Chapter 13

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Hearing those remarks left Anita’s thoughts blank.

Her eyes were focused instinctively on Lancelot’s face, focusing intently on the change in expression of the one gazing at him.

Lancelot did not speak.

The proposal lacked the modest thrill and humiliation that were intended to be expressed.
It was serious, but nothing more.
It was as if the marriage proposal had never left his firmly clenched lips.

‘What’s he thinking? He never saw me as a woman.’

This resulted in Anita’s heart stopping just before it reached an unreachable level.

“I want to ask… you’re not joking, right?”

“Are there any scum who make marriage jokes?”

“Then I must refuse.

Lancelot was not astonished nor upset by her rejection.
Rather, he inquired as if greeting someone.

“Why am I being rejected?”

“Well… first of all, you don’t have a ring.”

Initially, it was intended to be a little fun.
She knew once again that Lancelot had no genuine affections for her.

No one knew if he had considered Anita even a little amount of logic.

If he had even a very weak heart, would he not have proposed by presenting her with a little ring?


‘Remain composed, Anita.
Why are you sad? Why do you continue to attempt to extract more from him?’

The apathy of Lancelot is not a sin.
All of the causes were attributable to Anita, who could not even comprehend the topic and instead desired his attention.

Instead, Lancelot was very worried about Anita.

People spoke in unison.
Anita believes that she is unique in his eyes.
She was always the lone recipient of his kindness.

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‘I’m speaking because I know nothing.’

It resembles a line. ‘You are my dearest companion.’ A line that will appropriately treat Anita.

As long as Anita does not betray Lancelot, mock him, or disdain him, he will likewise become a reliable friend.

Lancelot does not and never will love Anita.
He has neither the ability nor the desire to love.

‘These are the same comments that I received straight from Lancelot not so long ago, therefore nothing will change.’

Therefore, Anita must also preserve the good.

Because she wants to maintain their friendship.

Is it a virtue to possess a heart? The weird sensation and anguish that had been on the verge of rising went away like snow.

She pondered if her own melancholy might be seen, so she spoke while reviving her depleted strength.

“I was joking, so pretend you didn’t hear what I said.
Are you attempting to hold me responsible for Edenbahir’s appearance?”

However, the issue is that even when pushed up, the stakes were already too high.

Anita coughed a little to clarify her voice, which had grown too animated.

Obviously, I am aware that you are not that person.”

“I am good at expressing words in a cold manner.”

Anita smiled nervously and nodded in confirmation.
But even his grandmother is aware that Lancelot lacks compassion.

Lancelot, after a period of silence, asked while leaning against the sofa’s backrest.

“If you have worked as a maid? What’s your next plan? Do you want to work for it your entire life?”

Anita responded calmly to a question that abruptly shifted subject matter.

“When I have a little amount of money, I will attempt to locate my father.”


As soon as this winter is done—”

After a little pause, she repeated her question with dread.

“Have you heard nothing?”

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“What story? About your father’s disappearance? Or the downfall of your family?”

The too frank language is no longer shocking.
So that Anita could be certain.

“You know something.”

At least with regard to her father’s absence, Lancelot is more knowledgeable than she is.

The moment she recognized this, her fingers began to quiver.
Anita expelled her rumbling breath and opened her lips with composure.

“What the heck… No, I’ll ask you later since it may be hard for you to refrain from telling me initially.
Nonetheless, Dad… I do not know whether my father is in good health—”

“Calm down, Anita Volloni.
Do you believe that I would pretend I am unaware of your personal history?”

A stern and icy reprimand.
A voice that lacks any sense of warmth.

Nonetheless, Anita felt oddly out of breath.
Since she is aware that he is not a liar.

“Continue the narrative.
You said you were searching for your father, correct? I wonder what you will do if you cannot locate him.”

“I will search for him endlessly.” 

“I implore you, please be more careful with such a question.”

“Therefore marry me, Anita.”

Clearly, it had the same tone as his first words.
Given the tone, it would not be surprising if he were to spill the beans.

However, something strange occurred this time.

Lancelot would never discuss his upcoming marriage for trivial reasons.’

Marriage to protect one’s identity?

That the duke’s heir would marry a lady of low social standing for such a purpose? It was an offer that went way beyond what Lancelot had been preserving for his friend.

“Marry me and get retribution.”


The word sounded to Anita like her father had died.

“I have never met a more attentive guy than your father.
It is illogical for the Volloni family to collapse overnight.
And also you seem like you’re bankrupt—”

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The instantaneous knock drew their attention to the individual approaching the door in silence.


The guest was nothing but wonderful.

Lancelot’s face as he looks back at him is negative.
It was a face with teeth that were grinding, but he ultimately looked at Jill.

We’ll discuss it more later.”

Anita questioned him as fast as she could.

“Lancelot, how about my dad?”

“I’m still uncertain about that portion.
Be warned that persons are being released and examined even in Edenbahir.”

Anita is relieved.

Lancelot was still uncertain about her father’s demise, but his anxiousness over the previous two days had diminished significantly.

“Really… Thank you so much Lancelot… I will now go back to my room.
You seem busy so I won’t stay for long.”

There is still hope.

For Anita, that alone was plenty.


After Anita left the office, only Lancelot and Jill remained.

Jill quickly approached Lancelot after confirming that Anita’s shadow had totally vanished by craning his neck towards the aisle.

I am aware that you are engaged in an important discussion, but I felt it was time to inform you.”

Even if he used it as an excuse… he was already aware of the fact.

Jill, who was assisting his father, relocated with Lancelot two years ago.

His superior situational awareness and intelligence allowed him to tolerate sitting next to his new boss.

Lancelot was aware of his pickiness.

His intrinsic character and meticulousness developed an unusual synergy with the sensitivity of his own boss, and compelled him to abandon his three aides.

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The synergy with his new boss.

Still, there were benefits.
It is stated that the elders of the families that studied there ensured a certain degree of independence.

This liberty was also Lancelot’s intent.

“Say it.”

“According to rumors, Prince Reinhardt will visit the royal palace this month.”

Prince Reinhardt.

Lancelot had no particular response to the name.

He however, had several thoughts.

Jill saw that Lancelot’s mouth was sealed and that his head was whirling.

The heir to the duke of Edenbahir was an expert at concealing his feelings.

His steady demeanor anyplace and at any moment propelled him to the front of the gold environment against him.

Lancelot’s innate psychotic disposition also contributed to this, however…

The fact that he was the heir of the Edenbahir family likely had the most significant effect.

Obviously, Jill lacked the courage to become a human figure like Lancelot just because he was the duke’s successor.

“The most probable event is the Queen’s Birthday Banquet, held a week later.
Despite the low traffic travel, the Queen and Prince Reinhard are first cousins.”

A queen in the kingdom of Montevio is referred to as a Female King.

This follows the existing nomenclature of the Imperial Atlante and is drawn from the Imperial Law, which declares that the companion selected by the emperor is on par with him.
This designation was often used by royal families claiming descent from the Imperial Atlante.

“I cannot resist.
Immediately send a letter to the queen.
The wedding with Anita Volloni has been confirmed as of today, and I await the date.”

Is he sure?

Jill, recalling the pained look on Anita’s face, nodded slowly.

When Jill considers her personality, it seems that the project will be difficult, but when he considers her personality, the plan seems to materialize in some way.

Anita Volloni is unable to compete with Lancelo Edenbahir.

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