Duke Lische intuitively felt that the Empress was behind the untimely death of his daughter.
But there was no evidence.
There was only circumstantial evidence.

– Is the child a girl? Or is it a boy? 


The Empress asked.
She was asking about the gender of his daughter’s child who was born before her death.
If it’s true, that the Empress is behind the death of his daughter…… then his grandson is also in danger.
So Duke Lische couldn’t answer right away.
To make the matters worse, his grandchild is a boy who has the right to claim the imperial throne.
– Boy…no, g-, it was a girl.
She died as soon as she was born.

The Empress’ bright red lips drew an arc.
– Are you certain?

(T/N: What the heck is what that question tho? T0T She’s not even trying to hide her intentions)
He asked himself why the Empress would even ask such a thing.
(T/N: Yes! Exactly! T0T)

Duke Lische, who was scared that the Empress seemed to have seen through his thoughts, quickly nodded his head.

– The Duke must take responsibility for his own words.

The Empress uttered incomprehensible words.
Duke Lische was taken aback.
A red magic seal emerged from the Empress’ hand.
It was a magic seal unique to the Magic Tower in the city of Burke, the imperial capital.
-「If the child is a girl, she will live a long…… healthy life.
But if the child is a boy, he will die even before his coming-of-age ceremony.」But the child has already dead.
What a pity… My blessing has become useless.
(T/N: Maleficent vibes anyone?)

Duke Lische almost collapsed on the spot.
The Empress, who have magical powers, is capable at bestowing curses and blessings, even if she is not necessarily strong. 
In particular, if the opponent is a weak child, blessings or curses easily work.
Astaire is blessed and cursed at the same time, but since he’s a boy, the only thing that will be triggered will be the curse.
Duke Lische wept and pleaded with the emperor, who barely had an audience with him.
–   Please spare my grandson.
She was cursed by Her Majesty, the Empress.
–   So why did you lie.
The Empress cannot be fooled with false words……
The old duke’s fist trembled.
The duke’s emotion in front of the powerless Emperor was anger.

My daughter died because of someone, and now my grandson is cursed by someone……
–   I will not dare to cross the throne.
So please… 
–   The issue of the succession to the throne is not subject the wishes of the duke, it’s a matter of legal jurisdiction.
⁃   Please save us, Your Majesty.
This old man only has this child left by his side.

The emperor’s glacial gaze gradually faltered at the old man’s plea.
– Is the child’s hair pink, just like Lydiana’s?
– That’s right.
From the hair color to the eyes and facial features.
The child looks very much like Lydiana.
The emperor’s eyes were red as he looked at him.
The duke barely managed to soften his heart.
The emperor must have been heartbroken by the loss of his lover.
But at the moment, what is most important is to save his grandson.
-Dress the child in women’s clothes and raise him.
It will have some effect in avoiding the curse.
With tears welling up in his eyes, Duke Lische nodded.
–   If it’s before the coming-of-age ceremony, which usually means the sixteenth birthday, then hide the child until then.
Never reveal him [his real identity] under any circumstances.
⁃   I will keep that in mind.
The child’s name will never be associated with the Lische family.

⁃   Make sure that the Empress truly believes that the child is dead.
–   I will do as you say.
As long as I can save the child…
⁃   You must conceal everything, the pink hair…… including all the magical abilities and the power of the spirit that may be manifested.
Hide everything that would reveal that the child is not only Lydiana’s but is also the heir of the Spirit King.
Tears rolled down Duke Lische’s chin as he nodded his head.
Tears dripped down the old duke's eyes onto the marble floor of the audience chamber.
– Remember, the last bloodline of the Spirit King is now gone from this world……
At the emperor’s words, Duke Lische was now completely convinced of what he had previously speculated.
The Imperial Palace is afraid of the Spirit King's bloodline.
His daughter Lydiana wouldn’t have died had she not been involved with the emperor.
This terrible fate may have started from the moment he had first met his late wife, Kali, long before Lydiana was born.
This long, bad relationship between the fallen Spirit Kingdom of Alik and the Erbach Empire……

However, the poor Duke Lische's priority is to save his only grandson, so he chose to turn a blind eye even though he knew the truth.
It couldn’t be helped.
He had to obey the emperor’s words as if he were just grasping at straws in the water.
Because the life of his grandson, who was cursed, was more important.

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