Chapter 5

[Shinjis POV]

Its been a day since we went to the US. I got help from my teammates and we couldn get them but im for sure that in todays meeting we will have a plan to see if we can get that mech.

[In The Meeting]

Hello! I am your general for this meeting and my name is Mutaka-Mutaka

Today we will be talking about the investigation we did in the US and so you know we had a war with the US and we defeated them but still us japanese will start this meeting-Mutaka

First would anyone start by adding a subject-Mutaka

Me I want to talk about the Mech that I went up against-Shinji

Ah yes my boy Shinji hm yes lets talk about that subject first. Alright so the one driving the mech was a person from the US or we can call them American but one thing for sure is that they are trying to gain their country back but we wont let them because they have low territory and we have almost all of the US-Mutaka

Will I say something Mr. General-Kyato

Hm? What is it?-Mutaka

Well this will have to include with Shinji and the thing is why did he pick a fight with a American-Kyato

What is he talking about all I did was secure the place this bastard why is he bringing that up now this is bad.

I need to tell the General about what happened why did Kyato bring that up plus my rank will decrease if I don come up with something crap I can think of anything.

Hm what about it Kyato? He did a splendid job out there!-Mutaka

What but the thing is im against that he fought someone from the US-Kyato

Let me tell you this Kyato you wanna go or what?-Shinji

Hehehe you think you will defeat me haha your in a lower rank than me so then Ill accept your fight-Kyato

Crap I never thought he would actually accept the fight but I need to focus on defeating him for now.

[10 minutes later Shinji and Kyato are about to start the fight]

Ready Shinji cuz this will be over and no time-Kyato

Yeah! Im ready when you are!-Shinji

Well let the match begin-Mutaka

[Kyato advances with his quick speed and to land the first hit]

Shit! Kyatos speed is in another level I can dodge.

[Shinji dodges the first blow and takes out his katana to fight back]

Kekeke what is that katana gonna do? Hurt me? hehehehe-Kyato

Youll regret saying that in the first place!!-Shinji

[With shinjis speed he immediately got close to Kyato and suddenly he got shinji falls into kyatos trap]

What is this! Why is it so sticky?-Shinji

Hehehe you fell for my trap-Kyato

[Kyato uses his special skill and goes all out to be able to defeat Shinji]

Demon Thrust Special Skill-Demons Wrath!-Kyato

[Kyato uses his skill and Shinji got beaten up after the skill he used but Shinji got back up on his knees]

Damn maybe I should go all out to hehehe maybe Kyato will be surprised if I end this with one blow.

Galaxys Sword-Galactic Slash!-Shinji

[With Shinji using his Galactic Slash Kyato got defeated and the fight was over and Shinji was the winner]

Finally this was one long battle-Mutaka

General im sorry that I wasted your time-Shinji

Its alright tomorrow we will come out with a plan get some rest my boy-Mutaka

Yes Sir!!!-Shinji

[Mikes POV]

Its been a day since they attacked us. They started rebuilding places that got destroyed in the battle plus everyone recovered well and I have a feeling that a War is going to happen soon.

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