“Sir Ritaus is a sincere and diligent young man, something that is rare these days.
It is not easy to find such a fiancé.”


“That's right, sister.
I want Sir Ritaus to be my brother in law.”


No, no.
Franz, I can't let it happen like this.
This is all because of you.


It's not that i'm against Ritaus just because of the dark feelings he has for Franz.


Of course, that reason only was enough, but there was a bigger reason.


It was Ritaus' presence that attracted the obsessive 'Astaire'.
If he was related to Ritaus, he was also related to Astaire.


The two are sixth cousins, but in reality they were closer to a relationship between a boy and a nanny.
And by the role of nanny, she means Ritaus.  


Astaire was jealous and hated everyone that Ritaus cared and he mattered to, and in the original story, that jealousy is directed toward Franz.


So just like this ''Astaire'' does is to kidnap Franz to harass him, take all the purity (?) of Franz from the front (?) and back (?) and destroy the Vesta family.
So, he should never get involved with Ritaus, as he attracts 'Astaire'.


To break up with Ritaus, I had to convince my father, the Marquess of Vesta.


But it was not easy.


My parents really liked Ritaus, and apparently Ritaus was the number one fiancé.

So I had to change my strategy in a different direction.



“Are you heading to my father's office?”


“Yes, I am…
Huh? Miss!”


I took the tea and refreshments the servant was carrying and entered my father's office.


“Take your time, father.”


I smiled with the face of a daughter being as kind and charming as possible.


“Seeing that you are doing something you never used to do, I suppose you must have a favor to ask of me.”


How did he know?


 “Oh, my dear father, he only says that when I need it.”


So, my father's expression when he saw me looked like the face of a tibetan fox.

N/T: I attached image of a tibetan fox, hehehe.





It won't work like that, let's cut to the chase.


“Father, Sir Ritaus is Count Aizar's successor.”


I patted my father's shoulder and whispered.


“What about it?”


 “And I'm going to be the next head of the Vesta family.”


 “That's true.”


 “We need a man who will move only for our family.”


“What you mean is that Aizar would be of no usefulness to the family?”


“That's right.”




In fact, I knew that a marriage with Count Aizar's family is not bad at all from an objective point of view.
The children that might be born between Ritaus and me could have been Marquess Vesta and Count Aizar, respectively.


But I had to divert his attention elsewhere, before my father's rational thinking returned.


“And Count Aizar is very greedy and ambitious.
If Vesta mixes with Aizar's blood, the two treasures of our house could go to Aizar.”


“Oh, was Count Aizar such a man?”


That was a lie. 


I have no idea what kind of person Count Aizar was.
He never appeared in the original story, but other than that, there was nothing wrong with him.


Meanwhile, only those who inherited Vesta's blood, [Shuette] and [Shitsuro], could possess the two treasures of Vesta.


If Aizar's blood was mixed, at least the descendants of Ritaus would have the right to use both treasures.


Moreover, in the future, the two families Vesta and Aizar could combine to form a greater power.


Oh, no! Even if I think of it in many ways, after all, a marriage with the Aizar family is an advantage, not a disadvantage!


I had to do things faster, before my father noticed something strange.


“I'm going to get a good fiancé, father!”


“A good fiancé?”


“Yes, a man who will be loyal and obedient to my parents and my words! A son in law who will live with my family!



(N/T: The latter is very confusing to me, but 데릴사위, daryl's son in law, one of the customs of marriage, the father in law does not send his married daughter to the family, but the son in law lives with his wife).


Marquess of Vesta, who bowed his head, seemed worried about something.  By now, the problem must be rolling around in my father's head.


“Let's think about it for a moment.
It's not something to be decided lightly.”



I started to get a little angry when my father said he would think about it.



What else does he think about and decide on when his daughter said he doesn't like it?


Huh? I said I don't like it!


Huh? I told you it's no good!


My mind was nervous.
Somehow, I wanted to quickly solve this problem.


“Father, I really didn't like Sir Ritaus from the beginning.”


My father looked at me with a face like, 'What else are you saying? '.


“Why didn't you say it then, and why are you saying it now?”


What do you mean, now?


 At the time, Kayla Vesta was twelve years old.
Before I possessed her.


Besides the fact that I possessed her, in second place, how will a child disobey the will of her parents?


“I want to choose my spouse wisely!”


“As for marriage, there is nothing wrong with listening to adults.
Let's think about it slowly.”




When I was most stubborn, I chased the Marquess of Vesta into the night and begged him for the breaking of the engagement.


N/T: the breaking of their engagement.


Growling, whispering in his ear.
After owning, was there ever a time when I annoyed my father like that? There wasn't.


The Marquess of Vesta, who was finally exhausted by my stubbornness, raised both hands.


“All right, I respect your will.
I didn't know you hated Sir Ritaus so much.”



“Thank you, father.”


I lifted my long skirt and showed courtesy to my father. 


But my father may have pretended to respect my opinion to escape this moment.


I had to go ahead first.


“While you are at Kratier Academy, I will talk to Count Aizar.
The Aizar family and our family are still close.
We can't unilaterally warn him of this kind of matter.”


“Actually, father…”


What, what's going on now?”


When I tried to open my mouth, the Marquess of Vesta looked terrified.


“I have already sent an urgent telegram…
to Count Aizar.
I'm sorry.”


That night, the sermon like a lion's roar of the Marquess of Vesta covered the Marquisate of Vesta, and it almost burst my eardrums.





A young man with brown hair and light green eyes wearing a green uniform rushed into the room.


The young man's breath came to his chin, as if he came running in a hurry.


“Before you come….
I told you first…  You need to make an appointment.


In the young man's view was reflected a beautiful, glamorous girl sitting obliquely on a silk couch, looking at the letter.


She was a beautiful girl with purple eyes and pink hair hanging down.


Was she in her mid teens now? The girl, who must have been about fourteen or sixteen, looked up at the young man and smiled broadly.


“I told you not to call me by that name when we're together.


Out from the girl's seductive red lips, a murky, low, sad voice came out as if she had a cold.


Like a child whose voice has just changed.



N/T: I think it refers to physical changes in adolescence, like the deepening of the voice in boys.

“Yes, Astaire…”


 “Well done.”


Astaire smiled lovingly at Ritaus.


But his voice was still gravelly.


“By the way, you received an urgent telegram from your lovely fiancée.”


Astaire waved the paper he was reading and showed it to Ritaus. 


It was an urgent telegram for Ritaus.


Ritaus took the telegram from Astaire's hand.


“Don't read other people's things.”


As Ritaus read the telegram, two slender arms held Ritaus' waist.


“I came because you didn't go to the mansion to play, are you going to be mad?”


The silky fluffy pink hair tickled the tip of Ritaus' nose.
There was a subtle scent of iris.


Even the smell was very feminine, but Ritaus sensed nothing.


“You're still like a stone.
It's no fun.”


When Ritaus showed no reaction, Astaire lost interest and loosened his arms around his waist.


“Ah, it's boring and not funny.
Tell me about your fiancée.
I only saw the greeting in the telegram.”


Astaire wore a dress wrapped in black lace with pink silk just like his hair.         


His long hair was braided with a black satin ribbon, making his beauty stand out even more.



He was a beauty that anyone could misinterpret as a beautiful girl if he kept his mouth shut.

N/T: when he says if he kept his mouth shut, he means that if he spoke, his male voice would be heard.


Astaire felt Ritaus' face harden slightly as he read the telegram.


What had happened? Astaire, however, was not interested in the contents of the telegram.


“What about your fiancée, is she pretty?”

Astaire touched Ritaus on the back and asked.
However, Ritaus ignored Astaire.


“So, is she ugly?”


After changing the question, Ritaus rolled his eyes as if telling him to stop.


“I'm bored, Ritaus.”


Ritaus sighed as he looked at Astaire groaning, lying on the silk couch.


The fine silk floral design on the long, plush chair suited Astaire just fine. 


He was somehow pitiful and annoying.


“It's nothing special.
My fiancée will be attending the Kratier Academy that I attend.”


Said Ritaus, who was carefully reading the telegram.
His voice showed no affection for his fiancée.


“Is she trying to follow her fiancé? She's a boring woman.”


“No, that's not it.”


Ritaus shook his head.


 “What is it?”


Ritaus' hand, that was holding the telegram, trembled slightly and then dropped.


It was as if it had lost its strength because it was so absurd.
Astaire walked over to Ritaus to look at the telegram.


This is the notice of the breaking of the engagement.


As Ritaus' face turned pallid, Astaire's eyes lit up with interest.




N/T: Hanging, is a piece of cloth or object that hangs sways gently from side to side.


N/T: 사자후 literally means the roar of a lion.
It means the roaring roar of a lion, and refers to a speech that roars loudly.



N/T: 빙의 (possession) means to be spiritually/mentally possessed.
It refers to when a soul enters or attaches itself to the body of another person.

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