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“Ah, I overslept a little.”

Having slept after eating lunch, Ophelia stands up and stretches, rubbing her shoulder that had stiffened.
Meanwhile I take out a cup from my magic storage and use magic to fill it with water.
It’s normal to get thirsty after sleeping.

“Here Mistress, water.”
“Oh, thank you.”

She drinks it all at once.

“That really hits the spot.
Well, let’s go now.”

I return the cup to the storage.
Ophelia had slept on my lap for a long time, but my Automaton leg did not get numb.

We resumed walking through the forest, and I killed every monster we saw from afar.
I’m happy that I got to see the staple monsters of any fantasy world like goblins, orcs, kobolds, and similar ones, but they were all low level and too weak to really count as practice.
Usually a bullet to the head was enough to take care of them.

Ophelia also looks concerned, probably feeling like this isn’t enough too.
I feel like something bad is about to happen, but I have no way of avoiding it.

“Alright, this is what we’ll do.”

She suddenly says, and before I can do anything she strikes the ground with her staff.
At the same time, a purple magic circle appears around her, and vanishes a moment later.

Did the spell fail? That was hard to believe.
I bet she drew the magic circle in an instant and didn’t need to chant.
I’m worried about the spell itself though.

“Umm, Mistress, what spell was that?”

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In reality I don’t want to know, but something is about to happen, and I’d prefer to be prepared.

“It’s a spell to attract monsters of a specific rank from a radius of five kilometers.
It was meant to be used to hunt a specific type of monster though.”

I’m still worried.

“Oh, that was fast.”

A goblin appears from a nearby bush.
Unlike all the goblins I fought earlier that only wore rags and used wood clubs, this one was taller and wore crafted armor and a sword.


The first move takes the victory.

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“That’s a high goblin, the next step up from a goblin.
You should try to be a bit more considerate, don’t you feel bad for him?”

Still, I think it’s safer if I aim at a vital spot and shoot before the monster can do anything.
So I don’t feel like it was a mistake to instantly shoot at its head.

“We’re here for you to gain combat experience.
If all you do is repeat the same movements, you won’t gain anything.”

Now that she says it, she’s right.
This isn’t like a game where I can level up purely by killing enemies, I have to move and experience things too.
I don’t know how well I’ll do it, but I’ll try avoiding vital spots like the head or heart from now on.

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The next monster to show up is a boar with horns on its back, just like the one I saw while running away from the wolf earlier.
Its two tusks and two horns on the back look like the open jaws of a beast.

“That’s a Clamp Boar.
As you can see, it’s a powerful beast, so be careful.”

Yup, that much is obvious.
It would fail to be a boar if it wasn’t a strong monster.
The Clamp Boar looked at me and began charging towards me, its powerful legs propelling it forward.

Ophelia had left at some point, flying high up on her staff.
I was annoyed that she would escape at a moment like this, but I guess this means she doesn’t consider this dangerous enough to get involved.

I keep my eyes focused on the boar, moving slowly.
I had played enough games in my past life to know how to deal with monsters charging like that.
The Clamp Boar moved in a straight line, just like I expected.
That made it easy to dodge.
After I leap to the side, the boar keeps moving past me, crashing into a tree.


Its horns and tusks got stuck into the tree.
It lifts its head, pulling the entire tree out of the ground, then opens its jaw, shattering the trunk.
The tree gets broken to pieces between its tusks and horns.
I see, so charge attacks aren’t all it can do, getting caught between the tusks and horns is dangerous too.

But regardless.

“Stay cool.
One wrong move, and that’s it.”

Repeating the words of a certain red comet, I began firing.
The boar’s legs were small compared to its body, so if I take them out, the boar won’t be able to stand up.
Once the Clamp Boar loses its footing, I finish it off with an incendiary round.

“Announcement for Natalia, the clueless and inconsiderate.”

Why is she talking down to me like that?

“You’re surrounded.”

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I look around hearing that, seeing what happened.
There were countless large goblins and orcs surrounding me.

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“High goblins, high orcs, high kobolds, all superior types of low level monsters.”

A beautiful girl surrounded by low level monsters in a forest is a common trope for certain magazines.
But I’m a doll, I don’t know if something like that actually would happen in this world, and sadly I hate that genre.

I carefully watched my surroundings while changing the empty magazine for a new one.

“Alright then.” I was still unsure, but just in case, for my chastity and dignity.
“I’ll kill you all.”

Even surrounded, there’s no need to get worried yet.
They aren’t paying much attention because of the distance.
I aim at a high orc and pull the trigger.
A magic bullet flew straight to where I aimed, opening a hole in its stomach.


As the high orc began screaming, I unloaded more rounds on the other orcs surrounding it, and then ran from that spot.


While I was attacking the orcs, the high goblins behind me came to attack, but I anticipated that and jumped out of their swords’ path.
I begin shooting at their unprotected backs, and after a few steps they collapse.

Even with their leather and metal armor, Black Hawk’s bullets have no issue piercing through.

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A high kobold and high goblin chase after me, but they aren’t cooperating with each other properly, so when I jump away they run into each other and fall down.


The two monsters begin fighting between each other.
Perfect for incendiary rounds.


I notice something glowing through the corner of my eye so I jump away, and bright scarlet flames burn the two monsters.
I look to where it came from, and see a high orc holding a staff.

“Booo, bubu!”

Flames form at the tip of the staff again.
A low level fire magic, Fire Arrow.
I hid behind a tree and peek out, and the high orc began chanting again.
The other monsters looked wary of ending like the other two, so they did not seem willing to charge in.

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Dammit, I wish I could fire back with a lot of magic too, but it’s annoying how bad I am at it.
No, wait.
I have to calm down, this is actually a good chance.

The tree gets hit by a Fire Arrow and shakes violently.
Now! I walk out and begin firing.
But the bullets don’t hit the high orc.

“Booo, bubu!”

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