight of Lithaus wearing Kratier Academy’s uniform was unfamiliar.
Astaire was upset.
I’m still alone, and you’re going out into the world.
(T/N: the line changes to Astaire’s POV in this part)
You’re leaving me behind……
–   Then I’ll go with you.
Lithaus gave out a sigh.
–   You already know this, Estelle.
You can’t officially go out in public yet.
–   My name is Astaire, not Estelle!
–   Yes, when we’re alone, I can call you Astaire.
But you can’t let it be known outside that your name is Astaire Lische.
–   Why?
–   It’s too dangerous, so not yet.

Young Astaire couldn’t understand.
The reason why she had to dress up as a girl and pretend to be a girl, why he always had to wear a hood to hide his pink hair that doesn’t even take hair dye, why he couldn’t use his real name.
And why he couldn’t go out in public……
–   When will I be able to go outside?
⁃       When the Emperor starts looking for you.
⁃       But the Emperor has never looked for me!
⁃       The Emperor loved your mother.
There’s no way he wouldn’t acknowledge his own son.
Even though Lithaus said that, Astaire had a vague idea.
His biological father had forgotten about him.
There may be moments when he remembers and thinks about him, but he probably doesn’t care that much.
–   Did the Empress kill my mother?
⁃       Your mother…… died from an illness.
Astaire was convinced that Lithaus was lying, judging from his hesitant response.
[Lies! Lies!]
The spirits were also making noisy chattering.
The face of a person who usually can’t lie looked very different when they said something that wasn’t true.
The evasive gaze, the furrowed brow that only deepens, and the voice that unnaturally rises when telling a lie.
It was something that the spirits could sense without the need to be told. 
– Then why can’t I show my hair?

Astaire’s pink hair was inherited from her birth mother, Lydiana.
And ‘Lydiana’ had inherited it from ‘Kali’, the late Duchess of Lische, who died a long time ago.
‘Kali’ was the last princess of the Elemental Kingdom ‘Alik’ and was Astaire’s grandmother.
(T/N: Elemental Kingdom and Spirit Kingdom may be interchanged from time to time)
      – Your hair is proof that you are the last descendant of the Spirit King’s bloodline.
      – Alyrik is destroyed.
–  Yes, it’s destroyed.
And Kali was the only surviving daughter of the Spirit King.
⁃       Isn’t it not okay to be the last bloodline of the Spirit King?
⁃       ……No, it’s not.
Even at this moment, Lithaus paused.
Even though he spoke the truth, there remained hesitation. 
– How long do I have to keep wearing girls' clothes?
He asked what he was most curious about.
Since he’s a man, one day he’ll be taller, have broader shoulders and his voice will change just like Lithaus.
Will he be able to pretend to be a girl until then?
–   If you make it through your coming-of-age ceremony safely……
– The coming-of-age ceremony is my sixteenth birthday, so can I wear men’s clothes and freely go outside once I turn sixteen?
– Maybe… It might be possible.
If he’s still alive by then…

(T/N: meaning that if Astaire’s makes it alive until his coming-of-age ceremony, he can live as a man)
His maternal grandfather, Duke Lische, went half mad after losing his wife and even his daughter at an early age.
Every day, he struggles with the pain as if a bug was eating away his heart.
He thought that things couldn’t go on like this.
It was painful for him to see even the face of his only grandson, so he went to find his grandson’s father, which is the emperor.
He demanded the Emperor to take responsibility, saying that the child is his bloodline.
But the first person he met there was the Empress.
An empress who regarded his daughter as an eyesore.
Duke Lische also knew that his daughter’s position was not respectable.
Therefore, he could only be a sinner in front of the Empress’ eyes.
– I heard about your daughter’s passing.
I’m truly sorry for your loss. 
As she said that, the Empress smiled.
Though she spoke of regret with her lips, she couldn’t hide the flicker of joy on her face.
– Lady Lydiana was a talented person with both beauty and intelligence… What a waste.
His daughter who was born without difficulties.
She was healthy.
Lydiana, who had always been healthy, died suddenly.
It was because she was exposed to an unknown poison.
Duke Lische couldn’t find out anything about where the poison came from, who was behind it, or if someone in the mansion was a traitor.


















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