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Soon the day for Olivia to return to the city comes around.
She had extended her stay as much as possible, but if she kept waiting she’d miss the start of the new term.

Ophelia and Olivia can only meet during long breaks like this one, so they look at each other with reluctance to part.
I will also miss her.
We had only spent two weeks together, but they had been fun days, like I had met a long lost sister.

“Nooooo, Nataliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

And somehow this happened.
Young Lady, you seem to be confused.
You should be hugging your mother, not me1.


Ophelia had also held her arms wide open, thinking the hug would go her way, but they stayed empty.
I-It wasn’t my fault though!

“Young Lady, you can’t keep delaying your leave.”
“I knowwwww!”

I comfort her, patting her black hair she inherited from her mother.
She lifts her head, a bit calmer, but tears welling in her eyes.

“Do I really have to go?”

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“I believe you should, if you truly wish to become a splendid adventurer.”

She recovers from her childish tantrum, and after wiping her tears, she looks at me with determination.

“Say Natalia, will you travel together with me when I become an adventurer?”

That sounds like a lot of fun.
But that’s something I can’t decide on my own, so I look at the person with control over my life, and she replies with a shrug.
I’ll take that as a yes.

“I will, if you wish me to accompany you.”
“Okay, I’ll be looking forward to that then.”

A beautiful smile spreads on Olivia’s pretty lips.
She’s so cute.
Though I mean that in y’knowat.

“Natalia, crouch down for a bit.”
“What is it, Young Lady?”

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I obeyed her order, even though I can guess what she plans on doing.
Olivia is a mischievous girl, so she probably wants to play one last prank on me.
I guess I’ll have to be an adult and put up with it for her.

“Close your eyes.”
“As you wish.”

Yup, this is definitely going to be a prank.
I wonder exactly what kind though.

“Don’t open them no matter what.”
“I won’t.”

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Her voice sounds so happy I flinched for a bit.
Having a rowdy sister can be hard sometimes too.


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Something soft suddenly touches my cheek.
What was it? Had she poked me with her finger2?

“You can open your eyes now.”

I open them as told, and see Olivia with her cheeks flushed and fidgeting nervously.
I had noticed this before too, but Olivia gets red like that really often.
Maybe it’s her blood pressure?

“So, how was it?”

I’m lost.
How am I supposed to feel about being poked like that? Though being unresponsive to a prank is the most boring sight for a prankster.
I have to let her enjoy the moment at least a bit.

“That really startled me so much! You’re a genius prankster, Young Lady3.”

I’m sure Olivia will be satisfied with this.
Why is she starting to tear up?
Why is she glaring at me like that?

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Why is it so hard to understand children sometimes!

“You dummy, heartless, manipulator!”
“Y-Young Lady! What wrong have I done to you?!”

Olivia bursts into tears and runs away from the room.
What did she mean, manipulator? I’ve lived two lives, and in neither was I popular enough to even attempt to manipulate someone.

“Good grief…”
“Wh-what is it, Mistress?!”

Ophelia looked like she had witnessed a really tragic scene too.
What is going on4?



Robinxen: Mother will be sad you know. Robinxen: How can you humanly be this dense? Or androidly.
How can you be this dense? Robinxen: They actually said this out loud. Robinxen: This android is made of orimurium.

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