After the oath, everything from Franz's withdrawal to the problem of my transfer went quickly.
Although Franz left the academy without permission, Kratier said nothing.


This is because I, as his older sister, will be entering in place of Franz, who withdrew with the excuse that he was ill.


The academy sent a letter wishing Franz a full recovery and welcoming my transfer.
It must have been because he withdrew from Kratier.


“Franz, your complexion looks lighter.”


“Heh, heh, heh, I guess it's because I slept well these days.”


Franz laughed so brightly that his dimples sunk into his chubby cheeks. 

The shadow on Franz's face disappeared because of the fact that he no longer had to go to the academy.
Perhaps, even his appetite began to change, as his body that was so skinny, began to gain weight.


“You even gained weight.”


“Really? Come to think of it the pants I was wearing didn't fit me, so I bought new ones.
By the way, did my sister lose weight? Your cheeks sagged.
It's also dark under your eyes and somehow, it's a bit ugly…”


“Shut up.”


After smacking Franz on the back of the head, my mind calmed down a bit.

Still, Franz just smiled happily, as if he was happy.


“I'm so glad I don't have to go to the academy.”


On the other hand, my complexion gradually turned pale.
I've been living as a noble girl for three years, but now I'm going to enter an academy.


Every morning I will get up early, to attend classes, do homework and share the same room with my unknown classmates.


In other words, I was forced to lead a normal life.


I'm already missing my life as an unemployed person.


'I don't want to go.
I first said I would go, but I really don't want to go! '


I fell back on the couch and pulled my hair in agony. 


I don't want to go, I don't want to go, it's a dormitory!'


At that moment, Franz looked out the window and shouted.


“Sister, the letter carrier is here! Kratier's uniform has arrived!”



Before I knew it, he received a package from Kratier's academy in my place.
Inside the box, there were the Kratier academy uniforms for each season.

Seeing my younger brother's face, saying he was going to die of happiness because he had gained weight, made me angry.


This is all because of someone!


“Kratier's female uniform is nice, look at this, sis!”


“Damn, green algae color.”


 “Green algae…


“It's nothing.”


“Ha ha ha ha, my sister sometimes says things I can't understand.”


No matter what Franz said, the green uniform was not pretty in my eyes.


Kratier Academy provided uniforms for all the students, and from the design to the long skirts.


The skirt reaches down to the ankles.
Also, the color reminded me of chlorella, which I detest.


N/T: Chlorella, also known as chlorella, is a freshwater microalgae.


Pushing the uniform into a corner, I looked at another card in Franz's hand.


 “What's with that letter?”


As I pointed to the letter, Franz checked the return address on the envelope in his hand.


“This? It's from my partner Ritaus.”


Franz looked at the letter and smiled brightly.




I jumped out of my seat at the name Ritaus coming out of Franz's mouth, I had completely forgotten.


The existence of Ritaus Aizar!


That dangerous bastard!


“He just found out I'm leaving school and wants to visit our mansion next weekend.”


I shook my head reflexively. He mustn't, no!


“No way! Don't let him come, don't invite him!”


I was so upset I kicked.
I guess I sounded like a neighborhood nut.


Franz looked at me with curious eyes, wondering if it was strange for me to show extreme rejection.




Yes, I know this big sister looks like a nut.


“Ritaus is…”


Ritaus Aizar, age 19.
The eldest son of Count Aizar, he is a student at Kratier Academy who has just completed his knighthood, and is Franz's roommate and senior.


N/T: Senior, means a person who has a student experience.
It means “Superior” or “Senior”.


“…He is my sister's fiancé.”


My fiancé decided by adults.


“Sister, Mr.
Aizar is a good person.
If it wasn't for him, it would have been hard for me to endure when I was in the academy.”


And a man who is in love with my younger brother.


“Don't you know he has dark intentions for you……”


N/T: black heart means having no good intentions, dark desires, malevolent, greedy, evil.




I couldn't even finish the conversation.
My fingertips were slowly growing cold.


'How can I tell you that every man in this world has dark feelings for you?'


Because Franz doesn't know.


That this world is that of a manhwa BL and that he is destined to be raped by many men in the future.


2. The reason it is dangerous


I could not take care of my only younger brother when I was in a company where I had to go to work until the weekend.




That same day, as soon as I got home from work, I sat down in front of the computer to write the PPT, whether my brother had dinner alone or not.


(N/T: PPT (1987- ), presentation file format used by Microsoft PowerPoint.
It is usually also used as an abbreviation for the program itself.
So, it must be that she was drafting a document).


My younger brother came up to me and spoke to me.
He said quietly that he needed money.


“What's the matter, did you run out of allowance again? I gave it to you not too long ago.”




“You keep spending your allowance fast these days, where are you spending it?”


My younger brother wiggled his fingers, tilted his head and said nothing. Every time my brother did that, I got angry.


His appearance was dirty.


“Why don't you wear the clothes your sister bought you back then?”


At first glance, he could see the mottled stains on the back of his brother's unusually skinny hand, but she pretended not to know.
She washed her hands.


(N/T: I have a confusion here, as she at the end mentions something about ¨she washed her hands¨. That is an expression that refers to the act of ignoring the consequences of some action or shirking responsibility for a matter.
In other words, she ignored it).


Sensing my stare, he quickly lowered his sleeve and hid his wrist.


“Because you can't speak orderly is why you keep hearing that you are a parentless child.
I know how hard you're trying not to let your sister hear it.”


I sighed as I looked at my brother who couldn't say anything.


I couldn't waste my time with this now.
I had to complete the project by tomorrow and give a presentation in front of the boss.


I turned my chair around and looked at the monitor again.
But my brother still hadn't left my room.


You know.”


It was a voice that was hesitant and slightly moist.


“Can't I take the GED?”


(N/T: “GED,” stands for General Educational Development.
The GED test is a high school equivalency test.)


Now, this kid, who was in his junior year of high school, was saying something I didn't understand.
Infuriated, I turned and looked at my brother.


“Is it because you don't want to go back to school? If you stick it out another half year, you'll graduate.”


At that moment, my younger brother was grimacing.


I didn't know what kind of face he was making at that moment, as he lowered his head and tried not to make eye contact with me.


No, the truth is, I didn't try to get a good look at my brother's face.



“Do you know why school is so important at your age? It's because you'll have studies.
It's because it's a place to learn social life!”


I shouted to my brother.
Suddenly, something like drops of water fell to the ground. 


The water started to rise under my feet and then gradually I got all wet.




Startled by my heartbeat, I opened my eyes. 

A canopy with lace curtains appeared.
Tears filled my cheeks and wet the pillowcases, and my pajamas were drenched with cold sweat.




I wiped my tears away with my hands, but it was strange.
Tears kept welling up in my eyes, I couldn't stop crying.


My heart ached as if it was about to explode.


I had no appetite.


I didn't think I would be able to have a proper breakfast, so I asked the chef to just boil the peaches that had gone cold.
However, today it was hard to swallow even the boiled peaches.


Maybe it's because I haven't slept since early morning.


“Sister, aren't you feeling well again?”


Franz, who was cutting venison while wiggling his chubby cheeks, asked.


Franz knew that whenever I felt bad, I ate stewed peaches instead of another meal.
As I expected, he's a smart kid with keen eyesight.


“I can't eat anything else because I don't feel well.”


In fact, I wanted to eat the 'canned food' of this empire.
There is magic in this world, so food storage like canned food was not developed.
It was because magic stopped food spoilage for a certain period of time.


Then, in the kitchen of the wealthy class such as aristocrats, there was a separate food storage that served as a refrigerator.
It is said that in the houses of commoners, 'canning' is done, but it was not the taste I wanted. 


(N/T: by 'canning' she means that the common people, boiled and put it in a container, bottling.
It would be something like, boiled, boiled in a bottle.)


I should describe that affordable, distinctive flavor.


“Kayla, did something happen with Sir Ritaus?”


As I ate, I was stirring the food with a fork for a long time.
Seeing me like this, my current mother, the Marchioness of Vesta, asked with a worried look on her face.


“Yes, Sir Ritaus sent me a letter saying he wanted to visit us, but she blocked it.”



The Marquess of Vesta also intervened.
When my gaze turned to this Franz, he quickly lowered his gaze.
The guilty one was you.

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