Today, I woke up unusually well.

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I could feel the faint light leaking through the dark curtains very clearly.

Even though it was a midwinter morning, it was refreshing rather than cold.

My head was clear and my heart was calm.

It was a very strange feeling that is difficult to put into words.

‘Today is the day I leave this house.’

Still, how can I be so indifferent?

Maybe it’s because I’ve lived my life without forgetting my situation for even a single day.

Anita got up slowly, leaning her back on the bed, and stared at the seat next to her cold as usual.

Lancelot Edenbair.

This seat was obviously for her husband, Lancelot.

However, the two have never slept together in nearly a year of marriage.

That’s how it should be.

Because they were just a fake couple.

I swept the empty and cold seat next to me that was now familiar.
There has never been a day when I felt fortunate that Lancelot was not next to me as much as today.

Facing his face may shake her heart.
Anita didn’t want to be selfish.
Not for anyone else, but for Lancelot.

knock knock

The wake-up time is always the same.

The maids who came in quietly pulled the dark curtains that covered the windows and started to light the fireplace.

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“Madam, I brought a coffee today, not chamomile.
I brought in some good coffee beans this morning.
The scent is very fresh.”

Michela, a middle-aged woman who prepared a light breakfast and coffee before her, was a longtime vassal of the Duke of Edenbair.

“It’s particularly cold today, so it’s not bad to let your hair down.
Do you have any plans to go out, madam?”

I’m thinking of going to town for a while.”

“Would you like me to dress you in a simple way, as always?”

“Yes, please.”

Today, unlike usual, Anita chose her own outdoor clothes.

Clothes that were hidden in the innermost part of the winter wardrobe.
There was a bright pink one-piece dress for late fall.

It’s a little thin to wear in winter, but if you close your coat tightly, it will not be a problem, Anita thought.

Michela asked with a puzzled face, “Have you ever had a dress like this?”

“I brought it the first day I came here.”

“The color is bright and soft.
It seems like you enjoyed wearing clothes like this before marriage.
I think it would look good on you.”

After that, Mrs.
Michela, who locked all the buttons behind her back, clapped her hands with satisfied eyes.

“You look so good, ma’am! From now on, I hope you will wear a dress with such a refreshing atmosphere more often.
These days, regardless of the season, everyone……”

Anita showed an awkward smile instead of a response.

It was always dark clothes in Anita’s wardrobe.

She brought in only clothes with inconspicuous colors and designs, so whatever the weather, the season for her clothes was always autumn or winter.

A dark burgundy hat.

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A soft reed-colored coat.

A calm gray dress.

A neat white muffler.

Clothes of simple colors are chosen in order not to stand out anytime, anywhere.

But none of them are Anita’s.

From her head to toe, everything belonged to her husband, Lancelot.

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