“I have no intention of getting married.
I don't want to think about anything other than inheriting in the family.”


Strangely, in front of Ritaus, as in front of my father, I didn't want to use excuses like choosing and bringing a good man, or needing a son in law to live in the family.


It seemed a lame excuse.


Most of all, it didn't seem likely that Ritaus would agree.


“I'm in a hurry to graduate from Kratier and join the knight group, so I can delay my marriage after all.”


This bastard, he's ignoring me again.


“Anyway, what do you mean by inheriting in the family? Wasn't Franz, Vesta's next successor?”


He interrupted my words as if Franz's safety was more important to him.


He's such a transparent guy.


N/T: he's transparent because he' s so easy to see his true emotions with his actions, without hiding them.


“Franz doesn't like to fight.
He doesn't fit in with group life or class society.”


“I know.”


“Do you think Franz, who was bullied at Kratier Academy, will do well in the knight group?”


“From now on, I will help him.  I will make sure that no one hurts Franz.”


To be honest, I feel like I'm talking to a wall now.


Without noticing me, I let out a sigh.


“Franz has something else on the side that he wants to do.
I want to let him live freely.”


“I know that, too.
Nevertheless, watching and studying birds, insects, and plants is something he can do as a hobby.”


Oh, my blood pressure!


Talking doesn't work.


But Ritaus kept trying my patience.



“It is better for the Vesta family that Franz becomes a knight and the head of the family.
The Aizar and Vesta families should join forces and become one family in the future.”




Now, Ritaus is telling me the words I randomly spat out to convince my father.


“Do you think Vesta needs a head who can't become a knight?”


His last word solidified my resolve.


“I have one more reason to break off the engagement.”


It's a pity my father isn't here now.


Father, it was true that the Aizar were targeting our family!


“I'll be honest with you.
I don't want to marry with Sir Ritaus.”


Ritaus asked with a look of disbelief.


“Do you hate me?”


Uh, I hate you…
I almost answered that.


But I wasn't a girl, and I couldn't be childish.


“I don't hate you.”




“I don't like you either.
I don't really have any thoughts or interest in Sir Ritaus.
I don't want to know what you think or what you like.”


Ritaus was slightly surprised by my words, and his forehead was distorted.


He could not continue speaking, as if it was the first time a woman had rejected him.



In fact, Ritaus was quite popular in society.


There were many women who secretly admired him because he had an attractive face and good manners.


“Then, don't worry about my family's future anymore.
I'm going to get a knighthood at Kratier Academy.”




At my words, Ritaus laughs in amazement.
I could feel the same aura in his eyes.


“Did you know that Franz's level of swordmanship is quite high?”


I know.
But I didn't answer.


“The lady is now taking away Franz's chance.”


I wanted to answer if the opportunity he didn't want was really an opportunity, but I didn't want to talk to this man anymore.


“Then you must be taking swordmanship lessons by now.”


Ritaus took off the gloves he was wearing and asked.


As I nodded, Ritaus tossed the glove toward me.


Ritaus' gloves flew onto the table.


“Do you know what that means? That's how knights request a duel.”


What, this bastard? Unlike the character I knew, he was very cheeky.


In the original story, Ritaus was a very kind and caring person, but was he just like that to Franz?


“Let's have a duel.
If you threaten me with even a single blow during the time limit, I'll admit it.
Like a knight, I'll break off the engagement fairly.”


No luck, you bastard. 


What, you'll break the engagement?


I clenched my fists and looked at Ritaus.


“Okay, I accept.”


Like one hit.
It'll be two hits, three hits! No, I'll just push him and make him cry.


N/T: when she means that she will push it, it is like an expression to say that she will make it difficult for him or pull him out.


Now my body was undertrained.


But on the other hand, there was a need to break this guy.


Ritaus followed the servant's guide and went to the training camp first, and I went to my room and put on training clothes.


I removed my makeup, tied up my black hair and left the room.


When I entered the training camp with the intention of somehow winning the duel, Ritaus was already ready.




At that moment, I could see Ritaus' eyes widening like saucers when he saw me.


He stared at me until I approached him.


“What are you staring at?”


Excuse me.”


Ritaus, who quickly found his own space, received a training rapier from the training camp master.


“I just thought you looked like Franz again.”




Even in the midst of this, he is still looking for Franz.
I recognize his true love.


Franz and I definitely looked quite alike.


From black hair to dark blue eyes and dense facial features.


There was nothing surprising because we were brothers, but this guy is also a big fan of Franz.


As we each put on our protective gear, Ritaus spoke up once again.


“The lady looks better without makeup.”


I paused for a moment as I put on my protective gloves.


Can I tell him what's rude?


No, let's stop.

It must have been a compliment to me, and I didn't want to point out his slip of the tongue.


“I'm glad you're not a talker.”


If you open your mouth one more time, you'll wake me up.



It was decided that a knight of our family would be the judge.


The knight brought from the warehouse an hourglass smaller than the palm of his hand.


To consider from its size, the sand would finish falling in about 15 to 20 minutes.


“The time limit is 15 minutes, and if Lady Kayla lands at least a one hit against Sir Ritaus, she wins.
Conversely, if she can't attack even once, it will be a victory for Sir Ritaus.”


No matter how much I got into Kayla's body, I had just started swordmanship, while I'm here struggling with the basics of swordmanship, but to be honest, I thought I'd be fine.


But that was my pride.


“It's terrible.”




With a sound, the practice rapier in my hand flew off in one fell swoop.



It was because I was trying to hold the sword with one hand so as not to be ridiculed by Ritaus.


“What's that stance again? You don't even know basic swordsmanship.”


I grabbed the hilt of the sword with both hands to avoid Ritaus, who was aiming at my hilt again.


Right hand up, left hand down, and with the last little finger relaxed.


That was the basic kendo stance that usually flowed even though my body had changed.


But, Ritaus' rapier bent and used that momentum to beat my rapier.


The force of the reaction was so strong that the sword easily fell out of my hand.


I repeated this a couple of times.


“You know something? I'm trying to be as considerate as possible to the lady so that my sword blade doesn't touch your body.”


Even if you don't tell me, I know!


“Do you know how elegant Franz's swordsmanship is? It's not a talent that the lady can beat at your whim!”


It's really humiliating.


Even if it wasn't just swordsmanship!


If I could have had it my way, I would have finished this bastard off in one hit.


While gnashing his teeth, Ritaus attacked once more.


Again, with the clanging sound, my sword was about to come out of my hand.


I hastily grabbed the handle of my sword and corrected my untidy stance, but Ritaus did not waste this moment.


The tip of Ritaus' sword pointed towards my face.


As soon as I panicked and couldn't even dodge him, Ritaus' sword stopped in front of my eyes.


“The sand is almost done falling.
If this had been a real battle, the lady would have died many times over by now.”


As Ritaus said, if it had been a real battle, my body would have been stabbed.


I could not reply.


“Basic swordsmanship is important, but more important is practice.
Will you have the confidence to deal with enemies who could attack from all sides? A knight's life is not as easy as the lady thinks.”


In real combat, enemies attack you.


Ah, for a moment, I felt like Ritaus' words had hit me over the head.


“Practice is more important than basic swordsmanship…”


Ritaus made me realize what I had forgotten.


I turned to the hourglass.


The amount of sand was enough for about 3 more minutes.


“Wait a minute, I'm going to change weapon!”




I threw down my rapier and grabbed the sword from the belt of the knight overseeing the duel being the judge.


“Ka, Miss Kayla?”


“Lend me this.”


After taking the sword out of its scabbard and throwing it to the knight, I had only the sword scabbard in my hands.


A light sword scabbard made of hard leather.


“I'll do it with this in the remaining time.”


“Are you kidding? You can't even hit a kid with that.”


Ignoring Ritaus, who sighed in disgust, I immediately began to attack.


The scabbard of the sword is light.
I was right.


There is no feeling of hitting because it is empty and can't hurt anyone.


But in this duel, that doesn't matter.


Because I need to at least land one hit on Ritaus.


I didn't hesitate to attack Ritaus' breach.


Ritaus, who had been caught off guard, raised his sword and tried to block me, but my eyes, unconcerned with swordplay, were pleased with Ritaus' move.


My eyes, which had been obsessed with basic swordsmanship, were opening.


And finally, I managed to hit him with just the scabbard of the sword.



“If this was a real battle and what was in my hand was a real sword, I would have cut your throat.”



I was able to target Ritaus's neck at once with the most comfortable posture for me, a comfortable step, and a comfortable swordmanship.


The sand continued to fall from the hourglass.


“By the way, I was worried because of the basic swordplay, but thank you for giving me the answer, Sir Ritaus.”


In the end, after this duel, my engagement with Ritaus was completely broken off.


Fortunately, Ritaus was a man who kept his promises.



T/N: 'thank you for giving me the answer' means that she is thanking him for giving her the solution.


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