From then on, Astaire grew up wearing girls’ clothes.

Astel Aizar even created a fake identity for him to prepare for any surprises.
– There was a needle hidden in the collar of the clothes.
If the clothes had not been removed, it could have been a serious problem.
Astaire almost lost his life several times to the empress’ spy, who hid in the Duchy.
In the first place, the Empress did not believe the duke’s words that Astaire was dead, and she had no desire to spare the child of her husband’s mistress, regardless of the curse.
It didn’t matter in whether the child was a boy or a girl.
Astaire lived quietly in hiding, without being able to do anything.
Since he couldn’t go outside, he was unable to make friends.
The only person who played with Astaire and kept him company was his sixth cousin, Lithaus. 
 Because of Astaire’s circumstances, it was both a tragedy and a shock for him that Lithaus can go out into the outside world alone.
Lithaus’ world is getting bigger, while Astaire is filled with frustration because of how narrow his own world is.
Astaire grew increasingly nervous.
Then Astaire learned about it through a servant who had come to Count Aizar’s new house.
It turned out that Lithaus had been engaged to the eldest daughter of the Vesta family for quite some time, and they’ve even had their engagement ceremony.
Even though he no longer wanted to marry Lithaus, he felt very upset.
‘Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?’
‘Is it because they’re afraid of what I might do?’

 He was displeased by the Aizar family, who had kept Lithaus engagement to themselves until now.
He also hated Lithaus, who had gone far away all by himself.
 He felt like everyone is growing up, maturing, and moving forward, while he was the only one unable to do so.

The only person who entered his world was Lithaus, who, unlike himself, was living his own life.
 He was jealous.
He made up his mind to fulfill what they expect him to do and reveal the truth that he had been hiding, even if it meant exposing himself.
(T/N: In the past (referring to the previous chapters), he hurt anyone who gets close to Lithaus e.g., the maids, male servants, etc.
So, the Aizar family were expecting/scared that once Astaire finds out that Lithaus is engaged, Astaire, out of jealousy, in turn would hurt the fiancée, Kayla.)
  ‘What kind of woman is the fiancée? Will be intimidated by her once I meet her?’
In Astaire’s mind, he came up with countless ways to torment Kayla Vesta.
However, he stopped.
–   It’s been a few years since they have been engaged, but they have never met in person.
–   I heard their relationship is not very good.
⁃    Well, it is a marriage of convenience, so I do not think they can be affectionate with each other.
This is because he found out that the two of them did not get along very well.
It is not fun to ruin something that is not even important to Lithaus.
Astaire quickly lost interest in Kayla Vesta.

 However, as time passed, Lithaus began to behave strangely.
Astaire was convinced.
This time, Lithaus has finally found someone special.
That person’s identity is Franz Vesta.
He was the younger brother of his fiancée, Kayla Vesta.
 Astaire found out that he was a junior at Kratier Academy and is someone that Lithaus cherished a lot.
Astaire was not feeling good.
He felt a sense of crisis.
To make matters worse, the spirits went on to gossip in detail about Lithaus’ secrets.
Astaire didn’t want to hear any of it.
On the other hand, he was curious.
He could’ve shut the spirits’ mouth, but he didn’t.
And the result was quite unpleasant.
  What the spirits told him about Lithaus’ feelings was very different from what those around had assumed all along.
Lithaus’ feelings towards Astaire were only pity, a sense of obligation and familiarity from having known him for a long time.
On the other hand, his feelings towards Franz were characterized by a sense of camaraderie, compassion, affection and deep fondness.
  Spirits are beings who cannot lie.
Astaire was deeply shaken by the unreserved whispers of the spirits.
He couldn’t stand it.
Now, he realized that he is not Lithaus’ main priority.

Even though he had nothing, Lithaus managed to make something precious.
While he is still alone like this…
 Please, anyone would do.
Please send me a knight who can rescue me from this miserable reality…
 Astaire prayed to a god he did not even believe in.
 Like a princess trapped in a tower, he also wanted to be saved.
Kratier Women’s Dormitory
I arrived at Kratier Academy by steam locomotive, squeezing in among other Kratier students who were already there.
 In the meantime, Lithaus took Astaire somewhere and did not return.
 Perhaps Lithaus took Astaire to the Duchy of Lische, where Astaire’s grandfather lives, or to the Viscounty of Aizar, Lithaus’ own estate.

There is a train station inside the academy, so I was able to get inside directly.
 Wow, that’s convenient.
I was in awe for a brief moment, but then as soon as I got off the train, I got dragged along by a swarm of waiting students.
 “Good work.
Senior Lian!”

“You worked hard today, too.
Senior Ares!”
 The students took the swords and rifles of the seniors who had become a knight and handed them towels in exchange.
Soon, the students’ attention focused on me, who was with them.
Damn it, part of my skirt that was stained with the monster’s blood melted and my shoes are making squishy sounds.My hair is a mess, and I haven’t got the chance to fix it… “She’s a Vesta.
The daughter of the general commander of the Order of the Knights……”
 “Franz dropped out of school?”
 “I heard his sister transferred in his stead.”
 I could hear small whispering; the voices are barely audible.
 Before I knew it, rumors had already spread, and from time to time there were stories about Franz mixed in as well.








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