Chapter 4

r thought he would actually accept the fight but I need to focus on defeating him for now.

[10 minutes later Shinji and Kyato are about to start the fight]

Ready Shinji cuz this will be over and no time-Kyato

Yeah! Im ready when you are!-Shinji

Well let the match begin-Mutaka

[Kyato advances with his quick speed and to land the first hit]

Shit! Kyatos speed is in another level I can dodge.

[Shinji dodges the first blow and takes out his katana to fight back]

Kekeke what is that katana gonna do? Hurt me? hehehehe-Kyato

Youll regret saying that in the first place!!-Shinji

[With shinjis speed he immediately got close to Kyato and suddenly he got shinji falls into kyatos trap]

What is this! Why is it so sticky?-Shinji

Hehehe you fell for my trap-Kyato

[Kyato uses his special skill and goes all out to be able to defeat Shinji]

Demon Thrust Special Skill-Demons Wrath!-Kyato

[Kyato uses his skill and Shinji got beaten up after the skill he used but Shinji got back up on his knees]

Damn maybe I should go all out to hehehe maybe Kyato will be surprised if I end this with one blow.

Galaxys Sword-Galactic Slash!-Shinji

[With Shinji using his Galactic Slash Kyato got defeated and the fight was over and Shinji was the winner]

Finally this was one long battle-Mutaka

General im sorry that I wasted your time-Shinji

Its alright tomorrow we will come out with a plan get some rest my boy-Mutaka

Yes Sir!!!-Shinji

[Mikes POV]

Its been a day since they attacked us. They started rebuilding places that got destroyed in the battle plus everyone recovered well and I have a feeling that a War is going to happen soon.

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