Anita greeted him with a kind grin.

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My name is Anita Volloni.”

The man pointed on a chair in a dry manner and asked,

“Who in Chavalon doesn’t know the Volloni family? And why did you not answer my question if you could clean?”

The warden talked gently as Anita settled onto the chair.

“Do not weep.
I’ve been searching for people for thirty years, and it’s not like I’ve never seen a female like you.”

Anita’s view was clouded by cigarette smoke.

“However, one must be beneficial.
What’s the point of finding a good employee if they can’t even last a week and suddenly flee? What if one chooses to fight because of their pride? The victim here is my business, and it’s a loss of trust.”

I understand.”

“Well, given that this is Mr.
Vlad’s introduction, I’ll do my best as well.
Therefore, I’m asking you if you ever cleaned—”

Anita rose from her seat and moved to the side of the desk just as the man was concluding his sentence.

“Excuse me.”

She removed the blue ribbon from around her neck.
Due to its expansive breadth, it has been repeatedly folded to achieve the ideal size for usage.

Anita, who dampened the ribbon with water from the vase, cleaned the chief’s desk.
And sat back easily in the chair.


The chief, who had barely opened his eyes, muttered as he scanned Anita thoroughly.

“The bed will be unpleasant.
You’re lucky if your back doesn’t hurt tomorrow morning.”

“There have been instances when I slept on the ground exclusively for an entire month.
During that full moon, I ate nothing but jerky.
I am capable of removing dust from the cabinet and ironing the clothes.
Is it not sufficient?”

Before settling in Chavalon, the Volloni family endured numerous difficulties.

Among these, the most problematic one was when her father inherited her grandfather’s property.

In order to inherit the property, they falsified her grandfather’s will and was afterwards accused of dodging a substantial sum of tax.

That winter, Anita was forced to stay at the home of a family friend of her father.
To avoid being a burden on her father despite her youth, she attempted not to feel disappointed by assisting with little home duties.

Her father did not stop Anita because, in general, he believed that it is preferable to experience everything.

One would not have predicted that such a helpful day would arrive.

The warden wiped a cigarette gently into the ashtray as he laughed.

“Come out tomorrow morning, I will assign you your assignment.”

Thank you very much.”

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Anita emerged from the storage area with a slight sigh of relief.

This will handle the immediate problem of housing and food.’

It seemed that Anita must preserve the remaining funds and make a maid costume.

Anita returned to the mansion while carrying a hefty suitcase.


Early the next morning

Anita was brought to the chief’s room by the director’s secretary shortly after she arrived at the station.


The chief tossed some paper onto the desk.
Is the location of the estate where she will get employment?

Anita meticulously unfolded the paper he had discarded.

[Cabaret owner, Melkin Schwager]

“It’s not a terrible chance.
There are many beautiful ladies in the world, but few are as exquisitely beautiful as a lady like you.”

The job for her was in a cabaret, but not as a chef or someone who was on a standby, but rather he wanted her to be a dancer.

“Hey, lady.
Do you believe you can just do domestic duties with that face?”

Anita breathed in deeply.

‘How should I refuse?’

Now, she really needed the director’s assistance.
Anita realize it would be dumb to leave her seat merely because it’s uncomfortable.

Her father said that if one is desperate, one should throw away his pride.
It is never too late to be proud of her accomplishments.

‘I can’t offend the chief.
I want a job that has nothing to do with my face.’

At that time.


The door to the chamber, which had been secured shut, opened.
The chief, who was excessively smoking, yelled with a creased face.

“What is this? I’m sure I never let anyone permission—”

“Greetings, Chief Olaf.”

It was a straightforward welcome.

His pace towards Anita is as natural as a river flowing.
She recognized the gentleman with the well-kept forehead.

‘How is this individual here?’

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“Who… are you?”

Perhaps because the guy was so well-dressed, the chief opened his lips cautiously without inhaling cigarette smoke.

This is my master’s business card.”

He received the man’s business card without question.
Soon, the eyes that verified the business card’s owner became larger as the card began to slide to the ground.

“Hey, what’s this…?The name on this business card, no, is this name even real—!”

“It is real.”

The guy who confirmed the chief’s question smiled gently towards Anita.

“Long time no see, Miss Anita.
You have become a lovely woman without me knowing.”

The man’s actual identity was Jill, Duke Edenbahir’s assistant.

Anita was met with a question that left her feeling a little perplexed.

“Long time no see, Jill.”

However, Jill seemed to have brought more shocking news than his own appearance.

“I’m glad that you’re healthy… because Lancelot is waiting for you.”

“What do you mean he’s waiting for me? Where?”

“Is there anywhere else beside the Volloni Mansion? We arrived a little late because we were working on this stuff first, to get things rolling.”

‘Arrived rather late.’

The meaning of those words was clearly certain.
It must indicate that he came to learn of the absence of Anita’s father.

When Anita was unable to provide a satisfactory response, Jill read through her as if she were peering within her.

“You need not worry about getting employment.
It seems that Lancelot had previously considered it.”

In his leisure time, she would have been visited by Lancelot.

Today might very well be the final opportunity to meet him.
As an employee, Anita will be unable to develop a close relationship with the duke’s heir.

At that time, Anita no longer felt pity for this position.

Let’s return to the manor.”

“We shall meet again.
Oh, chief? I will retrieve it.”

Jill snatched Lancelot’s business card from the warden with no mind.

“It’s just been half a day, but we appreciate your care for Lady Anita.
My master will shortly reward you.
Please wait for our contact.”

“Sure, yes, naturally.
Hey! The guests are leaving! Send them! No, no.
I’ll send them personally!”

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The chief, who rushed out of the room with an expectant expression, led the two out to the main road.

He didn’t forget to seek Anita for forgiveness right before the separation.

“Miss, kindly disregard that offer.
It seems that I misread the other viewpoint.
I’m sure there was a better job for you in store… hehe.
I am very sorry.”

Anita did not mock the chief, who was engaged in spouting blatant falsehoods.
Instead, she smiled gently and consoled him.

“Because everyone makes errors.
When we next meet, may I apply for the position you mentioned?”

“Obviously! Please accept my business card.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.
Literally at any moment”

‘You must have been shocked to get a business card from Duke Edenbahir.’

Lancelot accomplished several positive results.

‘Next time I can acquire a definite job.’ Anita carefully stored the director’s business card in her wallet.

Jill, who assisted Anita in boarding, called her while operating the steam locomotive.

“Miss Anita.”


“I realize it’s arrogant interference, but… Please do not be overly critical of Edenbahir.”

It was a very presumptive request… It’s a type of request that could make one feel both regret and gratitude.

Anita, who dimly understood the question’s aim, inquired carefully.

“Did Lancelot await my arrival?”

Come to Edenbahir for assistance? ‘No’.

Jill added an afterthought after her embarrassment-inducing denial.

“He was certain that you would not visit Edenbahir.”

Anita gazed straight ahead feeling an odd sensation.

‘Ten years have passed since I last knew Lancelot.’

Except for the previous two years, Anita spent every winter at Edenbahir, so it would not be out of the ordinary to say that they were well acquainted.

It is a reunion after a lengthy separation.

When Anita tried to remember his face, anxiety began to build in her shoulders.

‘We haven’t seen each other in two years, despite the fact that the distance between us can be traversed in four hours and cannot be considered significant.’

To be accurate, it was almost as if they had never met.
Because Anita avoided meeting him unilaterally.

There is a single explanation.

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Anita wanted her heart to shatter for him.

‘I don’t regret it.’

Anita was proud of her knowledge of her place.

Lancelot and Claunia were able to have such a connection with Anita throughout her lifetime, and this was due to good fortune that extended beyond her place.
They were buddies that one could only get if she were a national hero in her former life.

Therefore, Anita must stop at that line.

‘Sometimes I recall a dear buddy.’

‘A buddy who makes me nostalgic for my youth.
A companion with only pleasant recollections.
A buddy who is more at ease than uncomfortable whenever we meet.’

Lancelot Edenbahir and Anita Volloni were required to have this kind of connection.
That was Anita’s one insatiable and incomprehensible longing.
To continue being Lancelot’s buddy.

‘It was a decision for this avarice and I want to avoid it.’

During the two years that Anita had not encountered Lancelot, she committed her whole being to assisting her father.

‘When I really missed hearing Lancelot’s voice, I would retrieve a letter we sent once every season and read it gently.’

Possibly as a result of this effort, the mere thought of Lancelot’s face now causes Anita’s heart to race or makes her anxious.

A policy that disengages the body and the mind.
It wasn’t a terrible decision.

“Jill… how did you know that I was in the employment office?”

“I was blessed.
I came shortly after your departure.”

It seems that Anita is being followed.

In the meanwhile, they arrived at their destination.
Anita slowly regained her breath and made her way to the mansion across the courtyard.

The incessant footsteps came to a halt in front of the chamber that was formerly her bedroom.
The door that should have been closed was partially open.
Anita cautiously pulled the door halfway open.

Anita saw things.

His back was broader and more rigid than Anita recalled.

The blonde guy was seated on a half-rotten chair of wood that was strewn around the room while gazing out the window.
The opulent blue handkerchief on the chair identified the individual as Lancelot Edenbahir.

In a comfortable seated posture with his legs crossed, Anita cannot discern any other feeling but boredom.

The gentleman, Lancelot, gently turned his head and their eyes met.

“Anita Volloni.”

A loud and powerful call penetrated Anita’s ears.
It was a voice that was heard more clearly due to the fact that it could not exist in this place.

“Come here.”

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