ce the duke of Edenbahir became sick.

Around that time, the amount of time Anita had to meet with Lancelot fell drastically.

According to all accounts, Lancelot was occupied with succession planning.
Even more so if the person is the heir of the Edenbahir dynasty.

In the middle of everything, he came to see Anita in person for whatever reason.

‘I was resolved to remain silent in order to create as little disruption as possible.’

Four hours after leaving the Volloni estate, the carriage arrived at the residence of Duke Edenbahir.

After two years, Edenbahir was as calm as it had been the previous year and ten years before.

As soon as Anita grasped Lancelot’s hand and exited the vehicle, his butler appeared out of nowhere.
Lancelot, who talked non stop for a few sentences, had a little worried smile on his face as he clicked his tongue.

“I’ll go first… so you can rest.”

As expected, Lancelot is busy.

Anita nodded louder than ever before.

“Yes… I’ll pretend like I don’t exist.
Don’t mind me and just do what you gotta do.”

“You don’t have to be so silent.
Because nobody wants you to do so.”

With a single phrase, Lancelot vanished like the wind.

Soon, the butler, Leonald, whom she had known for as long as she had known Lancelot, greeted Anita with a serene grin.

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“I’ve heard that you want to spend the summer here.
We will make every effort to serve you.”

“Thank you very much.”

This is what Lancelot asserted.
It was so considerate.
It was Anita who practically annually visited the Duke of Edenbahir.

She believes that the rooms where strangers reside are located on the third level.
Anita was brought up to the second level by Leonald.

“The women’s restroom is at the rear.
The third story is often reserved for external visitors.”

Consequently, Anita may have to reside on the third level. ‘Is the guest room occupied?’

Anita ignored the subsequent queries and followed Leonard’s footprints.
The bedroom she was shown to was a huge, bright, and organized space.

“It is really spacious.”

The second-largest room is located on the second level.

The second floor’s biggest and widest room is Lancelot’s bedroom.
The room for Anita however, was allocated for the use of the duke’s family.

“I am not in a position to be cared for in such a manner.”

After Leonard departed.
Anita examined the closet and drawers by herself to determine what remained of her belongings.

The servant had previously organized her belongings, but if this situation lasted for one season, it would be preferable to rearrange them in a more familiar manner.


Then, a knock was heard from behind the door that was carefully shut.

The guest was Lancelot.

“Is your work done?”

He queried Anita while leaning against the door in his more comfortable vest.

“Is the timing suitable?”

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Anita returned her gaze to her bed.

On the bed were strewn items that had not yet been organized.
Everyone could tell that Anita seemed to be engaged in cleaning.

Asking despite knowing such a thing would indicate that it was an urgent matter in and of itself.
She shook her head unequivocally.

“No… please feel free to talk.”

“Follow me, I have something important to say.”

Lancelot dashed out of the bedroom.

Anita followed him without even the opportunity to clean up.

There was no need to go far.
Their footsteps halted at the next room.
It was a room Lancelot used alone before Anita came.

“I’ll tell you in advance.”

As soon as he sat on the couch, he began speaking.

Anita focused her whole attention to Lancelot’s words since the mood was rather solemn.

“My recommendation is that you should not waste time.
It’s a serious conclusion, so don’t dismiss it with laughter.”

“I will not.”

Anita thought about the significance of his proposition.
It must be serious since he doesn’t want Anita to even giggle.

‘Is he gonna introduce me to a job through a friend?’

‘Or identity laundering?’

‘Or maybe a matchmaker with an elderly aristocrat might aid her position—’

“Marry me.”


“If feasible, do not reject.
Because only by marrying me can you ensure your standing.”

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