Chapter 6

[Mikes POV]

Hey Mike hurry up and pass me the wrench!-Lucy

Im going, Im going plus may I ask why are we making the Mech better?-Mike

Because when you used it I came up with a idea to make it better and stronger-Lucy

Me and Lucy somehow started working together to make the Mech better and stronger plus we had a little help with some of our other friends and whenever I look at the mech I keep remembering about that fight.

Mike may I have a word with you?-Mr. Alfredo

Um yes sir!-Mike

For some reason Mr. Alfredo called me in and I feel like he wants to tell me very important so we started walking outside and took a little walk.

You know Mike you don have to make the Mech stronger and you know why? Its because its already strong-Mr. Alfredo

What are you saying? I couldn do anything I failed to win-Mike

Thats not true believe in me I always tell the truth plus get ready because they are coming again to check on that place where you two fought-Mr. Alfredo

Again? This can be my time to shine and get revenge on the Japanese-Mike

[The Next Day]

Today is the day that they are coming here to investigate the area and I have to be careful not to get caught by anyone and not be suspicious.

*Knock x2*

Yes come in-Mike

Hello American I came here to talk to you-???

Who are you and what do you want?-Mike

Hm let me introduce myself first my name is Makoto and I am one of the Seven Assassins of Japan-Makoto

Huh? Seven Assassins? Ha stop playing around with me and get out of my house-Mike

This pressure is enormous and I won be able to go to school if he is in my way plus how did he know on where I lived could he be one of his allies.

I wanted to ask if you know anything about the incident that happened a few day ago?-Makoto

Ive heard of it but what I know is that I heard rumors about a high school student being in that incident-Mike

Thats right take the bait and if I continue to lie Ill be able to get away with it nice work Mike hehehe.

A high school student huh? Well thanks for the information Sayonara-Makoto

Phew he finally left from my room and now its time to go to school…

You know its really sad that you were lying to me just a few minutes ago-Makoto

Wait how did you-Mike

Its simple I have a ability to tell if people are lying to me-Makoto

This is impossible how am I going to get away with this. Plus if I don hurry Ill be late please leave, please leave, please leave.

Well it seems like you know nothing about it then well Ill take my leave now-Makoto

This bastard is gonna pay if I get late!!!!

[Shinjis POV]

We are visiting the place of what happened plus Makoto left early to ask some people if they know anything about it plus if I can find that guy that was here plus I have duty which is boring and the fight that me and Kyato had was epic I wish I can fight someone right know.

(Mr. Shinji we are detecting a strong presence and its heading on your way)

What! I guess I get to have a little fun right now.

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