Chapter 6

Shut it you old geezer!-Shinji

[Master Shinji get out of there now!]

Now listen to me! With the power of Ice, I will now dominate my opponents! Unleash! Dragon of Ice!-Icicle

I guess this is my last chance I will now be able to see my mother once again-Shinji


Oh little Shinji my boy, Your to young to die right now. We need you and your strength to be able to take over the world!-Mutaka

(Damn! Who is this old geezer? He somehow stopped my attack, He might be bad news)-Icicle

Now you young man, you said your name was Icicle right?-Mutaka

Yeah thats right! So what about it?-Icicle

Hm? Lets do a little duel shall we?-Mutaka

Alright Ill accept your challenge-Icicle

Plus Ive never fought one of the 59 Wonders Of The World-Mutaka

Just letting you know I won hold back and Ill give you a chance to retreat or your dead meat!-Icicle

Ha! Ha! Ha! I like your spirit young man now shall we proceed?-Mutaka

Here I go!-Icicle

(What the hell is commander Mutaka actually gonna fight him? I have to help him out!)-Shinji

[Slash of The Sun]-Mutaka


(Crap he alost got me right there! I have to finish this fight quickly)-Icicle

Hohoho! Im having fun right now-Mutaka

[Frozen Tempest]-Icicle

Hm? Oh no I have to attack quick!-Mutaka

[Flaming Dragon Dance]-Mutaka


Phew that was clo-!?-Mutaka

[Icicle Blade]-Icicle

Y-you bastard H-how did you do t-that?-Mutaka

(Did General Mutaka lost? No way Ive shouldve helped him but im just gonna die)-Shinji

Now that the fight is over, Its your turn little boy!-Icicle

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