“Couldn't you sleep again? Your skin has become dull.”


My exclusive maid, Remy, was worried, as she applied cream to my face.


I seemed to have improved my stamina these days, my muscles screamed from the pain every day due to muscle strength training and physical endurance training.


That's how I did it.


I can't sleep even though I am very tired.
That's just my story right now.


“If you can't sleep like this, it's not good for the beauty of your skin.
Look at this, it's rough.”


Remy's eyebrows narrowed in half.


“I'll be fine once my body gets used to it.
Don't worry, Remy.”


After I possessed, I trusted Remy a lot.


It was because of Remy's teachings that I was able to act like Kayla, at least on the outside.


“You're not like Miss Kayla!”


Every time she said it, I would appeal to Kayla's memory and correct the way I spoke and acted.


“By the way, Miss.”


Remy, who was stroking my face and massaging it, spoke up.


“Are you really going to break up with Sir Ritaus?”


She had a curious look on her face.


My declaration of my engagement breakup spread quickly among the employees, but no one asked openly.


Remy was the first.


“Yes, and I'm not going to break the engagement, it's already broken.”


Remy looked like she didn't understand.


“Why? Sir Ritaus is handsome, gentlemanly, and has no flaws in his personality.
He seems to have a kind heart.”


I also agree that Ritaus is a handsome, gentlemanly, and unassuming model student.


It is a fatal defect.


“He was the one who organized a fundraising party for the poor in the imperial capital.
He got along well with the Miss.”


That he gets along with me.
I got goosebumps all over my body.


“People can't tell just by looking on the outside, Remy.”


“What's Sir Ritaus like on the inside?”


Remy's eyes sparkled.


But I can't tell you the truth.
You won't believe it, and you won't even be able to imagine what kind of person he is.


Actually, Ritaus himself wasn't such a bad person.


As Remy said, he was a kindly, upstanding, stereotypical schoolboy.


But he had the most vulnerable weakness, was the fact that he was clinging to Astaire.


Even if Astaire did something bad, he had no will to stop it.


「I'm sorry, Franz.
I can't go against Astaire….
Neither can the Duke of Lische.」


In the original story, Ritaus couldn't help Franz escape when Astaire kidnapped him.


He was just blaming himself for his own helplessness with his mouth.


It was the contradictory side of the upright knight who clamored for justice.


Also, when Franz is abused by Astaire, he does something terrible to Franz in shock and rage.



Thinking that Franz, whom he had loved for so long, had been defiled by Astaire, he could not contain his anger.



Of course, it was a development that faithfully followed the nature of manhwa BL which was exhausting and boring. 



And when Kayla, who came to rescue Franz, was brutally killed by Astaire, he cried and made fun of himself.



「I couldn't protect your precious sister.
I couldn't even protect the corpse.
I'm sorry, I'm so helpless.



In fact, Kayla was not killed in a usual way.



Astaire said it wasn't enough to kill Kayla and butcher her body, so he fed the corpse to the dogs he was raising.



There was no scene of Kayla Vesta being killed or of her body being eaten by the dogs, but only Astaire's words conveyed the terrible horror.



「Was it seven pieces? Maybe because they were hungry for a week, they ate well.
It's been a while since my dogs ate a lot.



In that moment, Astaire was smiling horribly, wickedly and beautifully.



So much effort the artist put into Astaire's drawing.



Even though it was a black and white comic, I couldn't take my eyes off it because it was so beautiful.



Meanwhile, even at that moment, Ritaus was worried about Franz, who was screaming.



And yet, he was never able to help Franz escape until the very end.



Because Ritaus was Astaire's loyal dog.



Just when I thought I was lucky to have less to do with Ritaus, someone knocked on the door.



When Remy opened the door, I saw the face of the butler, Alto.


His face looked a bit serious.


 “Miss, Sir Ritaus has come.”


I suppose he can't be a nobleman either.
But he comes so quickly.


To be honest, I thought he would contact me the day after I sent him the urgent telegram.


But even though it had been quite some time since I gave him the notice of the engagement breakup, he didn't even respond to me.


I wanted to slowly lose contact with him, so I stole all the letters Ritaus sent to Franz.


Of course, I also stole the letters from Franz to Ritaus.


Not only that, I also cut off the messenger bird through the butler and cut off all possible means of communication between Franz and Ritaus in the special telegram sent by magic.


It seems that Ritaus is beginning to fill with worry.
Judging by the fact that he visited without contacting ahead of time.


“All right.
I'll get ready and come out.
Alto, are you sure my father and mother went out?”


“Yes, the Marquess has already gone to the Knights of the Guard and the Marchioness has gone to the salon.”


“It's okay, I'm the only one Ritaus can meet, right?”


At the right time, Franz had gone camping in the eastern forest with six escorting knights.


When he goes camping, he probably won't be back for a while since he went to watch migratory birds.


“Is it a good day?”


I had a good feeling.


Today will be the day to leave Ritaus in front of his face.


I chose the best dress, dressed up as smartly as possible and then went to meet Ritaus in the living room.


Upon seeing me, Ritaus leaned over and politely kissed the back of my hand.


I wanted to clench my fists at the touch of Ritaus' lips lightly touching the back of my hand.


“It has been a while, Sir Ritaus.
Please, sit down.
I'll get you some tea.”


I smiled as brightly as I could and poured the tea brought by Remy with a noisy motion.


The red, transparent color was very pretty.


“Have some tea.
It's mixed with dried raspberries and smells so good.
The chef has picked a lot of raspberries, but oh my god did he say there were snakes in them? Come to think of it, my mother hates snakes so much that she is terrified just looking at raspberries.
Ho ho ho ho ho.”


I just said whatever came out of my mouth.
Anyway, when this kid is with me, he rarely talks.


I didn't want to talk to alone, but I hated the silence even more.


That bastard would probably think of me as an empty woman spouting nonsense without substance.


“You want to break the engagement.”


Unlike usual, he broke the silence and got straight to the point.


Hoo, he's going to do it straight.


I didn't have to pretend to be talkative anymore.


“I don't want to break off the engagement, we've already broken off, Sir Ritaus.”


His fierce eyes stared at me down as if he was stabbing.


It will be because of the friendly look he normally only had towards Franz.


I never knew he could have such a cold stare.


In fact, the face he has shown me all this time is a business smile that has lost its soul.


“Marriage is a family affair.
It's not something the lady can decide alone on her own.
Fortunately, my father didn't see the telegram.
I'll pretend I didn't see it, just so you know.”


He replied coolly, trying to get up without even drinking his tea.


My original personality, which had been suppressed by the appearance of Ritaus who completely ignored me, slowly tried to return.


I can't act the Kayla Vesta of the original either.


“Then I will send one more urgent telegram to Count Aizar.
This time, I'll do it with the Vesta family seal.”


“Without the consent of the Marquess Vesta?”


I had no doubt that my father would, of course, oppose the breaking of the engagement.


“My father allowed it, too.
He said he would leave it entirely to me.”


That was a lie.


My father said that he would respect my will, but he did not say that he would leave the process of breaking the engagement up to me.


“It is too one sided, I have no words for the insolence shown by the lady.”


I had to hold the hem of my skirt tightly and endure the rising anger.


“It's true that I'm being rude now, but your attitude is still questionable.
Don't you usually ask the other person the reason why she does it in the first place?

No matter how much they say we are engaged for the family, we are still in a relationship between a man and a woman.



Surprisingly, Ritaus did not answer my questions.


He looked as if he was stunned.


Yes, honestly, he won't even be wondering why I want to break off the engagement.


Because he is only on a mission to maintain this relationship for the arranged marriage.


This will also include his incidental personal interest in wanting to have a close relationship with Franz.


What is the reason?”


Only then did he ask for the reason.
He is very quick, too.




N/T: Young-ae could refer to the daughter of someone with a higher position, such as ¨lady¨, ¨lady¨ and ¨lady¨.


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