just monitored Lancelot’s health, read books, and solved puzzles.

“I’m worried, and also cold.”

“But Lancelot is always sick… so don’t stay beside him always, you’ll get sick.
If the both of you are unwell, I’m gonna be so sad because I have no one to play with.”

“Don’t fret.
Sleep peacefully, Claunia.”

Claunia nodded and left peacefully. 

It seems at first glance that Anita fell asleep in the quiet bedroom.
The tossing noise gradually roused Anita’s consciousness, which had already sunk to the bottom of the ocean.


After blinking her eyes incoherently for some time, she hastily rose from a loud groan.





Did the discomfort he felt return?

However, this time was different.

Lancelot, who had fallen out of bed, was trembling as though experiencing an epileptic seizure.

‘What… what should I do?’

Anita rushed to him and assessed his condition.

“Lancelot, are you okay?”


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However, the situation is not normal.

From the top of his chest to the bottom of the chin, tiny veins jutted out like the roots of an ancient tree.
The white, split lips were continuously bitten, blood was streaming, and his whole body shook violently.

Lancelot, taking a big breath, mumbled as if he were ill.

“My heart is… heated.”

‘His… His chest is in pain? But why? Did his heart hurt?’

“Wait a minute, I’ll call someone… Ouch!”

Anita’s body, which was ready to call for help, was repelled by a grasp she had never previously encountered.

The blood-brittle back of his hand was clasping her arms.
Blood started to form on the light nails that had penetrated the white flesh.

“Ow, it’s painful, Lancelot!”


Then, abruptly, a weird glare erupted in Lancelot’s eyes, which had opened with a flare of light.

Momentarily, Anita’s respiration ceased.


At the unusual feeling of his pulse thumping, she inhaled and automatically arched her back.

‘What’s that?’

It stings like an electric shock in her chest.

Anita regarded Lancelot with a blank expression in a weird and unfamiliar way.

His eyes were a little peculiar.
The pupils of reptiles are lengthy and longitudinally torn.
It was the look of his pupils…

‘Golden eyes?’

Were Lancelot’s eyes really brilliantly yellow? As she recalled, it was a little shade of dark green…


Anita, frightened by Lancelot’s scream, embraced his body.

His blue-colored lips let forth a tormenting groan.

‘It was eerie.
Lancelot, unlike anybody else, that formidable Lancelot… I could not believe that I was sobbing since the agony was unbearable.’

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Lancelot said while pushing Anita’s fingers over her neck.

“You need to kill me—”

‘What am I to do in this situation?’


What if Lancelot’s body fails in this manner? If Anita tried to go out to locate someone, she became concerned that he may potentially injure himself.

Lancelot was not strangled by Anita.
Instead, he gave him a tighter embrace.

The ache in his arm vanished without so much as a mouse or a bird in sight.

A raspy whisper was heard,

“Damn it hurts.
rather… You kill me, Anita.

“Okay, you’re okay, Lancelot; you’ll be fine with a little patience.
You have always had.”

Even one day is better than none, therefore Anita wanted to share his suffering.

“I will remain in this place.
I’ll keep vigil all night.
It’s all right, Lancelot.
it’s alright.”

His convulsions did not cease.
Anita stammered and opened her lips, transferring her warmth to his corpse-like body.

“Hey, you’re here.
The circus cast has arrived.
Claunia informed me the previous day.
She suggested numerous times that we go have a look, but I declined.”

Anita herself was ignorant of the subject at hand.

She continued to talk despite this.
With one arm, she embraced Lancelot, while with the other, she rubbed his skeletal back.

“It’s a wonderful circus.
Too… It is well-known, thus it must have attracted visitors from the adjacent cities.
The child said of a very tall guy and a lady who breathed fire—”






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