en, I just had to keep moving and search carefully.


I heard Olivia call my name.
She wasn’t too far away.
Without hesitating, I turn towards the direction of her voice.
Getting closer, I see four men armed with blades, closing in on Olivia.

My blood starts to boil just seeing that.
I run towards them, shooting the arm of the one closest to Olivia before kicking his face without slowing down.
Now I’m standing between them and Olivia.

“You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲! What have you done to her!”
“Who’s this woman?!”
“Dammit, though she doesn’t look too bad herself.”
“Yeah, I bet we can get another pile of cash for her.
Was it your magic earlier? You really shouldn’t have gotten so close though.”

Just looking at them I could tell they were no law-abiding citizens.
Even the way they spoke was completely crooked.

“Are you hurt, young lady?”
“N-no, I’m fine.
But be careful, they’re kidnappers.”

I had already guessed as much.
At least that means I have no reason to hold back.

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“Alright then.”

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I shoot the flank of one of them.

“She can use magic without chanting?!”
“No! She’s got a shooting weapon!”

The one standing furthest away had guessed the identity of my gun correctly.
At least he has some brains for a criminal, though I wonder why he didn’t put them to better use in a respectable employment.
Either way, that didn’t concern me now.


I gift his feet with two bullets, toppling him down and making him wriggle like an earthworm left on sunny asphalt.
This actually feels good.

“Now you’ve done it!”

Another man charges at me with his blade.
Olivia is standing behind me, so I can’t just dodge.

“Take this!”

He swings the blade down, getting it stuck on my shoulder as I feel the shock spreading through my body.

“Heh, I hate to damage our goods like this, but you went too far.
Don’t hold it against me.”
“Sure, not like I want anything to do with you.”

He looks at me, not being bothered even though his blade is stuck on my shoulder, and I put my gun against his chin.
A moment later I pull the trigger, sending a bullet straight into his brain as the gunshot rings.
He dies instantly, and I take aim at another man.


He lunges to the side, but is unable to fully dodge as blood spurts from his leg.
Still, he managed to avoid a fatal wound, showing he was smarter than the others.

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But not enough.


I pulled the first dead body away from me and kicked it towards the man who could barely stand, pushing him down under the corpse that bled from its chin and head like a fountain.

Then I grab the knife stuck on my shoulder, pulling it out and throwing it to the ground.
Since I’m an automaton that feels no pain, I have no issue doing things like this.

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I step on the man struggling on the ground, keeping him still as I press my gun against the back of his head.

“What the f̲u̲c̲k̲ is wrong with you! You look so frail but you didn’t hesitate at all to kill a person!”

In my past life, no matter how angry I was, I probably would’ve never killed someone.
But I am different now.
I don’t care if I’m coldblooded, I’ll do anything for those important to me.
I didn’t feel anything about the man I killed earlier, or the one I’m about to kill.

“Dammit, are you even human3?”

No, I’m not.

“Good night, forever.”

I pull the trigger, red blood splattering everywhere, some on my clothes.
I have a lot of other clothes, but I still didn’t like it.
I stand up straight and wipe off the drops from my cheek.

“You did well for your first fight, though you should try to pay more attention to your surroundings.”

I turn around hearing that sudden voice.
Ophelia was behind me, holding a staff like that of a master sorcerer.

“You gave plenty of time to the other two to plan an escape or counterattack.”

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