Feeling quite speechless, I tightened my grip around my clams as I heaved a huge sigh. Glancing at the culprit of these feelings of helplessness cheerfully gather 10 and more clams, I quickly dug out a few more before I suggested we head back.

After we dumped the clams into the basin, we used the 20 mins of free time to wonder around the surroundings and gather the many different varieties of fruits. There were several poisonous or generally unusable plants and fruits, like the purple colored fruit that was shaped like a walnut, or the green colored orange polka dotted banana shaped fruit.

When we walked up to a tree, Sazzy stopped and pointed to the bark of the tree.

[This bark here is called the rain powder bark. It was originally used as part of the ritual of the nearby ethnic groups to create delicacies dedicated to the gods in order to wish for reasonable amounts of rain. When grinded and mixed with a little water, it produces a sticky substance that is used to sweeten the food dishes made by these minority groups. When a lot of water is added, a sweet liquid is created that hardens when left to dry and is commonly used to make molds of the vessels used by these gods. Although it is regularly used in religious practices, it is also used in common everyday food for these groups so its no problem to create new dishes with this ingredient.]

Sazzy pulled off a large strip of the bark with a little difficulty and then proceeded to separate the golden yellow parts from underneath the orange parts that were exposed to the environment.

[What makes such a good ingredient overlooked by the public is that it is mostly inedible unless grounded up. Furthermore, it acts like regular firewood in its raw form. Its a good start for us.]

Gathering some strips of bark and depositing them into the basket that I dug out from the house, Sazzy continued to move on to other ingredients.

Thinking over what Sazzy described of this ingredient, it vaguely reminded me of honey. Would the properties of this new ingredient be a good substitute for honey in some dishes?

Furthermore, this unique property of becoming sweet once mixed with water, did it have to be water? Or could we substitute water with milk or any other fluid? It would make for a very interesting combination with the Jasmine milk we had back at the house.

Following Sazzy, I was introduced to more exotic ingredients. A leaf that when dried in the sun would become sour and brittle. Plants that had mineral rocks formed within their roots, and these minerals would add flavor to food, but too much would cause a sense of thirst. A plant that had million of little tiny granules inside it that would explode once pollenating season arrived, and if you were anywhere near them your eyes would start burning and the pain would be horrific.

Wasn these characteristics similar to citric acid powder, salt and pepper?

”Hey, Sazzy. Didn you say that my previous world and this world were very far apart and there was few similarities between them? Why do the ingredients you just introduced to me seem very similar to some seasonings in my old world? ”

Sazzy paused between mouthfuls of rain powder bark and cluelessly answered back.

[Well, its probably because even different worlds have their own sources of sweet, sour, and other such types of tastes. Naturally, these worlds would have their own substitutes which would function differently from your worlds seasonings but tastes quite similar. For example, in your world what you call salt is used as a preservative and a food seasoning, but it also helps to maintain your body fluid levels and is an essential mineral of your diet. In this world, salt does not aid in maintaining fluid levels. Instead, it reacts with the acid that is in your stomach to promote better digestion and defecation.]

Listening to Sazzys explanation, it seemed as if the functions of salt was switched out for magnesium. However, does that mean that the side effects of magnesium pills in my previous world would also apply to salt now? And does this mean that the chemical reactions involved in cooking would also be switched as well?

Noting down all these points that I needed to experiment for myself later, I followed behind Sazzy as she completed one circle around the house. Finally, after 30 minutes, we put away the new ingredients and poured out the red water. Putting several clams on the grill, I set down beside Sazzy with my freshly prepared seasonings, salt and pepper. By grinding up the mineral rocks, I got salt. And by separating the granules and grinding them up, I for pepper.

And once I had filled up Sazzys stomach with around 4 clams, I figured we could start talking about how I was going to make up for my lack of information for this world. She wasn going to be able to respond to me verbally for every question, right?

Surprisingly, the answer was much simpler than I thought it would be.

[Oh? Well, for that you could always search the wide net for it. Ah! I forgot to inform you about this worlds version of internet.]

She cleared her throat and straightened her back.

[Like the internet of your world, this world has a wide inter-galactical network known as Kaleidoscope of Eternal Knowledge, also written with a dot kek at the end of a website link. The main search engine for the kaleidoscope is called chick, named after the animal that roosts in trees and is usually nocturnal, seen flying across the skies at night and is therefore named as the star eating bird. To access this website, all you have to do is type chick.kek on the website link. ]

Staring with dead eyes at Sazzy, I felt that I could not take the world that seriously anymore.

[The whole website link would be written as hmu.chick.kek for the general public kaleidoscope, where the hmu is to represent the hosting server for the public kaleidoscope, maintained by the Headquarters for Messages across the Universe.]

Gesturing me to imitate her actions, she used two fingers and tapped them lightly twice on her neck. Following along, a holographic screen immediately popped up. How convenient.

[On the top is where you can see the website link, which is automatically set for chick.kek. On their search bar, you can use important keywords to check for information that you want. The website that is crucial to our mission is a live streaming website known as Jolt. By searching up Jolt.kek, you will be redirected to their homepage. This livestreaming website has one of the latest taste sharing software, as well as location protection and even avatar rigging for the right price. Thankfully, we have sufficient finances to afford majority of these services, since we can just file it under company expenses to the transmigration company.]

Giving a brief introduction of the website, its services, as well as the amount of money required for all its extensions, it wasn until the sky turned dark that everything was fully explained and my head was hurting.

I ate finish my clams as Sazzy kept the grills and set aside the clams.

[By washing clean these clams and grinding them up, we can use them as supplements for some minerals that cannot be found on this island. Ill explain how to do this tomorrow, we should go to sleep now.]

Typing this down into my kaleidoscope notepad, I gave a yawn and headed into the room that I had chosen. Grabbing a towel and a bathrobe I headed to the toilet to wash up. As for clothes, that will be a problem for tomorrows me to solve.

And just like this, I started my life in a new world.

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