Chapter 4

Crap he threw the EMP Surge I won get out in time what should I do? Jake I need to tell jake to help me out but where is he right now?

(EMP Surge explodes)

Oh crud I was to late. After that happened I couldn move my Mech and there was no service but when I was about to try to get out I heard a shout.

Mike!! What the actual hell is that?-Lucy

Its the Mech I have been making plus I was going to give this to you for everything I had done-Mike

Hehe if only I couldve open the hatch a little bit before the it activated then I wouldve gotten a chance to get out wait what about the other guy is he stuck inside his Mech.

[Shinjis POV]

Oh well im stuck here inside the Mech I might as well wait till back-up comes and help me out but if I can wait for 30 more minutes then the both of us will be able to use the Mech. I have been wondering why did he ask me if I was Japanese?

Then that means he hates people from Japan well im the same as him I hate people from the U.S because they murdered my family and everyone that was important to me. I need to contact The Captain and tell him to help me out.

When I took out my phone I forgot there was no service but before I knew it the guys friends came to help him out and when I watching them get him out I got attacked from the back and there was a man with bloody arms and I tried getting out but no use I can get out I guess im gonna die now.

[Mikes POV]

When Jake and Lucy was trying to get me out I saw someone was attacking the Mech and when I got a closer view I saw Mr. Alfredo and hes bleeding I tried to hurry up and help him out or hell kill the guy inside the Mech.

Hey Lucy! Can you go help out Mr. Alfredo please?-Mike

Understood Ill help him out and Jake try to get him him out quickly before anyone else comes here-Lucy

Yes maam-Jake

After a while has passed I finally got out of the Mech and take it and we tried to take the guy inside the other Mech but it was to late his companions were already there and we took of and left the area and we made it to my house and helped Mr. Alfredo get better.

Hey Mike tell me why did you make this Mech?-Lucy

Didn I tell you so I can repay for what I have done-Mike

But why didn you tell me you dummy head I wouldve helped you on making it stronger and better but you kept it a secret from me well Im gonna get going see ya at school-Lucy

See ya!-Mike

Shes right if I told her about the Mech I wouldve beaten him and save Mr. Alfredo but right now my mom is trying her best to treat him better and what can I do? I need to be in the army so I can defeat Shinji and Japan as well.

Big brother whats wrong?-Lilly

Lilly what are doing out here you should be in bed so you can rest well-Mike

But you look worried Big brother-Lilly

Yeah I am worried about you and the future of the U.S what can I do to help everyone. When my sister was little she was sick and the doctor said that if we don treat her well shell die, Ive been trying my best to earn money and buy medicine for her but if this keeps up there is nothing I can do for her.

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