Chapter 2

G-Mech is a mechanism that people use in the world like robots,creation,helping people and also by going to battle.

The names Mike and Im from the U.S and I got to Havrion High School, once when I was 3 years old the U.S and Japan got into a war and Japan won by taking part of our country.

Before I knew it my dad participated in the war to protect us and to protect the country but he died, there was no sign of him and even his friends tried finding him but no luck and thats why I will get into the army and defeat Japan.

My day started normal get up,take a shower,eat breakfast and walk my way to school and sometimes I walk with my friends, and when its after school me and Jake go to a hidden place where only me and him can be able to go to.

After we got there we both saw soldiers from the army and they are prepared to go to battle.

Hey Jake ready to use the G-Mech she prepared for us-Mike

But are you sure? She will probably get mad at us for using it early-Jake

True but cmon I want to test it out and don you want to test it out also-Mike

Yeah I do but-Jake

Then its settled lets use our G-Mech!-Mike

When we started putting our G-Mech to work we were able to use it and after we were done we sneaked in the back of their base and we used our G-Mech but someone spotted us. We immediately run as fast as we could but we got by the Captain.

Why are you two here again?-Alfredo

Ah! If it isn Mr. Alfredo well um we wanted to help you out and you know win against Japan-Mike

You know this is a restricted area right? So you have to leave now or else Ill contact your mother that you have being doing these kind of stuff plus if you want to enter you need a ID-Alfredo

No don call my mother shell be mad cmon Ill leave if you let me go alright-Mike

Fine plus your gonna have to give me that G-Mech you got there-Alfredo


When we got released I got really pissed who does he think he is, always telling me what to do and boss me around like he was my dad. Oh father I miss you, I wished you hadn gone to war and if you were still here little sis will be healthy and happy.


Hey! What happy to my G-Mechs!-Lucy

Oh sorry um how much do I pay you for them?-Mike

Pay! Your saying that your gonna pay me I don need money I want to know why you stole them again!-Lucy

Sorry I will somehow repay you-Mike

I walked away from Lucy, I wasn feeling well so I went straight to class and ignore everyone and just feel depressed.

Why are you feeling so down my bro-Justin

Its none of your concern just leave me alone-Mike

So its true you have been ignoring everyone today well see ya! Hope you feel better-Justin

When school was done I went back home and go to my room and just lay in bed. Why do I feel so down? Why couldn I talk to anyone normally? Why?.

After I took a rest I turned on the television and what I saw was horrifying I saw people dead and machines broken then does that mean also Mr. Alfredo is dead?

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