art enough, nor was he very eloquent, so there were not many jobs to choose from.
But Zaizai was very lucky to be able to go to school.
For this reason, even though he worked almost all year round, Lu Ying was still very motivated.
In the future, when his son could stand on his own two feet, he could make further plans and go to a night school, adult university or something to cheer himself up.
Brother Yang said that the most important part of being a human was to study.
People studied from childhood to adulthood before they could become useful in society.
The ones like them, who came out of the mountains, needed to study more if they wanted to live like human beings.

Lu Ying had been making a living in the mountains for almost ten years, with only one year off in between.
During these years, he had had some understanding of human nature and the modern world.
In short, lack of education blocked all the ways; it was very difficult to find a job, and he was insulted and ridiculed for no reason.
In the past, he didn’t think much about it; it was fine as long as he could eat enough.
But… after having tasted happiness, anger, joy and sorrow, he knew he was becoming more and more of a human being.

The essence of being a human in one word:


On Sunday, Lu Ying had to work as usual.

On weekends every week, the child had nowhere to go.
Staying alone at home for a long time was not good.
Fortunately, the fifth floor of the shopping mall where he worked had a children’s play area.
Lu Ying got a discount card when it opened.
On Saturdays and Sundays, he put the child there to play.
He would have a meal with Zaizai at noon and take him home after getting off work.
It was also convenient.

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Today, he didn’t need to pick up the child from kindergarten, so it saved him some time.
Lu Ying went straight to the fifth floor after work at four o’clock, “Zaizai, Dad will take you to the supermarket to buy some delicious food.”

Zaizai, who had been playing in the playground with a red face, immediately jumped out, put on his shoes neatly and babbled: “Yes, yes, yes, I want to buy jelly! Little fish biscuits, piggy chocolates, canned oranges…”

“It depends on the situation.
If there’s anything on sale, we’ll buy more.
Sister Xiao Li, Zaizai hasn’t been naughty today, has he?” Lu Ying touched his son’s hot face with a smile and asked the sister who was checking the tickets.

Sister Xiao Li was about forty years old.
She smiled heartily when she heard the question, patted Zaizai on the shoulder and said, “How can he be naughty? Your Zaizai is very good.
He can have fun by himself and can take little brothers and sisters to play with him.
This child is very sensible and considerate.
It’s rare for a young father like you to raise a child so well.”

The corners of Lu Ying’s mouth would turn upwards whenever his son was praised: “I have very little time to teach him.
It is because his grandfather laid a good foundation when Zaizai was little.” This was the truth; since the boy was born, he was basically brought up by Grandpa Lu.
Lu Ying had no choice but to go to the village to earn money to buy milk powder for Zaizai.
At that time, he could only see his son at night; and now that he had the child with him, he still didn’t really have much time to spend together.

Sister Xiao Li probably knew Lu Ying’s family situation and sighed when she heard it: “It’s not easy for you, but it doesn’t matter.
You’re diligent and willing to work hard, and the child is obedient and sensible.
Life will get better one day.”

After chatting for a little while, Lu Ying left.
As Sister Xiao Li watched the father and son leave, her eyes filled with regret.
Lu Ying was a young man she admired, and his diligence was hard to find these days.
Coupled with his incredible appearance, he was a walking illustration to the word ‘heartthrob’.
For a while, she tried frantically to find a match for Lu Ying, but there were few suitable candidates.
Lu Ying was too poor, an orphan, without any family property and actually uneducated, having never even studied in primary school.
She found two suitable people with difficulty, but to her surprise, when she asked Lu Ying, he didn’t agree and didn’t want to remarry at all!

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Lu Ying entered the lift with his child in tow and chose the -1 floor where the supermarket was located.
Reaching the fourth floor, the lift stopped and several staff members in suits came in.
Manager Zhang was his immediate boss.
Lu Ying sighed inwardly; what bad luck.

Manager Zhang was in her thirties and was a capable married woman.
Although she had only been in office for a few months, her colleagues were all very impressed with her.

She looked at Lu Ying and smiled, “Off work?”


The rest of the staff were silent, pretending not to notice anything.

Fortunately, Manager Zhang and her companions soon walked out on the second floor.

Lu Ying reached the -1 floor when his mobile phone text message alerted him.
His head ached when he clicked on it.
It was not the first time that Manager Zhang had invited him to watch a midnight movie.
Since Manager Zhang had come over, he kept being ‘asked out’ privately from time to time.
Lu Ying had encountered similar situations over the years and there was a reason for someone who was hard-working like him to change jobs frequently.

Lu Ying sighed quietly, rubbed his chin and asked his son, “Zaizai, isn’t Dad very handsome and charming?”

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