I couldn't believe that time was flying so fast like this.


There was less than a month left before the transfer to Kratier Academy.


It's been a good time, goodbye.


I'm going to miss you.
My lazy life.


For two months, I used my swordplay class as an excuse to even call Franz to train [Shitsuro].


“Sister, can't we take a break today? I will continue to work hard even when my sister is not here.”


“Put your hand on your chest and try to remember, Franz, if you have ever trained by yourself.”




 “Then shut your mouth and change your clothes.”


Franz wasn't particularly athletic, but his hips were heavy.


He would rather sit at his desk and read books for a long time, so there was no way he could practice using [Shitsuro] on his own.


“I've never trained so hard with [Shuette] before.”


He was grunting.
Franz complained.


This is all because of you, this kid! It's a way for you to live, our parents to live too, and me to live!


Even if Franz had [Shitsuro], it wouldn't do any good unless he became the master.


Franz can only be safe when he becomes [Shitsuro]'s master, so I will have Franz trained to become [Shitsuro]'s master.




When Franz kissed the shield pattern on his left wrist, a magic circle in the shape of a shield floated in the air.


“Wow, that's amazing.”


Screams could be heard from all around.

It felt like it was 10 times bigger than the last time I saw [Shitsuro].


As I expected, the growth was scary.


He can do well, but he doesn't want to train, so he walked away.
It was also a chore to catch Franz, who was running away, and put him in the training camp.


I'll make you train hard until I leave for Kratier Academy, Franz.


“To your positions!”


When my father looked at the knights, a knight belonging to the Vesta family threw a wooden sword.


However, Shitsuro slightly deflected the wooden sword.


The knight raised the fallen wooden sword again and signaled.


This time around Franz, six knights ran at once.


When Franz stretched out his arm, the magic circle of the shield floating in the air increased to four.


Oh, is that good enough? Not only me, but everyone around me couldn't take their eyes off Franz.


When the four shields surrounded Franz, the knights, who were overwhelmed by him, stopped for a moment.


One of the knights, who felt that this should not happen, pointed again. 

The knights wielded their wooden swords and hit Shitsuro, but they all broke or bounced off.


“That's excellent.
You've already mastered the forward defense.”


My father, who was so excited, couldn't look at him and clapped from his seat.


Franz, who sealed [Shitsuro], blushed and was embarrassed.


It was a compliment he had never heard when he was learning swordplay.
Of course, it was because Franz didn't have much enthusiasm even though he was talented.


“Is he growing fast? I think it will be possible for him to defend the area soon.”


” Area defense.
And how could a novice like me do that…”


“No, you can do it.
Trust this sister.”


Area defense is a technique that expands the scope of the space to be protected.

A large castle could be protected with a technique that a simple owner, not a master, could elevate to the maximum.


However, if he becomes a master, that skill will also increase.


According to the documents, [Shitsuro] once protected an entire city the size of the imperial capital.


If Franz becomes [Shitsuro]'s master, I plan to protect Vesta's territory here with [Shitsuro]'s power.


Franz still looked excited as if he couldn't believe it.


“I thought maybe I could do what my sister said.
My body feels lighter than when I used [Shuette].
It feels like [Shitsuro] is moving according to my will.
It's as if [Shitsuro] and I are one body.
I didn't feel like that when I was using [Shuette], but it's really strange.”


It's not strange, because it's already been said in the original story.



Franz should have had [Shitsuro] not [Shuette].



As confirmed by Astaire in the original story, Franz had the qualities to become [Shitsuro]'s Master.



I could only be sure after verifying it in front of my eyes.


Franz will soon become [Shitsuro]'s master.



[Shitsuro]'s master was created to be so powerful that even Astaire, who had subdued the Magic Tower, could not touch him.  



In fact, Astaire had told this to Franz, who was imprisoned in the dungeon.



「I'm glad you don't have [Shitsuro].
Because if you had become a master, you couldn't have been mine like that.」



So, when I read the original story, I thought Franz would take [Shitsuro] instead of her and become a Master after Kayla's death.



And I thought there would be a refreshing story of revenge against those who tormented him.



N/T: Well, I don't know how to refer to 사이다- cider, but I changed it to refreshing, it is used when the content of a novel, it was frustrating and slow, is easily reversed or elucidated by the main character.



However, it was just a MacGuffin (※A device in the work that stimulates the curiosity of readers and audiences and gives expectations for the story, but is ultimately meaningless).



N/T: A MacGuffin can be an object, a person, or a more abstract goal, that motivates the, or characters in a story to take action and advance the plot.
It is something that moves the characters, whether heroes or villains, to act, thus setting a story in motion and keeping it moving.


So why did she put in such a pointless scenario? I cursed the author, but now I am grateful.



Because of this, I was able to change the future as I entered this world.



“Maybe young Franz will become a Master.”



The Alto butler looked at Franz with admiration. 



In fact, the Vesta family has not been able to produce a [Shitsuro] Master for four generations.



If Franz becomes a Master, it would be the emergence of a [Shitsuro] Master after 100 years.



“By the way, what about Miss Kayla, does you fit in well with [Shuette]?”



At Alto's words, I looked at the small sword pattern on the back of my hand.
I sighed first.



“I don't think I'm able to be [Shuette]'s master.”



The Alto butler's wrinkles deepened.
A groan came out of my mouth.



“Why do you think that?”



“…You'll know when you see for yourself.”



To be honest, when I first obtained [Shuette], I also had high expectations.



I wondered if I could become [Shuette's] teacher.



It's been a long time since a [Shuette] Master hasn't appeared.



And in my past life, I had already swept an old competition with kendo.



Therefore, I was confident that the talents of my past life would continue in my current life.





“Are we going to see Kayla's skills now, did you practice a lot?”



At my father's hopeful look, I let out a sigh.



I practiced every day, but there were several problems.



“Kayla, you're wrong again.
Your left shoulder is not open.”





The swordsmanship instructor lightly tapped my left shoulder.



“Open your feet, why do you keep narrowing your stride!”



The swordsman's practice rapier pierced my stomach in an instant.



“Open up!”


“Attack, Kayla!”





My father's face changed to a very worried expression, unlike when he saw Franz.



The swordsmanship instructor was equally perplexed.



“That's strange.
Miss Kayla is learning to handle the sword for the first time, what the heck is that strange habit?”



“That's a strange movement, including the wrist movement.”.



“It feels like it's constantly wandering.
It's a movement that has lost place to go.”



Both my swordsmanship instructor and my father criticized my stance.



The thing I hold in my right hand is a fine practice rapier.



But my body was taking the kendo stance I had learned in my previous life.


The habit was scary.
My face was burning hot.



“The way she holds the sword is also strange.”


 “Why does she continue to hold the sword with both hands? Why is the practice sword so heavy?”.






The knight's whisper was heard in the wind.



Why do people hear so clearly when they speak ill of them?



“Honestly, I don't think she has any talent for swords.”



“How is she going to become a knight…”



This is the first time I've ever been insulted like that with a sword.




After finishing fencing practice, I went into the bathroom and couldn't get out of the bathtub for a while.



I boasted that I was going to become a knight, be the successor of the family and become the head of the family, but at this pace I would end up going to Kratier Academy and being humiliated.



My father suggested other alternatives and even told me that the way of a knight was not for me.



“If I do that, it will be in vain!”



“Since Franz now has 'Shitsuro', the cadets won't be able to touch him.
He was also quite good at swordplay, so I think it would be better if Franz could also the knighthood as originally planned.
I want you to think about it carefully.



Franz, who had not yet become the Master of [Shitsuro], was a like little boy in the water.



(N/T: little boy in the water, expression.
Meaning eager.
Modism in that the speaker is concerned about the listener or third person because he or she seems dangerous or anxious).



I still had to hide Franz, so I couldn't send him to Kratier.



“Ah, what should I do!”



I ruffled my wet hair in agony.



“First of all, I think it would be best to build up physical stamina first.”



Those were the Alto butler's words as he left before the training camp.



He patted my slumped shoulders in dejection.



“Unlike your head, the body's movement doesn't follow it, does it?”



That was true.
Kayla Vesta's body didn't move the way I wanted it to.



If I had known this would happen, I would have developed my body as soon as I realized I was possessed.



Why did I waste three years in vain?



I had to start at the age of five or six to follow that way in any sport.



“Okay, let's run away when I regret it!”



After that day, I decided to focus on basic physical training.



The dance professor, who had been fired because of my body flexibility, was also called back.



Every day at dawn, I go jogging and horseback riding, and I climb the nearby mountains and climb the cliff.




If it doesn't work, I'll even climb up the wall of windows in my room.




(N/T: climb, climb, ride.)



My heart was a little fast.

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