rendered speechless by the Duke of Edenbahir.

Because of the bones sticking under his thin frame, Duke Edenbahir was like a mummy lying on his bed.

‘Since you cannot see my face, I anticipated it—

I began to lament the fact that I hadn’t seen him in two years.’

Anita walked by the doctor, who seemed to have just completed her nighttime checkup, and sat on the chair beside the bed with caution.

“Duke, I haven’t seen you in a very long time.
It’s me, Anita.”

She spoke softly, but received no answer.

Anita felt like a fool for approaching him in hope.

“You’re sick and in discomfort so you cannot be woken up.”

At that time,

The doctor, who was in the midst of arranging her suitcase, put a little letter on her lap while she was in the process of talking with the Duke and murmured

“Do not reveal it to anyone.
Likewise to Lancelot-nim.
These are the goods arranged for Miss Anita by the Duke.”

Before the doctor left the room, she inquired hurriedly while staring blankly at the envelope.

“I… the Duke’s health—”

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The physician swiftly turned her head and responded in a quiet tone.

“He occasionally opens his eyes… but—”

That’s it.

After the door had shut, Anita retrieved the Duke’s letter.

Why not show it to Lancelot as well?

She cautiously opened the envelope containing her inquiry.
The item included was a worn-out ticket.

[Shallywood for Eden: Item Storage Green 136]

Chavalon is home to the expansive amusement park Shallywood for Eden.
It is a ticket to the amusement park’s baggage storage facility.

“Duke, why did you give me this?”

There is no method to get a response.

Anita, who stood by the Duke of Edenbahir, returned to her room with an old ticket in her arms. I hope tomorrow will come soon.


“Miss! Are you really comfortable traveling alone? I already have a steam-powered automobile and attendant on standby.”

Anita, who was just about to leave the duke’s mansion, was summoned by a loud voice.
Jill was the one who followed her around the garden.

Anita responded, replacing her brimmed hat without a crease.
The housemaids cleaned and pressed her garments last night, so the dresses, caps, and scarves she brought were as good as new.

“I’ll be stopping by for a bit.
I do not want to be a bother.”

“How can a vehicle and an employee be considered a nuisance?”

Anita smiled slightly as she regarded Jill, whose expression she could not comprehend in the least.

It is now 3 pm.

It was the ideal moment to visit the amusement park under the guise of a casual excursion.

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Since the morning, Lancelot has seemed occupied.

For Anita, who was required to conceal the presence of the ticket, it was also a chance to go without meeting his gaze.

“Lancelot expressed interest in having supper with you.
Is that alright?”

“Yes… I will go.”

“Then be cautious.
Simply provide this business card to the management office if anything goes wrong.
Then they shall help you immediately.”

Jill sent Anita with Lancelot’s business card, and she immediately proceeded to the amusement park.

It took her just 20 minutes to get from the downtown area to the amusement park in the automobile with the proceeds from selling the earrings.

“One adult.”

She entered the amusement park after purchasing a ticket and saw the people with fresh eyes.

There were much too many.

‘This is not the case.
Luggage storage, luggage storage—’

No matter how hard she searched, she was unable to locate the green vault; only the red and blue vaults were there.
When she read the sign posted at the door to the storage area, Anita believed she understood the rationale.

[Long-term storage items will be relocated to the old storage.
The former storage space is situated on the first level of the waste management facility.]

It is anything that has been kept for an extended period of time.
The green archive would be what they refer to as the old archive.
When she considered the look of the old ticket, she was confident.

“Sister Anita?”

At that time.

A delicate, soft voice emanated from behind Anita’s back.

Anita’s eyes widened as she identified the voice’s source.


Sasha House, Claunia’s sister, approached her and gave her a loving embrace.


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