Chapter 8

[Mikes POV]

For some reason today feels kinda off oh well I better pay attention or else I won know on what to do.


Hm? The gym? But why is there something happening right now?

[5 minutes later]

Now that everyone is here the principal will now speak-Vice Principal

I wonder what is it about tho im kinda curious.

Ahem! Well today we have very bad news and the bad news is that we are now going to war. I know you might not believe me but its true-Principle

What the hell! A war? Impossible but why a war everyone is gonna die!

So right now we are now going to the bunker so we can help you all stay safe-Principal

What the actual Fuck is happening! But my sister is out there I need to go now!

Oi! Oi! Oi!-Makoto

Wait I think I heard that voice before.

Its fine everyone we are just taking a quick look around-Makoto

What do you mean by ”We ” Sir?-Principal

Oh its just that, Me and a friend came here but I can find him tho?-Makoto

Ah I see! Sorry for saying that Sir!-Principal



What the Hell did the principal just disappear?

What a poor man, He died so young-Makoto

Hey what did you do to him!?-Mike

Oh look its you!-Makoto

Mike! How do you know this man?-Lucy

He came to my house and started asking me questions and then he left but I never knew Ill see him here-Mike

Hahaha! Thats true-Makoto

Jake bring out the Mech!-Lucy

Giga Mech Launch!-Jake


What the hell!?-Jake

Let me introduce myself, My name is Makoto and I am one of the 50 Wonders Of The World!-Makoto

50 Wonders Of The World? What type of a lame name that is-Mike

Mike get out quick!-Lucy

You bastard! You dare say crap about us Ill now kill you!-Makoto


Yo Makoto! We gotta go now or else ”he ” is gonna get mad at us-Icicle

Ah you came? You came at the wrong time oh well mikey boy you got so lucky but next time Ill get you!-Makoto

Lets just go already!-Icicle

What the actual ** why did I say that I wouldve kept my mouth shut.

Mike are you alright?-Lucy

Don worry Im alright right now, What about Jake?-Mike

Don worry Im alright!-Jake

It seems we might actually go to a war in a couple of days-Mike

[Shinjis POV]

What the hell happened? Am I still alive? Did I lose to that man? What about commander Mutaka?

Oh looks like your awake now-Kyato

Kyato? What happened?-Shinji

Lucky you got out of there alive plus thanks to that mech you were using you barely took any injuries-Kyato

Wow I can believe the mech I was using saved me what a relief.

Plus Commander Mutaka is recovering right now, Somehow that old man made it out alive now to tell you something is that a school near here was actually attacked by another of the 50 Wonders but somehow almost anyone died except the principal-Kyato

Plus I don know if you know but we are now going to war against the 50 wonders-Kyato

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